The House of Freaks (Episode One)

Second Story, Second Love, Second Time of an Awkward Situation... Enjoy!

One week before my birthday. "Fam' you trippin', she comin' man." My boys' are trying to get me out of my slump. Oh, why am I in such a down mood? It's because of Carissa. I'm extremely anxious of her visiting. See, Carissa moved to an out of state university, and I barely get to see her. We video chat as much as we can. She's doing well, may I add. Her major is business, and her minor...Read On



Hard @ Work (Episode One)

First Story, First Job, First Time Jerking At Work... Enjoy!

I'm 18, I've just graduated high school and I have no plans of attending college. I mean, I could have went for basketball or boring ole academics [Laughs]. You know what? Forget about all that, maybe I'll go into further detail about why I didn't go to college some other time. I'm here to tell you about what happened at the first job I've ever had. I know what you're thinking... I'm 18...Read On