The Master of Beaulac

Rain pattered against the high windows of the cozy little library on the third floor of Beaulac Manor. Fredric Beaulac, master of the estate, sat in his favourite wingback chair, one leg crossed loosely over the other as he read by the fire, contentedly ensconced in the dry warmth amid the smell of old books. A light tapping came at the door and he lifted his sharp brown eyes from his page...Read On


Bad, bad slave

Maggie did her best not to squirm, but the tip of the crop traveling slowly down her spine sent terrified little thrills along her skin. She desperately wanted to move, but... Be still, She had told her, and so Maggie was still. Be silent, She had said, so Maggie made no sound above the nervous panting of her lungs. She flexed her arms and stood a bit higher on tip toe, an attempt to...Read On



Fistfuls of Hay

A farmer's wife allows an unusual relationship - and enjoys it, too!

Nelle balanced the heavy basket of wet clothes on the ample curve of her hip and shielded her eyes against the late day sun. Grasshoppers flicked through the grass around her, a humming buzz of life in the emerald green. She’d heard the deep rumble of the tractor returning from the field a few minutes ago. By now her men would be in back of the barn, knocking off the dirt, making use of the...Read On



I Still Love You Tomorrow

How could she be so forgiving? I didn't understand... Caught with the evidence of my secret on my face, my body, and in my hair, I was frozen by her stare as she stood in the bedroom doorway, eyes wide as teacups. “Oh,' she said, too shocked for anything more. I had lied to her! I wouldn't have blamed her if she had left me in that instant, but she stayed. Why? How? We sat together...Read On



Piper Gets Revenge

The breeze was low, sweet with blooming lilac and heavy with the evening dew. Piper stood in the open french doors that led onto the back porch, her arms laden with blankets. She inhaled deeply, savoring the summer air. There was no light beyond the fireflies and the first few stars above; the lone streetlight out front couldn't reach between the houses here and left the lush backyards...Read On

Love Poems(3)


Kitty Longs for a Collar

She slowed as they passed the brazen store display the window flaunting all its wares He saw her looking gingerly touching with her eyes the leather, slippery seal belly black, the rings that hung, eager (her imagination heard their silver tinkle) and the stars that twinkled an abundance of rhinestones studding matching the stars in a kitty's eyes She looked and prayed some day those stars...Read On


Waiting for the Sky to Open

my pen has paced this paper back and forth tracing things I've said before back and forth repeating what I'm afraid to say yet free to write I love you, my darkness I'm addicted to the pleasure that you float me in a bubble in the glass of your champagne a bauble at the hollow of your neck you've touched me, toyed with me back and forth and though I know I'm only another bead on your chain...Read On


Eddie's Secret

Eddie loved to take her hand, like the gentlemen of yore, and with a flourish that was grand, kiss each silver ring she wore. Friends often wondered why it was her hand alone for which he bowed, but he would only say "it does not fit for you to delve, dear crowd." And she! She knew the reason why and only smiled when watching how on fragrant cream he came to dine, his face as solemn as a vow....Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Sweet Lemonade

It wasn't the lemonade stand itself that caught my attention, quaint as it was. What kid sells lemonade anymore? It was the girl watching the kids running it. Although I couldn't really call her a girl. She could have been 16, but her curves clearly had woman written all over them. Curves that her pretty white top and cut jean daisy dukes didn't make any effort to hide. She was bending over...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Sadie's New City

It was late in the day. I was sitting alone on the front steps of my apartment building, the cold cement numbing my ass and sending a chill down my legs. The wind blew and in the midst of the rattling autumn leaves I lifted tremblings fingers to my mouth and drew deeply on a smouldering cigarette. Acrid, smooth smoke filled my lungs, triggering the release of endorphins. I paused a moment...Read On



For You, Father

Tonight, a priest must guard his own soul instead...

“Father…” came the whisper, soft as a feather, warm as honey. I woke in confusion, searching for the illuminated red of the clock, finding nothing. The bedroom was a well of darkness, a void of light that had no end. Was there a power outage? Not even the amber stars of a midsummer’s night could be seen through the drafty parsonage window. With uncertain hands I groped for the bedside...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)



Sunlight pooled like golden water, warm waves licking at the tousled blankets on the bed. Delia woke to the sound of a lawn mower starting in the neighbor's yard, her bleary eyes cracking open only enough to ascertain what the disturbance was. It was morning. She stretched like a cat, pushing aside covers that were musky and sweet from the night before. Her blond hair fell about her as she...Read On