john_doe's Blog Entries

31 Mar 2012 15:29

So bored and alone... feels like bed is calling me for the night.

31 Mar 2012 06:22

Blah, bored and so damn horny... Guess I'll go and try and write next chapter of my story

28 Mar 2012 15:37

Sometimes I hate looking in the mirror... the person who stares back at me scares me...

28 Mar 2012 05:44

Just finishing up the touches for Chapter 9 of Sexual Awakenings

27 Mar 2012 16:35

What is Friendship but a simple word, Being Friends with one another so you can be heard! Friends shouldn't lie, cheat or abuse you What they should do ... Is simply Love You!

27 Mar 2012 05:49

Getting a little horny after reading a few stories on here....

25 Mar 2012 07:51

"A treasured item, that I can never forget.... Your smile captured, the way it was meant to be.... Your eyes that stare back upon me with adoring affection.... An image frozen in time, of which will never fade from my memories.... My photograph of you which is burned into my heart forever...."

25 Mar 2012 02:59

Someone came in and stole 1 hour of my time during the night, if your out there I want it back (damn clocks going forward, lost an hours sleep)

22 Mar 2012 06:17

"And who do you think you are? Runnin' 'round leaving scars, Collecting your jar of hearts, And tearing love apart.... You're gonna catch a cold, From the ice inside your soul!"

22 Mar 2012 03:40

Sexual Awakenings (Chapter 6) has been sent in for approval