Close Knit 2: Dirty Little Mom

Vincent tries to finish what he started, but his plan pleasantly backfires.

          I watched Faith, my mother, jogging on the treadmill in our sunporch, her chest bouncing some behind her gray sports bra. Navy blue leggings hugged her shapely legs and her firm, round bottom, and her lustrous auburn that fell past her shoulders bounced, shining healthily beneath the sunlight. With her eyes shut and a pair of earbuds blaring Rock into her ears, Mom was in her own...Read On


Close Knit 2: I Spy...

While crashing at his friend's house, Vincent spies on his friend and his mother...

I sat on the edge of Zander's queen-sized bed, wearing the sleepwear he'd been kind enough to lend me: a plain white t-shirt and a pair of gray sweat pants. I had run away from home, so to speak, after my getting into a heated and damn-near violent argument with my dad over the weed stash mom found while snooping in my bedroom. I dashed out of there while dad was telling me how worthless I...Read On


Close Knit 2: The Climax

Fed up with being teased, Vinnie decides to take what he wants from his mother.

          "So, are you going to ask Persephone out or what, man?" Greg, my closest friend next to Zander, let his heavy backpack fall from his shoulder as he slid down beside me on the school bus, the backpack hitting the ground with a dull thud. I peeled my eyes away from the window, where I'd been examining an auburn-haired teacher who shared an almost uncanny likeness to my mother, except...Read On


Close Knit 2: The Good Son

It's been three weeks since their last escapade, and Vinnie is aching for more of his hot mom.

          It's been weeks since me and mom's episode in her bathroom. She'd ambushed me ambushing her, sucked me until I spattered her cum on her face, and told me that later on she was going to "deal with me." That was fucking three weeks ago, and I'd been going insane with anticipation, masturbating like it was going out of style. Seeing my mother exchange stern, yet seductive looks with...Read On


Close Knit 2: Third Base

Inspired by his friend Zander, Vinnie returns home and attempts to bed his own mother.

          "Listen, Vinnie," my dad said, his large hand clutched firmly around my shoulder. "I just don't want to see you going down the same path as your Uncle Xavier... He started doing that stuff when he was your age and it opened up a world of newer and deadlier stuff. I worry about you, y'know."           "I know, dad ... I'm sorry." I lifted my head finally, staring up into my dad's...Read On


Close Knit 3.1: Mom's Secret

Rena and Nathan discover something about their mother that shocks them.

The leather bound journal lay upon my pillow, waiting for my older brother and I to open it and absorb its potentially juicy contents. We had found the journal while cleaning up the attic earlier that day at dad's request. It had been tucked away behind a myriad of boxes, stashed in an unlocked safe box. The fact that the journal had been relatively new and that someone had made the effort...Read On


Close Knit 3.2: Lil Miss Hypocrite

A confused Rena confronts her brother about what she'd seen.

“I saw you... in dad's office. With mom,” I said quietly. I lay across his bed, resting my chin on the back of my hands. It's been three days since I saw Nathan and my mother together. Three days since I watched them in my father's office, my mother bent over her husband's desk while her son plowed her from behind. Her fantasy come true, according to a diary she kept hidden in the attic....Read On


Close Knit 3.3: Embracing Desire

Rena gives her mother a little surprise

I stood outside of my parent's bedroom, waiting, listening. My mother lie on the other side of the door, touching herself. I knew because I could hear her mewling, could hear her soft voice call out someone's name. A name that wasn't my father's. She was calling out to my brother, Nathan. Her own son. She was a disgusting. She was sick and twisted. But so was I. Why, just days before I...Read On


Close Knit: Caught Slick-Handed

Zander masturbates to a video of a retired porn star, who happens to be his very own mother.

       "Oh God, he is so funny!"        I watched my mother sit primly—a thick, creamy thigh crossed over the other—in a huge leather recliner that my pop had left behind. She was watching her favorite television show, some corny sitcom on the Lifetime channel, giggling her little heart out at the effeminate male character on the plasma screen. When she laughed, her large, natural...Read On


Close Knit: Emma

Zander and his mom Roxanne seduce Emma, his aunt.

       Mom and I were in Emma's—my aunt and Mom's youngest sister—apartment dining room, sitting across from one another at the square rustic pine dining table. Aunt Emma was in the kitchen, fixing Mom and herself some coffee, and some ginseng tea for me. We were there at my suggestion, after Mom had informed me that of all of her siblings, Aunt Emma had been the most open-minded when it came...Read On


Close Knit: The Climax

Zander decides to go all the way. The conclusion to the Close Knit trilogy. Enjoy.

       "I might rent some movies tonight. Anything you're interested in seeing?" Mom asked as I appeared in the kitchen door way, flipping through a gossip magazine. She appeared to be only half-interested in its pages. She sat in the living room, shifting slightly in her place on the loveseat.          "Probably anything with Adam Sandler in it," I replied, drying my hands with a hand...Read On


Deliciously Sick

Regina discovers that her husband is cheating ... with their daughter.

       For years me and my husband Terry's sex life had been a bit ... lackluster. Sex rarely happened, and when it did happen, it left something to be desired. Namely me. It wasn't long before I settled for masturbating while he was at work rather than let him touch me. I often asked myself if we had reached the stage in our relationship where hot, passionate sex was impossible. But I...Read On


Deliciously Sick pt. II

Yolanda comes home to relax from a long school day, but finds herself getting ambushed by her mom...

