Incest Seduction: The Romance Method

After a long day at work a mother comes home to a romantic setting.

Authors: Jillicious & Joshua Strong I pulled my car into the garage after a long day at work. In all reality all days are the same length but it takes a really special day full of shit being thrown at us from management that makes it seem longer. I sat in the driver’s seat for a moment allowing myself to take in a short respite before I had to attend to my motherly duties at home. I...Read On


One Last Slumber Party

A slumber party game pushes into the taboo of sibling sex.

It started simply enough. I had convinced my parents to let me have one last slumber party before my friends and I headed off to college. The guests were just a few close friends, Crystal, Jen, Emily, Katie, and then there was me, I'm Karrie. It started off great with reflecting of crazy things we did during high school and the occasional embarrassing moment. It wasn't long before our...Read On


Vegas Vacation

What happens in Vegas...

A gentle breeze blew across my forehead; a nice respite from the sweltering heat of Las Vegas. My brother, Matt, and I had talked for years about coming to Vegas one day. A dream vacation for each of us. For years we had been putting it off due to one reason or another. I wasn't prepared for this impulsive trip. As far as I knew we were going to a movie. Instead, Matt started driving, away...Read On


My Brother's Plan

My brother had a plan to be with me. After finding out this devious decision I had to head him off..

It all started when he went off to college. Thats when I noticed it anyways. My brother's behavior changed so dramatically. He used to be rather shy. It started with a weekend visit. He had learned about, acquired, and utilized an operating system for his computer that I had never heard of. Linux. It was the first time I had ever heard that word. Consequently I had been given the old...Read On


Hermaphrodite Sister - 1

Jessie decided to help her sister Jamie explore her sexuality.

Boy, have I got a story to tell you. My name is Jessie. I am the oldest of three siblings. My parents only intended to have two children but they were given a surprise of twins during my mom's second pregnancy. To top it all off I'm only 14 months older. I guess they wanted to have their kids as fast as possible. Everyone assumed that my younger sister Jamie and my younger brother Jordan...Read On


Hermaphrodite Sister - 2

Jessie and Jamie continue to explore their sexuality with Jordan

I woke to the warming rays of the sunlight which had made its way to my face. I felt someone next to me and the memories of my previous night had come rushing into my mind. I couldn't believe the secret my sister had held on to for so many years. She had confided in me and together we both lost our virginity. My eyes opened to the sight of Jamie smiling at me. "Good morning big sis." I...Read On


Sweet Sherrie

Sherrie reveals to me how close she really is to her mother.

The first time I ever saw Sherrie I was blown away. I tried to look up but I just couldn't stop gawking at her. Those things had to be the largest natural breasts I had ever seen. I had never seen a woman with so much jiggle up top. I didn't even know they made bras that big. I now know that a woman can buy an F cup. I didn't start dating Sherrie because of her naturally large mammaries....Read On


Abbie's Dream

It is possible for dreams to come true.

The hotel room was dark. Abbie lay nude on the stiff sheets of the hard bed. She felt like a little girl again. She was giddy and so in love like a young teenager with her first crush. She was so exited for what was about to happen, knowing that her life would never be the same again. The bathroom light turned off as the door opened. The flash of light was temporarily blinding. Abbie watched...Read On


Lost In Space: The Lost Episode

Based off the end of the television series from the 1960's. "Danger, Will Robinson! Dan-guu-weeaaar," the robot's voice had died out execrably. If Penny Robinson had to listen to Robby the Robot's continuing malfunctioning programming any longer she would scream. Will had done his best to keep the damn pile of junk running after all these years. Long years lost in space with no...Read On


Preacher's Wife

This preacher's wife knows how to tame a disobedient son.

Lilly had grown up in a conservative home. Her parents were loving and kind, but never had they talked to her about sex. She was familiar with church and the Bible. She was brought up with those good Christian morals. Despite her upbringing, Lilly had always felt a desire to have a boyfriend. Her parents didn't like her high school boyfriend, but merely tolerated him. Although she had...Read On


Preacher's Wife - Redux

I impetuously tamed my rebellious son

This story originally received good reviews. I decided to revisit it. I wrote it in a first person perspective this time as I don't think I did well with the narrative style. I hope you enjoy it. I am still amazed at how much jealousy and vanity exists among all these church going women. Of course I would have never learned this had I not married Dan. Being the shepherd of a religious...Read On


It Was Unintentional - Part I

Our relationship was not intentional. A series of missteps caused a night of unforgetable experience

This is one of those long character building stories. If you want instant sex then this will not be for you. If you want to read a story which builds the character then please continue. And I know its long so please don't comment telling me so. Thanks. ======= chapter 1 ======= His cock pulsed with passion as his love juice filled my womb. He was in so deep I could feel his sperm crashing...Read On


It was Unintentional - Part II

The mistaken note puts this brother and sister into a comprimising situation.

