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13 Jan 2014 13:13

Its amazing how your day can be going along nicely then BOOM

19 Dec 2013 03:36

YAY no working till the 8th of January!

17 Dec 2013 06:00

09 Dec 2013 13:05

Well that was the hardest thing i ever done!!!

05 Dec 2013 09:15

enjoyed hearing elton johns new album!

30 Nov 2013 16:53

asking myself why do i bother coming on here or anywhere else for that matter

26 Nov 2013 05:20

Why oh why are people so rude here total lack of manners, would you act like that in real life i doubt it!!!!

04 Nov 2013 14:11

Guys let me make this as clear as i can, im a LESBIAN i will not chat to me look for you or converse with you in any way shape or form you start a online chat = instant block friend request = instant block, i hope that is clear enough for you, the fact im having to spell it out is that 42 men are currently being blocked by me becasue they failed to see my Orientation!!!!