Always been a voyeur

turn my place into voyeur heaven

Like i said i have always been a voyeur ever since the first time i walked past my parent hotel room and saw them in a doggie postion through a crack in the curtains. After that i was always looking for chance to see others in the middle of any sexual act. I had a that i saw as a teen but really saw alot more when i joined the navy and live in a apt complex where the window were...Read On


when i used to spy

i would sneak around the apt complex ever so quiet looking for a blind cracked open

  When i lived in mississippi i was station in the military but i would live in apt complex off of the base. i loved watching porn and had always thought about what it would be like to watch real people in action not just the tv with my cock in my hand.  Well it was about 2 am and i ran out of my faviorite beer  Miller so i grab the keys to the car and was about to head to...Read On