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I have been a hedonist all my life and have had many sexual experiences beyond what is considered "normal" by the inhibited. Having experienced threesomes and bisexualness, I am open to all kinds of fun. While I enjoy all sex, it is one on one sex with a woman I love that makes me happiest and most fulfilled and creates the most awesome orgasms.
I have found some friends here and enjoy the interaction. I am not a nut or a creep just a warm hearted guy who is searching for his way through and trying to find the right woman to be with.
In Lushland I get to share true stories of my life and fantasies which enhance the memories. I also have some ideas for totally fictional stories which will premier here eventually. Please feel free to email or friend me.

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21 Jun 2018 09:04
sex, music (drummer singer) beauty - love women. Artist, painter of minatures. I have a nice little wine cellar and am an organic gardener. My tomatoes are awesome this year. :-) Extremely oral and enjoy all the juices of life! I am a voice over actor as well. I have experienced much in my time and will relate it here in story form.
Favorite Books:
Lord of the Rings. Wheel of Time, Dune, history, Shannara, American and world history(unlike the school system) Biography (Peter Townshends was OK, the current Graham Nash and Linda Ronstadt are truly interesting and worth the time). Political History and Military history.
Favorite Authors:
Tolkien, Herbert, Flynn, Alistair MacLean, Koontz, Bruce Catton, Terry Brooks, Dean Koontz, Michael Connelly, too many to name here....
Favorite Movies:
I Robot, Star Wars, Star Trek, Air Force One, Clear and Present danger, Toy Story, Small Soldiers, Spiderman (all) Man of Steel, Smallville (TV)
Favourite TV Shows:
Gotham, The Good Wife, Arrow, Game of Thrones, Ray Donovan, Beware the Batman (Adult Swim), Hell on Wheels, The Five, anything with Charles Krauthammer commenting!
Favorite Music:
Beatles, Clapton, AC/DC. Rush. Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Eagles, Humble Pie, Uriah Heep Eagles, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Leslie West, Peter Frampton, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starrs All Starr Band (all flavors) Rolling Stones, many many other genres and styles.


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Topic: How often do guys masturbate? (really)
Posted: 26 Aug 2016 13:17

As often as possible. My doctor says twice per week at a minimum or the sexual feelings drift away...take note!

Topic: Where do you masturbate??
Posted: 08 Nov 2015 14:40

Like most - normally in bed at night or the morning. But sometimes elsewhere in the house or late in the office....

Topic: Who else likes to be naked when home alone?
Posted: 31 Dec 2014 17:26

I love to be naked. It doesn't happen often, and definitely not in winter a lot, but it is wonderful when it can occur.

Topic: Have you ever had your wife or girl fuck you with a strap on?
Posted: 29 Dec 2014 06:56

Yes, as I documented in a story here. It was incredible and set the bar high for our sex life...also opened me to new possibilities.

Topic: Would you have a threesome? or an orgy?
Posted: 28 Dec 2014 10:17

Have done both and enjoyed them every time!

Topic: Have you ever been turned down so many times by your wife that you just give up
Posted: 25 Dec 2014 07:29

Yes. Although I love my wife dearly, she lost her capacity for physical affection with me. In fact, my wife lost her libido entirely about three years ago and, admittedly, has no desire to try and get it back. It has been several years. It is a primary reason we are separated for the past two years. Fortunately the kids are grown so that the impact on the family is not as great as it would have been when they were younger. While we are still good friends, there is no sensual love between us. It is sad but true.

Topic: Do you guys actually like going down on girls?
Posted: 20 Dec 2014 06:19

Licking a woman is the best! It is such a high for me and always gets me hard. Running my tongue around and in and then tickling her clit. I have been rewarded a few times with the ultimate - female squirting orgasm. The first time I was surprised and shocked. The second and there after, I sucked it all up - delicious! The only thing better is a creampie!

Topic: What turns you on the most when reading?
Posted: 25 Nov 2014 06:11

When I get excited reading it is usually due to a good set of characters in a descriptive story long enough for the imagination to picture it. I remember things visually which is what I hope to bring to my stories. Most of my writing is based upon reality and memories which are very detailed. I like to read that way as well because the imagination view is often better the real view as it has embellishments and actions one desires. I have been reading for a long time and have found the solace of loneliness in masturbation. Reading and seeing pictorial acts are the fuel to excitement for me. That is if there is no one around!

Topic: Washington Redskins: Time to change the name?
Posted: 27 Oct 2014 04:58

This is the third time in history that there is a campaign to distract the public with this issue. The fact the Federal Government is lowering itself to go after one team and one name should send a chill throughout this nation. Freedom means someone is always offended. Freedom means that even if I am offended, I defend the right of people to have their own opinion and can say as they will. I use the same logic for team names. I find it interesting that some who prefer their own opinion will slur others with name calling and intolerance for their opinion. It shows the lack of understanding of the freedoms we have and displays a lack of maturity in their zeal. In one case, it seems to me a case of arrested development.

Topic: Washington Redskins: Time to change the name?
Posted: 27 Oct 2014 04:58

The last post is accurate, unfortunately for those steeped in racism and political correctness. In the polls that have been taken it is a small minority of Native American Indians who desire the name to change. That to me says it all. They are not so thin skinned as the liberal white apologists who claim to represent them.

