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evidently i have some re write's to take care of cause ppl are entirely to picky so maybe in the next few days guys...ugh

17 Aug 2011 09:23

this pic is very similiar to me...but i have green eyes. i'm NOT gonna load an image of me cause if my family happens to see it? nnnooooOOOOOOOO.

16 Aug 2011 18:26

well i just wrote my first story, waiting for it to be published. tell me your thoughts! enjoy it, as short as it is...it's my first.

16 Aug 2011 18:18

wishing there were more ppl out there who i could relate to abt incest..i wanna meet/talk to ppl who are comfortable talking abt it and their experiences. please email me or lve me a note. thanks!

04 Aug 2011 09:56

lotsa stuff...the fobidden, the pleasurable, lines that need to be crossed, how curious ppl really are...who wants to talk abt their experiences? wondering if i should be forthcoming with what's on my mind or not? how open minded are you?

05 Jun 2011 13:42