About John_Doe

I'm 40, straight, single, disabled, and enjoy writing erotic stories and reading others.

Not interested in talking to any guys, sorry but I'm straight and just not into that. Guys can add me as a friend if you wish but not to chat, just enjoy reading my stories

I am very shy, and most of that is due to the fact I do have a disability (hands/arm) and been hurt in past by people I thought were friends who turned on me for how I look. My mood tends to shift a lot also due to this a bit - lots of ups and downs depending on what's going on around me.

Behind the shyness is a guy with a loving, lonely, caring soul that is just looking for friendship and to have a fun time with people who don't judge others.

I do get horny and consider myself a bit of a jerkaholic - maybe too much.

Relationship Status:
Writing & Reading.

Masturbating (a lot) lol.

Love writing erotic stories young/old, first times, Lesbian, Straight, Masturbation, Voyeur etc....
Favorite Books:
Fiends by Richard Laymon. A Hellbound Heart (Hellraiser) by Clive Barker.
Favorite Authors:
Clive Barker.
Favorite Movies:
I'm into lots of different movies, of which too many to name, but a fan of sci-fi, action, adventure and more.
Favorite Music:
Songs: My Immortal by Evanescence. Who Wants To Live Forever by Queen.

Others: Within Temptation, Sarah McLachlan, Aerosmith, The Pretty Reckless and many more...
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12 Sep 2011
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30 Nov 2013 (549 days ago)
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Topic: Where do you masturbate??
Posted: 01 Jul 2012 06:26

Usually in bed on a night mostly before I go to sleep. But during the day, almost always sat at the computer, reading stories or watching a bit of porn.

Topic: How much is too much when it comes to your profile?
Posted: 01 Jul 2012 06:20

I think people are different on why they only share some, and others share a lot. Some are more open about their lives, while others are very more secrative (maybe hiding it from family and work colleagues who may come across their account somehow).

Me personally, I share enough to make people a little curious but not enough to allow anyone into my life online quickly. A lot of that is due to being very open over the years in past to 'so-called friends' who went on to turn on me after discovering maybe how I looked, my disability, or more about my life, and going through that pain of being damaged by people you thought you trusted. Learning to regain that trust is a difficult, slow path once you've been burned.

It is difficult to judge some people though when they offer very little to go on from their profile and I guess for a lot it's trial and error with people.

Topic: Meaningful Song Lyrics
Posted: 01 Jul 2012 06:09

Always loved the lyrics by Sarah McLachlan, but this one especially I always felt is quite meaningful and strong in the words.

"Dear God" by Sarah McLachlan

Dear God,
Hope you got the letter and
I pray you can make it better down here.
I don't mean a big reduction in the price of beer
But all the people that you made in your image,
See them starving on their feet
'Cause they don't get enough to eat
From God
I can't believe in you.

Dear God,
Sorry to disturb you, but
I feel that I should be heard loud and clear.
We all need a big reduction in the amount of tears
And all the people that you made in your image,
See them fighting in the street
'Cause they can't make opinions meet

About God,
I can't believe in you.

Did you make disease, and the diamond blue?
Did you make mankind after we made you?
And the devil too?!

Dear God,
Don't know if you noticed, but...
Your name is on a lot of quotes in this book,
Us crazy humans wrote it, you should take a look,
And all the people that you made in your image,
Still believing that junk is true
Well I know it ain't, and so do you

Dear God,
I can't believe in...
I don't believe in...

I won't believe in heaven and hell.
No saints, no sinners, no devil as well.
No pearly gates, no thorny crown.
You're always letting us humans down.
The wars you bring, the babes you drown.
Those lost at sea and never found,
And it's the same the whole world 'round.
The hurt I see helps to compound
That Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Is just somebody's unholy hoax
And if you're up there you'd perceive
That my heart's here upon my sleeve.
If there's one thing I don't believe in.....

It's you.....
Dear God.

Topic: Put one of yours here...
Posted: 01 Jul 2012 06:00


I can remember, the two of us walking along the grains of sand, tickling between our toes,
The sun descending across the sea, fading beyond the ocean so blue and calm
The beating of my heart, at your side, a shell filled with happiness and love
As we sit down, and stare out into the world beyond... as the darkness of night swallows us up whole within

The Never-Ending Search

I searched, high and low, from the Highlands to the Dover cliffs,
For that one, that special life, to accompany me on my travels,
A second beating heart, smothered in warmth and caring nature,
That would enrichen my lonely life, turning my frown upside down,
But my search continues on, as my years don't grow younger, but older,
Approaching father time, who awaits my final destination of this path I walk upon......

Topic: My last orgasm was...
Posted: 13 Sep 2011 04:32

About 2 days ago :( chatting with someone online and was a really good strong one as been a couple days before that so built it up

Topic: Ugly girls
Posted: 13 Sep 2011 04:23

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder i think thats sums it up.

