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Topic: Ever think about getting together with a crossdresser?
Posted: 12 Jul 2013 09:37

I have gotten a bj from a crossdresser. It was his first time sucking dick so it was especially arousing for me.

I was in the bar in Newport Beach, CA and met this really cute chick, Andrea. We sat by ourselves and had a beer. We got along great and I asked her to go with me for the rest of the evening.....the whole evening! She agreed! Believe me, my heart was pounding...she was really sexy!

Then she pointed to a table where her 'girlfriends' were sitting and wanted me to join them there. There were four of 'em drinking a beer and laughing and talking...having a great time. When I sat down, they all introduced themselves and obviously, one of 'em wasn't a girl. He was sort of dressed like a girl but not in full drag by any means. He look feminine, though.

They all giggled at my "wtf" look and Andrea explained that Jeremy was her brother and "needed" to see if he liked being a girl. He was confused and she wanted to find a guy who would let him suck him off. That way, Jeremy could decide if he was gay or not. Andrea was ready to leave with me but there was something she asked..."as a big favor". Could I....would I...would I be offended if.....I let Jeremy suck me off? SHIT....it was definitely a case of if I wanted HER I had to let HIM blow me first!

I hemmed and hawed...but I wanted her too much. I said, "if you put lipstick on him then he can suck me off in my car in the parking lot". All of the girls scrambled for their lipstick, lip gloss, lip paint, paint brushes...lip liner....holy shit! They were laughing and giggling as they made his lips presentable to me for a blow job.

I took him out to the car and got in the back seat and he went all the way for me. I had him get me hard through my jeans then unzip them...unbuckle them and pull out my dick. He DID want it! He fumbled a lot but I was pretty hot knowing this was the first time he had a cock in his mouth and he was going to get a mouthful of unadulterated male lust!!

We went back in and the girls had to know EVERYTHING. How did I do it? What position did I have him in....and the BIG question....."DID HE SWALLOW?". They really wanted to know that.

Afterwards, Andrea and I went out and had a great time. The evening didn't end, however, until I showed her EXACTLY how I had her brother blow me....WHEW!!

Topic: mouth, ass or pussy?
Posted: 12 Jul 2013 09:20

My favorite of all is to alternate between my girlfriend's mouth and her pussy. I fuck her until she's good and sloppy then I pull out and straddle her face have her lick and suck until it's quite clean. I have her lick my ballsac too because a lot of her goo ends up coating it. THEN....back in her pussy, get it all slopped up again with our sticky sex goo....then...back in her mouth to have her lick it off again.

She LOVES it and I really have intense orgasms either in her mouth or her vagina depending on where it is when I explode!

Topic: Tit Fucking
Posted: 12 Jul 2013 09:14

Crikey! This is all a bit intense...

My tits are a bit small for a proper titfuck - not complaining, it's just the way they are - but I like having a guy flicking his cock over them as a part of foreplay.

(Runs off and hides in case I get a flaming for expressing my opinion lol)

Ooooooh BABY! Your tits are perfect...for everything...including fucking!! That is one hugely sexy pic for your avatar....YAHOO!!

Topic: Tit Fucking
Posted: 12 Jul 2013 09:11

I LOVE tit fucking!! I love being on top, straddling her chest, dick inches from her mouth...settling back to push my hardon between her tits....WHEW! I've tit fucked girls who had small tits and it worked great. The girls with the small tits weren't really interested in doing it until they saw how eager I was to do it. No....they can't squeeze my dick between their plushies but I lube her chest...then her hands.....then she presses her hands down on my dick and then I fuck her. I get totally lost in my fucking. I see the look on her face....see my dick thrusting under her hands....the girls find they love doing that for me. When I ejaculate....I have her tilt her head up a bit and I can actually hit her mouth....anyway...she gets a pearl necklace and they seem t like it!

Topic: Guy eating/tasting his own cum..
Posted: 12 Jul 2013 08:48

I have to admit that in some ways this could be a major turn on, others not so much.

I'd not be into watching a guy cum over me and lick it off, but If he came in my mouth and it was shared by a kiss, I might be down with that.

Extremely turned on by the thought of him cumming in my pussy then going down on me tasting the two of us together.

I had a married girlfriend whose hubby used to watch us fuck....it WAS hot!! Anyway, I fucked her long and hard and filled her with my nasty, sticky cum..... and while we were laying there entwined I whispered in her ear I wanted Jeremy to lick her out. She just about lost it...LOL!! She wanted to feel Jeremy's mouth suctioned on to her vagina and lick our gooey mess out of her cunt. She called him over and TOLD him to go down on her. He refused. She said that if he didn't do it...and NOW....he wouldn't be allowed to watch us fuck anymore. He would have to go into the other room and just wait for us.

He gave in...and gave her a GREAT sucking...licking...eating...while she just leaned back with a smirk on her face and enjoyed!!

Topic: Last time you swallow cum?
Posted: 12 Jul 2013 08:37

about an hour ago

Oooooohhhh BABY!!

Topic: Last time you swallow cum?
Posted: 12 Jul 2013 08:36

It probably is, for someone who doesn't like doing it.

I think it's really arousing to cum in a girl's mouth who doesn't want me to do it! I love holding her head while I pump her mouth....of course, she's tasting a lot of pre-cum...but not giving her the usual signs that I'm cumming....then letting her have it!! LOL. The interesting thing is that some of them LIKE it that way...they like being made to take it. Some of them like having a 'brute' for a boyfriend...some married women do to....YAHOO!

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