Gay Male(1)


Thankful for gay 3-ways

A sexual encounter at a gay bar

The night before Thanksgiving I went out to one of the local gay bars. As I walked in around 10:00PM the first thing I noticed was how many people were in there. It was a nice combination of men and women. Most of the men seemed to be of what I was looking for (gay). I went to the bar, ordered a beer and looked around for prospects. I noticed a nicely dressed man checking me out, so I...Read On



My First Time With An Older Woman

Paying my rent to to my 50-something landlady, I deposited a little more than my rent money!

When I returned from Viet Nam in the early 70's, the company I was working for prior to my Army service, sent me to one of its' subsidiaries in Arkansas. While I was there I rented a mobile home from a widow that was located about a 100 yards from her main residence. She was a fairly attractive woman in her middle 50's, but, being only 25 at the time, my interest in her was limited to...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Surprise Encounter with a Reluctant Woman

Diane, reluctant at first, eventually had the most exciting sex every with a stranger.

A few years ago I traveled to New York to attend a seminar for my company. The first day I sat about three rows back from the speaker so I would be able to hear. Several seats over in the row in front of me, I noticed one particular female who seemed very interested in the topical matter. She was a blonde, shapely, well groomed woman and she was obviously intelligent. Nobody at the...Read On