Group Sex(1)


After Club Pure I was not so pure...

Pure me at my favorite nightclub Pure being a Pure angel (devilishly)!

This true story is a result of several chats with my dearest sweetest GF Lindzy. She asked me to write this experience as a Lush story. It is her inspiration that makes this so sensuous. I had met Kevin at my favorite club Pure and we hit it off famously. That is to say we fucked till dawn. He didn’t often come to my city except on business, so when we saw each other we...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Something so wrong just felt so right

How could it be wrong if it felt so good?

This story follows ‘Tommie never found out and Lindzy never forgot’. Tommy and Ruben were roommates while Lindzy was living there. She was forever teasing Tommy’s friends and Ruben too. Tommy often encouraged her teasing because it aroused him to see his 18 year old girlfriend so sexual. Little did he know her teasing drove Juan to fuck her. She wondered if Juan told Ruben but it was best not...Read On


Tommy Never Found Out And I Never Forgot

I felt a little guilty but was so horny and he was snoring so what was I suppose to do?

This tale is a direct result of a private chat I had with my girl Lindzy. I tried to keep it as real as possible to the chat as to how she recounted her experience. It aroused me and I hope arouses you too! This all happened when I was 17 for Tommy's 20th birthday party at his apartment. We had been dating for a year and he was my first. Not dating in the traditional 'going out to...Read On