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Topic: cigarettes - smoking
Posted: 01 May 2015 13:39

I took up smoking in the middle 1930s, picking up butts off the Minneapolis streets. Until about 5years ago when I couldn't breath, I smoked continuously just about anything that would burn. So almost equally addicted to breathing, I quit.
For a couple weeks.
I had too much on my plate at the time, building my new house, etc, all that goes into it, so smoked on.
Until 3 years ago when again couldn't breath, I quit for good.
Nothing's complete without a smoke, and if I knew the day I was going, I'd start back in.
Breathing be damned.

Topic: London - What's the attraction?
Posted: 01 May 2015 13:22

Unless I have a specific preplanned 'target' (a purchase or appointment/meeting), I do as in everywhere else: just wander around more or less aimlessly, not much interested in tourist attractions.
The unexpected treasures you'll find can be quite amazing, Europe, Asia, the M.E., even the in the Americas(who woulda guessed)!

Topic: Things in the ass, aye or nay?
Posted: 25 Mar 2015 17:25

You deniers don't know what pleasures you're missing, guys.

Topic: USA opening diplomatic relations with Cuba
Posted: 14 Feb 2015 18:33

I'm highly skeptical it will be good for Cuba. This all started with the rejection of US criminal Capitalism and Capitalist criminals. The only change is the cC & Cc's have only become even more so, more criminal Capitalist and visa versa.
Aside for flood of US goods & US tourists & their associated plus & minuses, where is the 'good' in the above for Cuba?
Return of Miami Cuban exiles is certainly not 'good' for Cuba.
Been there, Done that/Deja Vu all over again but heavier.

Topic: Men who like men: Top, bottom, or switch?
Posted: 14 Feb 2015 15:21

I'm a top.
I had painful experiences when I bottomed as a young guy. I wish it had been better as I think being versatile is the best. I think I missed out on a lot of fun.

Find yourself another top as considerate as yourself and have another go at it.
The rewards are incredible!!! <img src="/images/emoticons/icon_clown.gif" alt="clown">

Topic: Men who like men: Top, bottom, or switch?
Posted: 14 Feb 2015 13:59

Society most everywhere has long ruled men dominate, so submission is the added rare treat to reward yourself with. The benefits, the rewards are incredible, both for immediate and long term pleasures but also for *character.

*Especially for 'dickheads.

Topic: Men who like men: Top, bottom, or switch?
Posted: 14 Feb 2015 13:49

We all can 'top' if required, one way or another, but bottom is where it's at. That explains the great disparity everywhere you look.

Topic: Ferguson, MO & the Michael Brown Verdict
Posted: 03 Feb 2015 23:47

#1. Not verified.
#2-6.From Wilson's mouth straight to your posting here.
#7. Yeah. Brown's fault too, right?

Topic: I Am An Atheist. (Does that offend you?)
Posted: 03 Feb 2015 22:59

Misprint above; certainly NOT a religion. Tripped up with lack of editing.

Topic: I Am An Atheist. (Does that offend you?)
Posted: 03 Feb 2015 22:57

Your friend is right. Atheism is not a belief, and certainly a religion. It's simply the total lack of any evidence that is atheism, FACTS rather than "belief", nor is it anymore
'devotion" any more than any other lack of any other lack of evidence.
I wonder about the 'christian values'...would they be racism, slavery, torture, genocide, female subjection, etc, etc, re the bible, or just good plain human-and-humanitarian empathy and common sense?

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