I know the first part may have left a few of you wanting more. Or even disappointed in the lack of sex. But here is the next installment. chapter 2 After I read this note I was fucking pissed. I figured he would at least treat me to a nice dinner and possibly a romantic stroll together before he tried getting me in the sack. I had already told him we would do it so I figured I...Read On


It was Unintentional - Part III

Brother and sister find themselves back in the hotel room.

Chapter 3 Quite to our surprise there was a knock at our door only a mere minutes after we arrived home. I was still loading ice into a bag to place on my new battle scar. My brother answered and I could instantly tell something wasn't right. I headed for the door to see what was up. With an ice pack on my face I looked out to see a police officer standing on our door. Paul, that stupid...Read On


It Was Unintentional - Part IV

The next morning presents more time before checkout.

When I woke the next morning my brother was mysteriously gone. There was no sign of him being there at all. I glanced over at the clock. Almost eight in the morning. I hadn't slept in this late since I got to college. I was so used to waking up between 6:30 and 7:00. That extra hour seemed like almost nothing compared to how late it was when I finally dozed off. However, I did have a...Read On


It Was Unintentional - Part V

Continued sexual tension ensures a lustful re-coupling

That was supposed to be the end of our relationship. We weren't supposed to talk to each other about sex. We weren't supposed to suggest it to each other or even look at each other like we wanted it. Our time in the hotel room was the be all and end all. But thats not how things happened. We had both just recently broken up with our significant others. That wasn't really a matter of choice...Read On


It Was Unintentional - Part VI

brother and sister work through the issues.

I woke to the sweet smell of breakfast. I could hear the sounds of a spatula on a pan. I heard the sizzle of bacon and identified it's pungent  smell. This intense stimulation of my senses brought me to the stark realization that I was hungry. My stomach churned in anticipation. It also continued to churn with the feelings of guilt.  My thoughts bounced back to the night before. I had...Read On


It was Unintentional - Part VII

Brother and sister come to terms with their relationship

I woke to the feel of my new lover rubbing his hands along my thigh. I glanced down at his hand and then back up to the clock. It was nearing the late morning. A few hours had passed since I dozed off. I was a bit shocked that I had slept for so long. I looked back into my brother's eyes. "Hi," he whispered into my ear. I bit my lower lip and gave him a loving look. "Hey." "You are so...Read On


It was Unintentional - Part VIII

Brother and sister continue to have fun together.

Time sure flies when your cuddling naked with your own sibling. Laying and talking together made the time pass faster than I had ever imagined. Before we knew it late afternoon was coming upon us. Our conversation turned to school and how much homework my brother needed to get done this weekend. I also realized that I had been naked since last night and had sweaty sex three times. On top...Read On


It Was Unintentional - Part IX

He began slapping my ass with his open palm. You've been a naughty girl!

It didn't take long for our licentious relationship to become a habitual activity. The moment I returned home everyday I would immediately remove my clothing. Not only had my brother always requested my nudity but I had become pleased with the serene feeling of being naked. It also provided substantial opportunity to have sex with my brother. Sometimes I believed he needed it more than me....Read On


It was Unintentional - Part X

brother and sister make plans to spend spring break together

His balls began to tighten as his cock started pulsating heavily. Just a few more strokes from my soft hand before his cum started erupting towards my face. He moaned with enjoyment as his hot sperm made contact with my skin at nearly thirty miles per hour. I enjoyed each protein string of baby batter splashing against me. My brother laughed at the sight of his cum dripping down my face....Read On

Love Poems(1)



Around the club that time of year, When the men stood about drinking their beer. Walking throughout in nothing but socks. All of them with their old droopy cocks. This gentleman's club was a different breed. Catering to the men and their cock's need. For on this day when it came about, A whore would suck these men; small and stout. Together they did drink and laugh and cheer, ...Read On



Edwina Pussy Arm

Cool crisp air filled the room as Kyle opened the window. There was a distant sound of birds chirping. To him, they sounded as a big brass band. The flowers were beginning to bloom, showing off their vibrant colors. Spring had finally filled come and admiring it was a great way to spend the morning. A fantastic morning was a good way to ensure a fantastic evening. Kyle was expecting an...Read On