The EX Ch 1

Shane opened the door to her one bedroom apartment. It was cool inside, and she desperately needed it. The cool air caressing her skin. She felt a single drop slide down her neck, and rest between the cleavage of her breasts. Seeing Mark, had really upset her today. She was out jogging, and could not repress the emotions that running into him had brought out. The rage fueled her jog, which...Read On


The EX ch2 finale

Mark was right on time. Shane had spent the afternoon, working herself into a frenzy. Making herself cum two more times. She hadn't really given a lot of thought over the years, as to why she allowed herself to allow Mark to treat her the way he did. During their sessions anyway. Outside of the dominating state, Mark was loving and sweet. Affectionate lover. He was giving in every aspect...Read On

First Time(1)


Forever Connected

I love your hands. The rough calluses. As your hands cup my breasts, the tender scratches send sensations to my sex, that only you can bring out. Your behind me. I watch your beautiful hands, the thick fingers pinch and roll my tight nipples. I am completely naked and vulnerable to you. Your hand open you slide it down my tummy. Every sensation glorious, as I know now where your hand is going....Read On

Group Sex(1)


Last Night

I lay here in bed and run my fingertips across my stomach.   Its hot in here, but the sensation gives me goose bumps.   I lick my lips.   I’m wet and I’m alone.   Thoughts of last night race through my mind.   My body, begging me to touch myself.   Bring me to that place.   The place my mind and body were last night.   Quivering, sweatting, can’t catch my breath, last night.   ...Read On



Lexi's Perfect Mouth

My tongue runs over your left nipple, and then your right. You skin is soft under my delicate fingers. Smooth and silky. Your breasts are full, and I love gently kneading my hands in them. Pushing them together on my mouth. Your smiling down at me. Knowing that I am enjoying this new feeling. This new sex. Your body is tan, and your stomach is so tight. I know what I want to touch, and where...Read On



Big Blue Toy

I have been thinking about you all day.  Working myself up, with thoughts of you inside me. Behind me.  Touching me.  With your hands on my body, in my ass and my pussy.  I have sat at this desk and worked myself into a frenzy with these thoughts.  My panites are soaked, and I cannot wait until five oclock, when I can leave this place and come home to you.  The conversations that we have...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Hard days work

The rain is hitting the window pain softly.  Making me wish that you were here with me. I've been thinking about the night before all day long.   I feel the tingle in my pussy lips, and the lunge in my womb.  I need to feel you inside me.  I feel the slick texture of my shaved pussy lips, glide together, as I walk to the window, yet again, looking for your truck, awaiting your arrival.  I...Read On


The Ride with Adirian

Adirian walked into the den, one more time, hoping to beg Michael to take her for a ride. Her body ached. Deep inside. Her pussy wet. She wanted to be on that motorcycle, and feel the vibrations, and that motor between her legs. Michael was her brothers room mate. She was only staying for the week. Adirian was an attractive girl, and her advances towards Michael had failed. She wondered...Read On