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Added a few more pictures to the crossdresser album.

23 Dec 2012 15:27

Just added 4 photo albums.

20 May 2012 10:06

It would be helpful if Lush had a 2 out of 4 rule. That would be saying, of 4 common page items, avatar, profile, pictures and stories; the person must have at least 2 in order to participate in the forums and chat rooms. I say this because I've had as many as 3 of these 0-for-4 jazzbos trying to get me to PM with them, without so much as a 'hi' in the room. In the past I answered several, none had a clue, they just wanted me to help them get off, so they could then click off. Now, when I enter a chat room; usually 'The men's Room,' the first thing I do is check the profiles of those with no avatar, if they have not posted anything on their page I immediatly block them. That has been as many as 6 at one time. As to the volume of 'straights' and 'females' in 'The men's Room,' oh well.

11 May 2012 10:07

No, I don't want your cock up my butt. Sorry, but in the last several chat "scenes" there was no attention paid to positions or dress, just the, "I shove my cock in your a.." Seriously thinking of blanking my profile and pulling my pics.

12 Mar 2012 16:57