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03 Jun 2012 07:49

Just sent in another story, Helping Hands part 3 so keep eye out and hopefully enjoy

29 May 2012 11:55

Well been ill for past few days This heatwave we've been having doesn't help either as sooooo hot and sweaty (in a bad way lol). Anyway, hopefully back to normal and best soon, in meantime I got to write another little chapter of continued story I am doing and hopefully be up soon.

24 May 2012 16:11

Damn this heatwave is unbearable....

20 May 2012 05:07

I hide, locked away in my own fears of insecurity....
Staring into the mirrors, offering views only Picasso could have painted....

12 May 2012 07:20

Writing chapter 15, and trying not to make it too 'okay, lets fuck, finished' type of quick fuck story, but a slightly romantic, slow, set the mood and enjoy the slow fuck type of chapter for his first time. So difficult writing it without getting too horny myself as I write it... is that weird lol

12 May 2012 03:12

After a couple of days of blah, I need to get back to writing chapter 15 and the big scene now.

11 May 2012 12:00

Meh, hate going to docs and giving blood Had migraine all day to add to the story... Hopefully back to normal self over weekend...

10 May 2012 02:01

Am I only one having issues with the avg. score ratings for stories/poems? It says my story 'Helping Hands' in my profile has a avg.rating of 2 and yet, on story page the score is 5? Same for last poem, post page has avg of 4.5, yet my profile list page says avg score of 0.8!!

09 May 2012 07:34

I await your return, like a puppy left alone in the dead of night.....
The eyes that shed teary waterfalls, of abandonment.....
The beating heart, that once leapt into bundles of joy.....
Now resolved to curling up, to provide warmth in this harsh of winter's night

09 May 2012 06:23

New story called 'Helping Hands' just sent for approval Enjoy

07 May 2012 00:56

Meh, why do we have Bank Holidays? It's just another day to sit around the house and feel bored....

06 May 2012 15:31

So damn horny right now Off to a cold, lonely bed I guess....

06 May 2012 11:30

And another sad 'and I guess a little personal' poem wrote entitled 'In Hope Of One Touch' I'll post up sometime when can

06 May 2012 11:10

Just finished writing another story called 'Helping Hands' Not sure if one off or maybe longer, and can't post till tomorrow as already submitted one story today

06 May 2012 09:45

Chapter 14 wrote of Sexual Awakenings, and long and hot I hope Sending in for approval now.

04 May 2012 06:02

Short Poem 'Morning Wood', a view of male masturbation sent in for approval Hope enjoy if goes through

04 May 2012 01:02

And woke up this morning and wrote another poem, I seem to be on a roll. This one is called 'Morning Wood' and hopefully get posted up sometime today

03 May 2012 15:35

Posted pic of myself in album for 'friends only' to see... I hate looking at myself, it's like looking in a wall of mirrors that reflects disturbing images of yourself I ask others not to judge me for my appearance, and yet I'm the worst as I judge myself for how I was born....

02 May 2012 15:46

"When you faded into distant memory of what once was, you took with it my beating heart unto which I have never recovered.... your face, your smile, your beauty I still long for, and still crushes me that you left without meaning or understanding of the tormented soul you leave behind!"

02 May 2012 06:40

Chapter 13 of Sexual Awakenings submitted and hopefully approved soon Enjoy.

01 May 2012 06:00

Just submitted a new poem 'Torn', if gets approved. Have to get back to working on Sexual Awakenings series next...

29 Apr 2012 06:10

"That sense of feeling alone is difficult for most to understand, especially when they are so many people living in this world who have someone in their lives...?"

26 Apr 2012 04:58

“A true friend knows your weaknesses but shows you your strengths; feels your fears but fortifies your faith; sees your anxieties but frees your spirit; recognizes your disabilities but emphasizes your possibilities.” - William Arthur Ward

24 Apr 2012 05:59

Chapter 12 wrote and submitting today, so hopefully up soon. Sorry for delay, been ill last few days

19 Apr 2012 02:29

Working on Chapter 12 of Sexual Awakenings, trying to think of ways of him getting off even more with the 2 girls

13 Apr 2012 05:14

Sorry for delay on chapter 11 of sexual awakenings, just struggled with some stuff past few days and wasn't around. Getting submitted today if accepted, but may not be best writing but hope still enjoy x

04 Apr 2012 01:55

Wow, someone gave me a rating of 1 and 2 on my last story chapter. Know wasn't best but didn't think was that bad

03 Apr 2012 05:56

Chapter 10 of Sexual Awakenings submitted for approval, may not be my best but hope still like it.

01 Apr 2012 15:38

Just finished writing Chapter 10 of Sexual Awakenings, but not sure if it's good enough. May have to have a look at it again before considering putting it up

01 Apr 2012 02:30

I hate waking up in the morning with a rock hard on and only having myself with play with it....