Blondie Does Anal

Sam and I bought our cabin last year for weekends just like this one. It gives us the perfect place to have our friends come by and party with us. This past week was probably the hottest we've had so far. We were all looking forward to hanging out on the beach, and spending our evening enjoying drinks in front of a blazing bonfire. Our friends are going to bring the food and drinks and...Read On


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Blondie's Lazy Sub

When a Lazy Sub Needs Punishing

You've been so naughty lately, even on the lazy side. I hate that, I hate when you become lazy. It makes me want to punish you, and I think that is what I’m going to do with you right now. This is what races through my mind, watching you sit on the bed. You look a little smug, as if I can’t put you in your place, and I’m about to show you otherwise. I stand, and walk across the room;...Read On


My Collar, I Long For

Is this when I get my collar?

I've been with my Master for a long time, and I know my place. I know what to do, and when to do it. He doesn't take kindly to misbehaving, but what Master does? I love my place, my role, my submission to my Master. He takes care of me; he always protects me, and keeps me safe. I've always been loyal to him, and I crave his every wish. My name is Jenna, I’m 25 years old. I have long...Read On


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Naughty Little Tryst

Their Little Tryst Turns Into More

Though they had banned smoking five years ago, the darkened bar reeks of stale cigarette smoke, cheap whiskey and body odor. It's not your upscale kinda bar. No one comes in with expensive suits, fat wallets or knowing how to carry on an intelligent conversation. However, it keeps a steady rhythm of the regulars who come in nightly, from time to time even bringing in new customers. When...Read On

Erotic Poems(5)


Click, Click, Click

Waiting for the photos to be exposed

Click, click, click. Through the camera lens he watches, as the clicking flicks by, endless photos taken. A smile on her lips, full and lush, the promises that wait is bound to be oh so sweet. Her naked body exposed to him; his erection pushing against his jeans at the sight of her. Can anyone blame him? Look at her! She’s young, tender, pure and waiting for him. Click,...Read On


101 Words Sex With Me

My Own 101 Words

I feel the warmth of your touch, I take you with need. Oh yes, you give me it all. I plead, and beg you more. You smile, and take me slower. How could you? I beg some more. You grind, pushing in deeper. Oh yes please, that’s it. I feel myself grip with need. You feel it too, don’t you? Mmm yes you do, you move quicker. My moans growl out, escaping my lips. ...Read On


Sealed With a Kiss

Our Lips Are Sealed

My wayward mind wonders to the naughty thoughts of you. My wayward fingers travel along my naked body, thinking of you. My wayward body responds to the touch and thoughts of you. The heat and passion of what you do to me builds high. The moan escapes my lips before I have a chance to withhold them. I want to feel you do the things you, and only you can do to me now. My...Read On



Sometimes it's the simple words that say it all

I feel your hot breath on my neck from behind. You whisper softly in my ear “You are mine.” I let out a softer whisper even smaller than yours “I am yours.” I feel the chase of hot excitement at those words run through my body. Your fingers run down my arms, To my hips, You pull me closer into you. I can feel your heat warm my body. I feel flush and hot. It's almost too much...Read On


Yes, I'm Yours

Yes, I'm Yours, can't You see it?

Say my name, demand my attention. Grasp my chin, give me a smirk. My eyes locked on yours, you smile wide. You’re up to no good, you let go of my chin. You strip me bare, my flesh cools, I blush. You strip, joining me. I can’t remove my gaze, locked on your body. I let out a soft moan; oh it’s going to happen. I feel your lips meet mine, possessing me like no other. ...Read On



Blondie's Public Fuck

Am I Bold Enough To Do This?

We've been playing this game for weeks now, teasing each other whenever we see one another in the library. I always make sure to wear skirts a tad too short, never wearing panties, and you always noticing. It’s funny, because we hardly ever speak to each other; we just flirt from a distance. Lately though, we've become bolder. I can’t get you out of my head, though I’m trying to study. I...Read On

First Time(1)


Blondie Loses Her V-Card

Giving Him My V-Card

We've spent the entire night together. We met in the bar, making eye contact from across the room. It's as if our destiny was to meet, to make eye contact at that very moment. We smiled at each other as he made his way over to me. I could feel my heart thumping. I knew tonight was the right night to do this. I made my choice early this morning. I was tired of being a virgin. I thought I...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


Blondie Goes Skinny Dipping

Our first day at the camp we decide to avoid unpacking, rushing down to the lake. It is our favorite place in the whole world. Not that either of us have seen a load of the whole world, but of what we've seen, it is the most magical place you could ask for. The trees so green and lush, the sand so white, the water a deep blue, nothing around us but beautiful scenery. With the sun beating...Read On



Blondie’s Birthday Fuck - Part Two

A Birthday Surprise I Didn't Expect!

