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I'm here, but I'm not. Someone told me I was apathetic for not filling all this out, but I don't care.

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Topic: Name a song that gets stuck in your head
Posted: 11 Sep 2016 19:36

It's the remix to ignition hot and fresh out the kitchen🎶

Topic: Haiku...Lushly speaking
Posted: 07 Sep 2016 07:56

Where do you go when
You need to say things no one
Wants to hear? The moon?

Topic: If you could get away with fucking in public where and how would you do it
Posted: 07 Sep 2016 06:30

Straddling him on a Ferris wheel or bouncing around in a bouncy castle.

Topic: The Rage Cage
Posted: 04 Sep 2016 09:57

I hope that was worth ruining everything. Fuck you.

Topic: Getting married
Posted: 02 Sep 2016 20:40

Maybe because you want to ruin someone's life but first you want to have a big party with cake and presents and an open bar?

Topic: Standing for the National Anthem
Posted: 02 Sep 2016 18:20

he's a f--king fool who needs to go to his local VA & see the sacrifices others have made for him. he should stand out of respect for them if nothing else.

How angry does it make you when fellow Americans are murdered by the people who are supposed to protect and serve? Less angry than seeing a football player not singing along to a song?

Most of us have friends or family who have served in the military. I don't see this as a slight to them at all.

Topic: The Gay Flood
Posted: 02 Sep 2016 15:02

I think we missed our chance to build a wall while Trump was in Mexico :(

Topic: Standing for the National Anthem
Posted: 02 Sep 2016 10:38

According to my Facebook feed, the people who rail against pc culture are the most deeply offended by his actions lol.

Topic: Standing for the National Anthem
Posted: 02 Sep 2016 09:40

How is sitting quietly during the anthem disrespectful? He wasn't causing a ruckus or preventing anyone else from participating. Protest on the streets and you're called a thug. Sit during the national anthem and you're called an attention seeking narcissistic. Ffs. People who wave flags around and police other people's actions while this song is played are the scary ones imo.

How does anyone here know how much time, money, or thought he's given to inequalities in the US? He's probably dealt with racism his entire life.

I don't give a fuck about football so maybe I'm not even American or Texan for that matter & my opinion is worthless.

Topic: Which vintage celeb would you most like to kiss...
Posted: 23 Aug 2016 03:02

Barbara Stanwyck. Quite probably would.


That's one of my favorite pre-code movies. She was so naughty :)

Buster Keaton.

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