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22 Oct 2016 16:43

I have a computer again!

17 Oct 2016 18:13

Not having a laptop makes it hard to hang out here

12 Sep 2016 19:09

Trying to once again be a little more active on here has proved to be quite the interesting return. Made a few new friends but most of my list is still over a year inactive.

09 Jan 2015 22:07

All good and Lushy things come to an end i suppose

24 Jul 2014 16:31

I'm over being mopey. so i'm just sharing this because i really enjoy this song!

16 Jul 2014 22:20

The kind of day when this song just needs to be played on repeat.

21 Jun 2014 22:07

Woah, my first forum post in over a year.

05 Aug 2013 18:21

to those who are interested i am back with my old sub and couldn't be happier

13 Jun 2013 19:17

Confusion. lol

10 Mar 2013 18:58

Somedays are better than others

27 Jan 2013 19:13

sigh My Dom side is getting restless.

04 Jan 2013 06:15

I know at least 3 of you were highly interested in my trip, Please don't ask right now i'd rather not discuss it with everyone.

18 Dec 2012 00:18

Heard a sad song sung by John lennon, it made me sad. Heard the same song by Frank Sinatra, it damn near made me cry lol

07 Dec 2012 13:19

Cant wait to hear all about her trip! I love this girl

25 Oct 2012 19:35


08 Oct 2012 10:34


06 Oct 2012 21:07

Not even surprised.

16 Sep 2012 22:10

Is there a vanilla way to say "get your ass in the corner and think about your behavior"?

13 Sep 2012 18:49

Just gotta do the best we can with what remains

10 Sep 2012 11:08

i know relationships aren't easy, but gheez. This is getting old fast.

08 Sep 2012 19:48

Wish i knew what the fuck was the matter with me.

07 Sep 2012 10:53

now i just miss her, lol

02 Sep 2012 20:53

Bad.dream +.not hearing anything from her.for a.couple days= hate long.distance + worried.out of my head.

17 Aug 2012 13:46

So we're trying the whole vanilla thing for a while. shudders wish us luck

15 Aug 2012 20:22

I'm kinda getting sick of this.

09 Aug 2012 19:06

My laptop decided to kick the bucket last night, so either i'll be getting an i-pad in a couple days or you'll see quite a bit less of me, you know, to whoever cares

05 Aug 2012 19:27

So proud of my kitten, she took a big step today

21 Jul 2012 20:24

Needs to start writing again!

17 Jul 2012 14:16

i miss my kitten.

01 Jul 2012 18:15