Group Sex(1)


Riding an English Bike

Tom discovers the joys of getting to know a middle aged English woman

Big things often have little beginnings and perhaps the real start of all this adventure for Thomas was when he went to visit a friend in his country town, Albany. Helen was a muscular little woman with a ripe body, straight black hair and green eyes, who had once stayed with Thomas and his wife, Mary, on their rural block, just outside of town. Thomas had been immediately attracted to...Read On




He thought it was just a game till they took off their shorts.

Belle was a woman of about fifty when I knew her, had long grey hair and a short, broad body, a boisterous manner and had left her husband of many years and moved to northern NSW to the town of Bellingen. She had bought a block of land there, part rain forest, part pasture, and there she lived in the old farm house with her two teenage daughters. She was a hippy, or if you like, new age, which...Read On

Straight Sex(1)



A girl he thought nothing of turns out to be very interesting.

Jack was checking the hens at the bottom of the overgrown back yard in an isolated suburb of Perth. The bushes and trees here were quite thick and it was difficult to know where the creatures laid, so he stood in the early dappled sunlight under a tree and looked around. No clucking, no sound at all, except.... What was that? The sound of grunting, of rhythmic moaning. He moved to the side...Read On