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20 Nov 2013 09:48

Wow, been so long since was last here - sorry :/ I'm doing okay, up and down a lot but I'm hopefully back and gonna try get back to writing again. Got idea for a new series which I plan to write shortly - an illicit encounter as a teacher at uni seduces her male student in a series of adventures.

10 Feb 2013 09:48

Just submitted The Minx (Part III) story. It's a lot longer than last 2 I believe, and hopefully just as hot. I know I certainly got very hard writing it. Enjoy if you read it and thanks for viewing.

07 Feb 2013 01:14

Just sent in The Minx (Part II) story. My first part took several attempts to make it through to finally post, I guess I'm a little rusty as been a while since last wrote anything. Enjoy if you read it, and thanks for viewing

03 Feb 2013 13:01

Been a while since was last on and involved, sorry about that. Hope everyone's doing okay, and I've got a new story wrote (The Minx - Part I)which hope will be up shortly. So enjoy if read it.

18 Aug 2012 02:00

Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress - Chapter 3 sent in for approval. Enjoy

18 Aug 2012 01:31

"Watching you sleep, is like waiting for the stars to come out at night....
Twinkling their beauty amongst the canvas they lay upon....
Offering hope, of awakening to reveal the soft innocence of what lays within...
I could sit and watch you all night long, and be the first thing you see as you open your eyes!"

15 Aug 2012 06:17

Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress - Chapter 2 sent in for approval Hope enjoy

13 Aug 2012 05:13

Well, first chapter of new 'novel' story sent in for approval. I have gone with the title: Sexual Awakenings II: The Mistress. Although, it isn't a follow on to my older 'Sexual Awakenings' series, it's along similar veins to the idea but down a different avenue. Hope enjoy

12 Aug 2012 01:51

New poem sent in, 'The Ghostly Fool', a true story that brings back pain.... but hope you enjoy.

06 Aug 2012 06:58

Just finished Chapter 1 of a new story - possibly a Novel, but unsure of the title at the moment, and not posting till I get one for it. Was thinking 'Sexual Awakenings' but already used that in past story. Another idea is 'I Command Thee....' Anyone have ideas let me know? Also, unsure of using James/Julia as names, so if anyone got better ones?

Basis: A mysterious young woman (Katarina), places an ad in a paper and welcomes a virginal man (James) and woman (Julia) into her luxurious mansion where she resides. With a reward of riches if they remain for six weeks minimum, the two soon find themselves obedient to the woman who commands them to obey her every word spoken. The two become lost in a world of sexual awakenings, resulting in performing upon themselves for her viewing pleasure, as well as upon each other and also with her involved, opening their eyes into a world of pleasure, toys, bondage and much more.....

31 Jul 2012 02:29

Been a few days, as busy. Anyway, just finished next chapter of story. Sisterhood IV: Emily's first fuck. So hope enjoy when appears

19 Jul 2012 07:44

Blown Away, a poem about receiving a blowjob sent in for approval Thinks Sisterhood IV story will be wrote next, and Emily's first fucking session

17 Jul 2012 05:36

Finished new one-off story and sent in for approval. 'The Hitchhiker', a slightly lengthy tale about a man travelling home through a country lane and picks up a young woman who has broken down, who then proceeds to suck him off as he drives, before he eats her out, and then she fucks him in the back seat before taking his cum in her mouth. Got me so horny and hot writing it, so hope you enjoy it

17 Jul 2012 01:50

Bored, Horny and Alone.... I guess go and see if can write something

16 Jul 2012 01:05

New sweet poem sent in wrote ... 'Adopt Me?'... hope enjoy if read it

14 Jul 2012 04:58

Best Friends Forever IV: Sixty-Nine wrote and sent in for approval Enjoy if you read it.

11 Jul 2012 06:36

New poem just sent in, 'With Regrets....' Hope enjoy

09 Jul 2012 07:19

My pc is being such a pain today!!

03 Jul 2012 04:32

Finished writing 'Best Friends Forever III: Rub-A-Dub-Dub' and sending in, so hope enjoy when posted

03 Jul 2012 01:34

Wow, yesterday was bad... had migraine all day which didn't help. Thankfully gone this morning, so hopefully get back to writing another chapter of a story. Choice between 'Best Friends Forever: Rub-a-dub-dub' or 'Sisterhood: Emily's first cock sucking adventure' hmmmm.....

01 Jul 2012 05:26

Ok, VIP competition entry sent in, and hope not too long 'Invitation Only', about an 18 year old girl who goes to her first ever Invitation Only sex party, ending up in a threesome with the owners of the mansion, and a fivesome with some others afterwards. Hope you all enjoy

30 Jun 2012 10:57

The scoring rating annoys me sometimes. Latest story gets a 1 and 2 rating from some, and no explanation why so low. Don't mind people doing it but explain why don't like it at least so know what's wrong with the stories. May have to consider closing the scoring part off somehow.

In other news, just wrote my VIP competition entry which is pretty long, hope not too long, and people enjoy it

30 Jun 2012 05:34

"Walking along the beach, the grains of sand tickling between my toes....
the sun descending across the sea, fading beyond the ocean so blue....
the beat of my heart, a shell of emptiness that waits to be filled by tender love....
as I stop, turn and stare out... as the darkness of night swallows me up whole within!"

28 Jun 2012 03:11

I search for that one, that one female form that opens their arms and allow me to walk within as they close around me. To wipe away tears of sadness, and hold me tight amongst the warmth of her body and soul.

To feel my beating heart against hers, and allow my disturbed hands to caress her soft skin and ample figure. To taste her lips upon my own, and the sensation of burning desire inside my stomach to be filtered by her wetness of love captured within.

23 Jun 2012 06:40

Another story/series started, hopefully post up tomorrow as already one been sent in today.

'Sisterhood': Emily is a 16 year old virgin, who finds herself as a voyeur and masturbating as she watches her older sister Grace, a local slut, giving a blowjob to some guy in the living room of their home. But what will happen to her if she gets caught? Wil she get pulled into the entaglement of losing her virginity by her sister, and the guy she is with?

23 Jun 2012 05:15

Chapter 18 of Sexual Awakenings just sent in, so enjoy

21 Jun 2012 07:20

Best Friends Forever II: Eating Out just submitted - Amanda returns the favour to her best friend Alexa by going down on her in the pool Enjoy!

17 Jun 2012 14:50

Just sent in new story wrote. Best Friends Forever - Alexa has more than just friendship feelings for her best friend Amanda and sets about seducing her, beginning with a midnight skinny dip together

16 Jun 2012 05:09

Sexual Awakening Chapter 17 just submitted, so enjoy

03 Jun 2012 09:36

I yearn for that touch, that caress of softness upon my rough exterior.
Those soft parting lips, that will kiss the pain away and awaken my desires.
To offer rainbow waterfalls that will fall over us both, under moonlit sky.
And to make love, both soft and passionate in each other's arms.....