    "So, is it cool if I come over today?" Frank, her ex-boyfriend, asked as their school bus neared her house. His expression was smug, his intentions very clear. Not that she didn't feel like a good fuck to punctuate her day, it just wasn't Frank's dick she wanted inside of her. She sighed, scooting over to the edge of her seat, preparing to get up and depart (escape, rather).     "No,...Read On


Deliciously Sick: The Finale

Terry walks in on his wife having sex...with their daughter.

    "Yolanda...Regina?" He heard himself say, taken aback at the sight of his daughter Yolanda's face buried in Regina's—her mother's—muff. The two froze upon hearing their names, stock-still, as if they'd forgotten how to breathe. The two looked up to him with guilty eyes.          There wasn't a single word accurate enough to describe the feeling swirling within him. Was it anger? No....Read On


Meet the Lechers pt. 2

Janet decides it's high-time to get in on the daughter-daddy fun.

"So she actually got the gall to fuck her daddy, huh?" I asked my husband, Jack, who had just finished telling me about his recent escapade with our whore of a daughter Marie. He recanted the event with a grinning mouth, his eyes alight with joy. And from the way his cock strained against his white boxer-briefs, showing me a yummy outline of its shaft and bulbous head, he'd gotten himself...Read On


Meet the Lechers pt. I

Marie decides to engage in a little action ... with her father.

I noticed the way he'd look at me whenever he thought I wasn't looking. He'd stare for several moments, licking his lips and groping his crotch. Damn-near salivating. He was a sick, troubled bastard, and I loved it. I got off knowing that he desired me, that he wanted to pound my bare, nineteen year old pussy and fill me up with his filthy cum. I decided to tease him one day. A nice,...Read On


The Belmonts

Gabrielle makes a move on her big brother Davon. But will he give into his sister's advances?

        I am going to fuck him, I thought, standing in the doorway of my big brother's dark bedroom. I watched him lie there, sleeping, basking in the cool, pale moonlight that spilled through the large square window above his queen-sized bed. I bit into my bottom lip. My tongue ached to explore every inch of his chocolate skin, taut over chiseled muscle. His years of football playing...Read On



Nervous Mikey

Mikey finally meets up with an online flame. And is terribly nervous.

        Michael was nervous. Really nervous. His eyes kept darting toward the wall clock above his television—9:57. Zaria was scheduled to arrive in three minutes. She'd probably arrive some time after, though. It'd make her appear less desperate, perhaps. It only made Michael more nervous. His almost didn't notice his knee bouncing. A pang of regret shot through him.         He'd met...Read On


You Expected Less?

It's a bit long, but I think it was necessary. Enjoy.

       And there she was, standing majestically in the threshold of a cubicle, idly conversing with some girl behind a desk who should have been working, but had called over the Goddess carved of mahogany to make smalltalk. Her name was Kendra Coleman, or as I liked to call her, the Office Deity. The late-afternoon sunlight spilling through the office's floor-to-ceiling windows only...Read On


Love By the Fire

Marie has the hots for her best friend, but will she make a move?

"I can't believe your parents bought a polar bear rug!" "It's not real, Marie!" Leah assured her best friend. Marie's face turned incredulous, her narrowed, skeptical gaze resting upon Leah who was busy decorating her family's massive Christmas tree. It appeared to be as wide as it was tall. Marie felt claustrophobic standing in the same room with it. Leah caught Marie's gaze and...Read On



Alessa Lombardi: Free At Last

Alessa kicks her cheating husband out of the house, and calls over a friend to give her a fix.

       My husband had finally packed all of his things, and was now standing at the front door, staring at me from behind dark sunglasses. His mouth was a straight line, tight, his eyebrows drawn together. I wasn't sure if he'd been angry or feeling regret. I couldn't have cared any less at that point. I just wanted him to walk out of that door, and hopefully out of my life. He opened his...Read On


The Masquerade

Alessa gets approached by a mysterious man in a swinger's club.

       I took a sip of my Appletini, dancing in my seat at the bar to blaring dance music, watching men and women, masked and half-naked, grinding erotically on the strobe-lit dance floor. My girlfriend Velia, the naughty little thing that'd talked me into attending this swinger's club with her  and her husband, was in the already in the Red Room, probably getting the brains fucked out of her....Read On

Straight Sex(1)


The Mailroom

Bored and in need of some new cock, Deidre finds interest in the Mailroom Clerk.

       Deidre Simmons gets a lot of attention in the office. A lot of . . . inappropriate attention. It's not uncommon for her to find a pair of amorous eyes zoned in on her tits or ass, or have a superior whisper something in her ear that would have him out on his ass faster than he could blink. But it doesn't bother her, either. In fact, she welcomes it—revels in it, and will even get a...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)

Audio version available

Just Let Me Watch

Leandro asks a friend to fuck his gorgeous wife. Who says that Latin men are jealous?

       "I just don't get it, man. I've been married eleven years and the sex couldn't be better," I said, making a careful right turn in my deep red Camry. I was giving Chase, work buddy and partner in crime, a ride home. We'd been talking about marriage, and its remarkable ability to kill the excitement in a couple's sex life. Throughout the conversation, Chase had seemed to be referencing...Read On