Bed Head II

A retired banker misses his work

By John Young Good idea to read Bed Head first. It took some time getting dressed, there was the white corset, and the stockings, and then a long dress that buttoned down the front. A careful job on her hair, and then a little makeup. She didn’t bother with these things mostly, run a comb through her hair, a quick sniff test on whatever was on top of the pile of clothes, and out the...Read On



If you didn't have a cock, there'd be a bounty on you

He looped the rope binding her wrists together around one of the spindles in the headboard and tied it off. Taking another piece he tied an ankle to the foot of the bed. She had moaned as he pulled her down the bed and she had felt the tension come on the rope binding her wrists together. She had struggled briefly, testing her bonds, and then relaxed just laying there, waiting for him. Her...Read On


Done Took

Be carefull what you ask for

Done Took by johnyoung It had been months since he last saw her, and they hadn’t parted well. In fact it had been kind of ugly. But he had missed her, on the road. Missed twining his fingers in her long tangled red hair, missed the feel of her lips and her tongue on his cock as she watched his face with her green eyes. She had a long and complicated trick that always ended with a tug on one...Read On


I am the New Boss's New Punch

They were just stories, until her boss found one.

I was just settling into work, logging on to my computer in my cubicle when the call came. It was the new site director. He had only been here a couple of weeks. Seemed nice, a young, friendly guy, definitely a big improvement over the last asshole who had thankfully gotten transferred to the head office. “Kelly, this is James, I’ve been going through the personnel files and wanted to...Read On


O my

by John Young He finished tightening the laces on her corset. It was tight, very tight. He stepped around in front of her. “Give me your hands.” Stephanie looked at him. There was a slight smile playing around the edge of his lips. Without thinking she put her hands out and he tied them together with a length of the white cotton rope. She felt herself blushing. He stepped forward and...Read On


Rope at the Top of the Stairs: The Lesson in Pussy

She uses her imagination

A Lesson in Pussy By John Young (continued from "The Rope at the Top of the Stairs") She came back into the room and walked over to the shower. Picking up the soap she soaped him up again, taking time with his cock and his ass. He was as hard as a rock, and wanted more than anything to grab her and throw her on the couch and take her. But the water had soaked the rope, and it felt like an...Read On


The New Boss’s New Punch: Seminar

You'll never know

The message popped up on her computer screen. It was from James, her boss. It had been more than a week since he had taken her, found her erotic stories on her work computer and told her, though not in so many words, that she would have to choose, submit to him, or find another job. She had expected that he would have taken advantage of the situation to the hilt, so to speak, but after...Read On


The New Boss's New Punch, and Judy

Share and share alike: In which Punch's new boss takes her to meet his family.

Best to read the first two "The New Boss's New Punch" stories with this one.  He was taking his pleasure in her, slowly, from behind, when somebody walked onto the balcony. “James, is this the pretty young thing who works for you?” came a woman’s voice. James, startled, paused. “Well, yes, Judy, this is Kelly,” he managed to get out in a fairly normal tone of voice. Stark naked, bent...Read On


The Rope at the Top of the Stairs

Give him enough rope

Rope at the top of the Stairs by John Young The cups of my basque had been pushed down when he bent me over the table and my nipples were pinched between the stiff lacy fabric and the cool, grainy oak. My arms were tied behind my back, wrist to elbow, wrist to elbow, and from there the two tails of the rope led over my shoulders and the far side of the table and then under it and around...Read On



bed head

An out of body experience

She could hear muffled rock music, PJ Harvey? playing in the room outside. But could see nothing. Nervous she struggled briefly, but her hands and neck were clenched tight in the stocks and the little test convinced her, if it was needed, that she was bound, helpless. Her forehead rested on what seemed like a little leather-covered shelf inside the box. She could feel a soft current of air on...Read On