The rest of the day seems to fly by, until the doorbell rings a little after six in the evening. I go to answer the door, unsure who it is. We've made plans to meet up with some of our friends later. When I open the door, there stands my girl Cricket. I let out a shrilling scream, wrapping my arms around her. “Holy fucking shit! You’re here!” I yell probably too loudly in her ear, as we...Read On


Blondie Makes A Choice

This Seems To Be What We Both Need

She rolls on top of me, kissing me softly, a light giggle in her throat. We're both far too drunk, due to having the shittiest day. The place we work claims they are downsizing, letting go way too many employees to help with costs. Since we are some of the newer people hired, we're being let go. I found her in the ladies room, crying and punching the door to the stall. “It took me months...Read On

Love Poems(2)


I Have A Silly Little Smile

I have a silly little smile, I wear upon my face, and it’s been given to me by you.

I have a silly little smile, I wear upon my face, and it’s been given to me by you. When we met, you had away about you. The sweetest things you did, to get a smile on these lips. I have a silly little smile, I wear upon my face, and it’s been given to me by you. When I think of you, it becomes bigger. You've made me smile so wide my cheeks hurt. I have a silly little smile, I...Read On



I feel myself give in

I was never sure of what I thought of doing this. I was unsure, but at the same time I was taken by your words. We had away with one another that I hadn't felt in so long. You got to know me, Like me And even love me. I couldn't explain why you did the things you did. I was wrapped up in the thought of it. I tried to keep arms length but the more I thought I was fighting it the more...Read On

Love Stories(1)


Blondie's Midnight Snack

It's Just A Midnight Snack

I wake with a need, one I can’t explain, but it hurts. It hurts deep inside; you know the type of pain only a lover can help relieve. I watch him sleep, and he is perfectly beautiful in the moon light. I notice the time; it’s late, close to 3:00 in the morning. I can’t help it, I need him. He is sleeping on his back, wearing nothing, as he always does. He looks so peaceful; it’s a shame...Read On

Office Sex(1)

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Punishment Required

Can He Really Get Away With This?

'Can’t be late, can’t be late. I made a promise to him.’ The same few words roll through my thoughts as I tap out the last few entries for the day. My boss has finally trusted me to do more than getting coffee, taking calls and running around getting people their lunches. It has taken me eight long, tiring months to move up to the next level in an already shitty job, but one that leads to...Read On

Oral Sex(2)


Blondie Gets A Treat

Is This Paying Off?

“Okay ladies, lift those legs. I want to see them nice and high. Higher ladies. Don't disappoint me!” The extremely fit, too ripped, fake tan girl on the TV is pushing us normal people to death, to look fit. I can feel the burn in my arms and legs, as I hold the small weights and do my squats. My hour work out is nearly done, it isn't coming fast enough. I wasn't in the mood to even work...Read On


Blondie's Oral Lesson

Good Way To Start The Day

“Good morning, Angel,” I feel your arms circle around me from behind. You reach up, cupping my tits, and squeeze them. “Good morning to you,” I turn and hug you properly. I do my own squeezing, as I pinch your ass. I giggle as you lean down to kiss me gently. You move down to kiss on my neck, I moan softly. Standing there in the bedroom in just my PJs, I let you work my neck. I let out...Read On

Straight Sex(2)

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Blondie's Beach Adventure

A vacation that turns into so much more

“Is it weird I'm nervous to meet her?” I ask as I slip my hand into my boyfriend's warm grip. “I mean, I know I've known her for years online, so why should I be so nervous?” We had been saving for months to finally take a proper vacation, one that wasn't only for the weekend. Once we had enough, we decided to head up north to visit some of our friends. This plan would also allow me to...Read On


Blondie’s Birthday Fuck - Part One

Morning Sex

Waking up to the sound of Sam whispering in my ear, I can’t help but smile. “Wake up, Blondie, it’s your birthday.” His hand slides over my hip, towards my breast before cupping it, and squeezing softly. I let out a low moan, not wanting to wake up just yet. “It’s my birthday, I don’t wanna wake up, baby.” I try to curl away from him, into a small little ball. We had stayed up far too...Read On



Blondie's Gift

Blonde Gives Him A Gift

I can't believe that my boyfriend wants to do this, but I agreed that I'd do anything he wanted. I didn't think it would be this, though. He wants to watch me having sex with another man. I tried asking him why he wants this. All he said is that it's always been a fantasy of his. I'm not sure what kind of fantasy that is, but who am I to judge? He had me find someone. It was me who was going...Read On


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Fucked... Just Like I Needed

A Good Fuck Is What I Need

After a long work day, nothing seems more appealing than enjoying a hot soak in the tub. Before slipping into the steaming hot water, I light a few candles, I even set the iPod on a light jazz station. I want to be as relaxed as possible. Stepping into the bedroom, I kick off my heels, removing my nylons next. Looking into the mirror I watch as I slide off my blouse, which clings perfectly...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Blondie's A Naughty Girl

It's Been So Long

It’s been so long since we've been with each other, I've missed having you. You’re finally here with me; you plan to fuck me so hard. I want you! We don’t have much time, we both know it, we might not even have time to fully finish, but it’s worth it. Coming up to me, pulling me into a hard kiss we groan together. It’s been ages since I've tasted your mouth on mine. Why can’t I have...Read On