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My Education - A Total Fantasy Continues

The next Friday, Madeline said, “By the way, let’s have a real sexual night tonight. What do you say?” “Are you kidding,” I said, my excitement building. “I’m always in for that.” “OK, so be home at 7 and have a sandwich on the way, “ she said.”I will have things ready when you get home. We are going to try something very different tonight. It will fulfill one of my greatest fantasies.” ...

Added 15 Nov 2015 | Category Bisexual | Votes 7 | Avg Score 4.86 | Views 5,318 | 4 Comments

My Education - The Fantasy Series

This starts as reality and then ventures into fantasy, based upon my lovemaking with Madeline. It was several weeks after our wonderful anal exploration in Wellfleet. Over that time we further explored all the combinations two people in love could concoct to have sex. I loved the manner we had developed of working and having sex four or five times a week. It was uninhibited and...

Added 11 Nov 2015 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 1 | Avg Score 5 | Views 3,688 | 1 Comment

Tales from a Traveling Salesman

At one point in September, 1983, I was tasked with opening an office in Houston, Texas for my company. They rented me an apartment in Southwest and I moved out to be there for September 1st. At the time we worked on several computer systems and were leveraging sales on all of them due to our popular application. During one of my presentations to a local sales office, I met Judy, a lovely...

Added 19 Nov 2014 | Category Group Sex | Votes 31 | Avg Score 4.9 | Views 9,688 | 14 Comments

My education continues Part 4

One must read at least part 3 to understand this….but then it will become apparent what is up quickly “What? I understood turnabout is fair play, but what exactly do you mean? John and Brad aren’t here and I am not sure I want them to fuck me,” I said. Madeline rolled over, her glistening breasts and my favorite hard nipples facing me causing a stirring in my groin. “Who said...

Added 14 Oct 2014 | Category Anal | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 32,739 | 3 Comments

My education continues Part 3

After we finished our shower, we decided to take a break and have some food. We dressed in shorts and t-shirts, nothing else, and flip-flops. We decided to go to a local seafood place; Moby Dick’s for some for a fresh fish platter with clams, oysters, and shrimp and downed them with a spicy cocktail sauce and a 1983 Reisling. After our supper, it was dark as we took a few minutes to walk...

Added 13 Sep 2014 | Category Anal | Votes 7 | Avg Score 5 | Views 29,688 | 4 Comments

My education continues Part 2

We lay down naked and side by side, and I dozed off for a few minutes. I woke up to Madeline rubbing my chest and pinching my tiny, but erect, nipples. Raised up on her left arm, she looked down at me and smiled. “How was that for relief?” “Oh my love, it was incredible! You never did that for me before, and you sure know how!” I exclaimed enthusiastically, smiling back. “Well I don’t...

Added 31 Aug 2014 | Category Anal | Votes 6 | Avg Score 5 | Views 32,530 | 2 Comments

My education continues after my virginity was lost

I met Madeline during my senior year of college and detailed our first time in my last story. The way we met was due to the radio show I was producer director of at the school and Madeline was my Arts reporter. This was the original format show which spawned Evening Magazine on television. This meant we spent many dates going to the theater and concerts around town. After the first time we...

Added 30 Aug 2014 | Category Anal | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 35,035 | 4 Comments

First time making love

My first real time with a woman I met Madeline when I was in college at the end of a painfully shy part of my life. She was the tallest woman I had gone out with at 5’9”, long brown hair and brown eyes with a twinkle. She had this smoldering look that melted me and a slender body with champagne glass breasts and eraser head nipples. When we first went out I was so nervous I was almost...

Added 25 Aug 2014 | Category First Time | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.38 | Views 19,203 | 2 Comments

A First at the Adult Bookstore

I used to go a lot to adult bookstores back in the eighties when I was on the road. I was always horny and ready for some sex. It excited me to be around the erotica of toys, magazines, movies, and books. I would buy something to read and go back to my room, read and masturbate. I would slowly rub my erection and pause, rub and pause, building a huge climax. When I finally rubbed fast to cum,...

Added 24 Jun 2014 | Category Bisexual | Votes 35 | Avg Score 4.61 | Views 23,338 | 11 Comments

Exploring the other side of sex

The late teenage years were a very exploratory time. I had two best friends at the age of eighteen and we were together most of the time we weren’t in school. Mike was about two inches shorter than me at 6’1 with light brown hair and a long face. Phil was a slight and slender youth who was 5’6 and light red hair. We rode our bicycles all over the area and often ended up sleeping over at...

Added 09 May 2014 | Category Oral Sex | Votes 12 | Avg Score 5 | Views 8,808 | 7 Comments

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Happy Happy Birthday!!! Know it will be a naughty fun day. Stay naked and hard. Enjoy and smile.
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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My kind of gathering....how about you?!?

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Threesomes are the best!!
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Once she gets you up to the right size, she'll know that you're ready to be introduced to her very well-hung lover....I bet you can't wait!

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Thank you for accepting my friends request x
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Happy Happy Birthday!!! Know it will be a naughty day. Stay naked and hard. Enjoy.
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Happy Birthday from the Lush team.
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