Retirement part 2

My second trip to North Carolina proves to be just as good.....

It had been about three weeks since I left North Carolina and I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I had spoken to Maureen a few times on the phone. She had said that she couldn't believe how excited she had been with her daughter and I. She said she and her daughter had gotten together a few times while she was there. She said she was constantly wet now and her boyfriend loves...Read On



Caught by my sister

My sister catches me masturbating and likes it.

It happened quite a long time ago when I was 19. I was attending a local community college and a few days a week I would go to my sister’s apartment and get my 6 year old nephew off the bus and I would watch him for my sister who worked during the day and then had classes a few nights a week. I was a good looking kid although shy I had a few close friends but no real girlfriend, my sister...Read On


Caught by my sister part 2

It's been a little while since my sister and I had sex...

It was a few weeks since my sister and I had sex. I guess the timing wasn’t there with our schedules and her son being around. She had called me and asked if I could pick her up at work and give her a ride to the auto repair shop so she could pick up her car. She told me I wouldn’t have to watch my nephew today because his father was taking him for the weekend. When I arrived where...Read On


Climbing a Tree

Climbing a tree to get a ball I get something else

I was just coming home from football practice. It's about 6 pm and just getting dark. The two kids next door are kicking a football around when they kick it into the only tree in our yard. They're trying to boost each other up to the first branch when I walk up. My name is James. I’m 16 and play football for my high school. It's my first year on varsity and I’m a starting defensive end....Read On


Climbing a tree 2

My sister watched mom and wants to...

My sister continued to massage my cock. We could hear my mother downstairs humming. We looked at each other and giggled. She handed me the ice and told me to put it on my head. She changed her position on the bed so she could face my cock. The air in the room was heavy with sex. I started to get semi hard as my sister rubbed my cock. She seemed fascinated with it. She stroked it. She held...Read On


Incest Fantasy

Running late to see my Daughter and her friend after two months

 I was running late again. I was supposed to pick up my daughter Missy and her best friend Jan from the East Hampton train station twenty minutes ago. The weather was terrible, it had been raining all day. I haven’t seen my daughter for about two months. My job forces me to travel a lot and I was really looking forward to the following week and spending some time with her. My wife and...Read On



Looking to retire can be a lot of fun.........

Here I am sitting in a small airport at 1 o’clock in themorning. I’m 55 yrs old and I’m wearing tan slacks, a white shirt and blue suit jacket. I have been told I look very good for my age. I am 6’ 190 pounds with salt and pepper hair. I work out and play basketball daily and I enjoy it. My wife passed away about 2 years ago and I haven’t had anyone since. Mainly because I have been putting in...Read On



Caught by my sister 3

My sister's neighbor needs a hand...

It’s been about a week since I saw my sister’s upstairs neighbor. The last time she saw me I was coming up the walkway with a noticeable hard on and a precum stain on my slacks thanks to my sisters ‘friend’. I know she was watching through the window when my sister’s friend, Grace, was sucking my cock in the middle of my sister’s living room. Today I was just getting back from the gym. I...Read On



Mowing the lawn

Mowing lawns can be very rewarding

It’s so hard to find a job when you’re sixteen. Summer finally arrived and I needed a job. Since no one would hire me I asked my mother if I could use the lawn mower to try to make some extra cash. She told me it was fine. I had made up fliers and put them in some mailboxes. I got about a dozen replies and set up a schedule to mow the lawns once a week. My name is Jimmy; I had just...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Retirement 3

Maureen promised me anything...

Thank you to all the editors who helped with the story!! It was about 4:30 when Chris left. Maureen and I took a shower. I told her, ‘Remember, you promised me anything.’ She replied, ‘I know.’ I told her to go home and put on something sexy. We were going to dinner. I told her to wear a revealing blouse, a short skirt but not slutty. I wanted her to wear garters with no underwear. I...Read On