Retirement part 2

My second trip to North Carolina proves to be just as good.....

It had been about three weeks since I left North Carolina and I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. I had spoken to Maureen a few times on the phone. She had said that she couldn't believe how excited she had been with her daughter and I. She said she and her daughter had gotten together a few times while she was there. She said she was constantly wet now and her boyfriend loves...Read On



Caught by my sister 3

My sister's neighbor needs a hand...

It’s been about a week since I saw my sister’s upstairs neighbor. The last time she saw me I was coming up the walkway with a noticeable hard on and a precum stain on my slacks thanks to my sisters ‘friend’. I know she was watching through the window when my sister’s friend, Grace, was sucking my cock in the middle of my sister’s living room. Today I was just getting back from the gym. I...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Retirement 3

Maureen promised me anything...

Thank you to all the editors who helped with the story!! It was about 4:30 when Chris left. Maureen and I took a shower. I told her, ‘Remember, you promised me anything.’ She replied, ‘I know.’ I told her to go home and put on something sexy. We were going to dinner. I told her to wear a revealing blouse, a short skirt but not slutty. I wanted her to wear garters with no underwear. I...Read On