Agree with that, is one of the best sayings and one I always love to say and hear.

Mostly coz I know I aint good looking or anything special, and also because of a slight disability so I have been on the wrong end of most things of how people see me and the way often people look at me and probably consider me ugly, but I think we are all Unique in our own way , and it's whats inside that counts I feel, but then, maybe thats just how I feel growing older.

Id take a girl with a heart of gold and caring who isn't absolutely stunning, than a stunningly beautiful girl who didnt give a crap about you and walk all over you to get what she wants.

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Stories Published By John_Doe

I saw you from across the room Gliding amongst others, a vision of beauty to behold My heart jumping an extra beat I tried to reach out and touch you That ice cold exterior, sending shivers down my fingertips That unnatural feeling of emptiness that draws deeper inside of my body Your hands caressing another, as you turn to glance upon my stale soul Those lips that curl upon one edge Offering...

Added 28 Nov 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 850 | 4 Comments

The Minx (Part III)

After being asked to keep an eye on my neighbor's 18 year old daughter while her mother went away for the weekend, I didn't expect to find myself ending up in bed with her. But that is what happened as she went from jerking my cock and giving me a blowjob, to myself going down on her and eating her pussy out to a wonderful orgasm. But things were about to go that further step.... I moved up...

Added 11 Feb 2013 | Category First Time | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 9,576 | 4 Comments

The Minx (Part II)

I had been keeping an eye on my neigbours 18 year old daughter, Tiffany, while her mother had to go away for the weekend. Tiff was a young adult with an amazing, shapely form that drove guys wild with her teasing from how she walked, to the little clothes she wore. I had gone in to check on Tiff that night and make sure she's okay, only to find her masturbating and wanting to watch me jerk off...

Added 07 Feb 2013 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 16,184 | 6 Comments

The Minx (Part I)

Tiffany, the daughter of my next door neighbour, was a hot eighteen year old girl who had a body that men would drool over. She often liked to flaunt herself for the boys, wearing small cut-off tops that revealed her slim waist, and small daisy duke jean shorts which showed ample cheeks of her round, perfect ass. I'd often see her lying in the back yard, wearing little more than a string...

Added 04 Feb 2013 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 25 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 10,193 | 6 Comments

The First Time!

The First Time.... It was an extra step in my heartbeat, the moment I first saw you And when we found ourselves, alone, in that bedroom for the first time You took control of me, allowing my hands to roam across your skin so soft Caressing that shapely figure, as our lips touched upon one another Inside, desires built of me wanting to rip off your clothes and fuck you deep and hard But,...

Added 25 Aug 2012 | Category Love Poems | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,135

Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress -- Chapter 3

CHAPTER 3: The Female 'O' I found myself living for the next six weeks, in a beautiful surroundings of a mansion of some wealthy, and domineering woman, named Katarina but I was forced to call upon her as 'Mistress', while she called me 'Adam', as well as being alongside a woman who I would call 'Eve'. Already, she had took control of my body, emotions and my masturbation, as she watched...

Added 18 Aug 2012 | Category Novels | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 3,421 | 6 Comments

Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress -- Chapter 2

CHAPTER 2: Orgasmic Control I had found myself in this wonderful home of a mysterious woman, who had taken control of my entire life for the next six weeks, and who had already forced me to strip naked and masturbate in front of her. Albeit, she stopped me from climaxing at that time, and I knew this was only going to be the start of her enjoyment of using me in such a way..... As the...

Added 15 Aug 2012 | Category Novels | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.4 | Views 3,549 | 2 Comments

Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress -- Chapter 1

CHAPTER 1: Loss of Control! As I look back, upon this journey of self discovery I found myself upon. I never imagined the route it would take me, and the sexual appetite that would be explored, hidden inside my body and waiting for that one person to unleash it upon whoever it decided. My life was never easy, as I was born to parents who discarded me as a baby. Raised around homes...

Added 13 Aug 2012 | Category Novels | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.43 | Views 4,139 | 3 Comments

The Ghostly Fool

I first saw you from afar, across the continent that divided us Images of your beauty, that cast a thousand broken hearts in your wake Little did I realize, that my face was next upon your list Like a small, fragile little mouse, fearful of being crushed from those around me My courage, I summed up, as I added you to speak across the waves Shaking, words fumbling from my fingertips, to...

Added 12 Aug 2012 | Category Love Poems | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 791 | 1 Comment

A Woman's Touch

My body aches, for a woman's touch... Yearning for female companion, throughout my solemn life... To take hold of my heart, in the palms of her soft hands... As the butterflies flutter around... To just feel her touch, soft hands... Caress my face, her wet lips upon my own... Lost in that magical kingdom, where love conquers all... Where my disfigurement fades into the background... Looked...

Added 02 Aug 2012 | Category Love Poems | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 1,122 | 1 Comment

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