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ADDED AUG 4th 2016:

Hi everyone, sorry this isn't more personal and individual abut I wanted to let you know you won't be seeing me around on Lush much. I've become quite disillusioned with the whole social media thing recently and in general find it's going in a direction I'm not comfortable with. I won't be more specific as I don't want to appear to be pointing fingers at anyone in particular, but it's changed in the 13 years I've been involved with erotic fiction online. I'd sum it up by saying some, but not all, people online these days seem less caring and more superficial. I know that's a broad generalisation. Also, people seem to want explicit photos and nude video link these days and hey, I'm 50 now and not 15 and it's not my thing. You wouldn't like what you saw anyway!

So, I'm going to leave my stories up there and will look back occasionally. I do enjoy the comments and review scores. Who know, I may still post some more.

I wish you well. Bye, Julia


I am a graduate in Business and have worked in several areas of Fashion Retail. I now run my own recruitment consultancy specialising in this sector. I used to be what you might call Bi-Sexual but I have totally had it with guys; sorry I am now 100% lesbian and happy that way. I live alone and am unattached; I never seem to have time to form longstanding relationships but I always have time to have fun. I am white, aged 49, English, grew up in North-West London now I live alone in a village about 40 miles from London. I weigh around 61 kg (135 pounds), 5 feet 7 inches tall and am 34C or D (depends on the brand) - 25 inch waist (22 inches in a corset) - 37 inch hips. Golden-honey blond and naturally wavy hair, blue eyes. I'm fascinated by erotic fantasy and like to write to anyone female who shares my loves. I lean towards being dominant due to my strong personality but I call it 'compassionate dominant' because I enjoy giving pleasure so long as I get pleasure from that. In other words, I'm not a nasty, callous cruel person, but I do like to be in charge! If you want to know more, read my stories. That's the real me in there somewhere.

Julia Gentile
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North East Hampshire, Hampshire, United Kingdom
Human behaviour, desires and motivations. Basically what people do and why. European architecture from 17th century to 1980. Especially Baroque and English Regency but I'm developing an interest in Art Nouveau, Arts & Crafts and Art Deco Lingerie OMG yes, lingerie of all kinds. Mmm, I like to buy it, look at it, wear it. Orgasm control and denial (mine and hers) Restraint (but not extreme bondage).

[added Nov 2012]: Incest is one of my blocked categories. It's an area of sexuality have have not ever experienced and have chosen not to explore. That's not meant to be judgemental, nor am I seeking to deny the existence of a reality, it's just a choice I've made. I understand that you may wish to go there (and for all I know you may already have been there in real life) but I'll give it a miss thanks. If however you wish to share anything in other strands of sexual adventure I'm happy to join you; my No-Go areas are incest, bestiality, rape, anal sex, TV, CD, male homosexual, under age and (really!) straight heterosexual sex. Beyond that I'm very open minded.
Favorite Books:
Mostly non-fiction. Strange as it may seem, I don't read much fiction.
Favorite Music:
Female singer-songwriters including Sarah Bareille, Alanis Morisette, Suzanne Vega, Kate Bush, Kate Nash, (maybe even Katie Perry, just cos she looks cool and for the I Kissed a Girl song) Florence Welch, too many to mention. Also some Baroque chamber music, AOR and more.
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13 Sep 2011
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20 Oct 2016
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Topic: Small Breasts/ Tiny Titties
Posted: 18 Oct 2016 23:53

She is lovely; so small but perfectly pretty


Topic: Small Breasts/ Tiny Titties
Posted: 18 Oct 2016 23:48

I think this is Lia May before she had an enlargement. Why did she think she needed that? She was lovely as she was!

Topic: Small Breasts/ Tiny Titties
Posted: 18 Oct 2016 23:46

Most of the pics on here don't count as 'tiny' or even 'small', IMO.

Topic: What is the riskiest place you have ever masturbated?
Posted: 03 May 2016 23:41

This could so easily be me: Oh OK, I see - can't post weblinks in here :( - shame - found a lovely video of a pretty girl masturbating in a changing room. Girls - Ask if you'd like me to send it to you. Julia

Topic: What is the riskiest place you have ever masturbated?
Posted: 03 May 2016 23:41

This could so easily be me:

Topic: Alphabet Songs (A-Z)
Posted: 14 Apr 2016 09:41

Valerie. Stevie Winwood

Topic: Write Any Word That Begins With "P"and Ends in "Y"
Posted: 13 Feb 2016 02:13


Topic: Last Two Letters ....
Posted: 13 Feb 2016 02:11


Topic: Sexual ABC's
Posted: 11 Dec 2015 08:16


Topic: Continue the story...
Posted: 06 Aug 2015 09:22

Tasha brushed her hands through Helen's hair as she sank to her knees on the elevator floor. She heard Helen breathing erratically and she knew it wasn't from the fear of being trapped for hours. She took hold of her hands and observed "Helen, your hands are damp with perspiration. Are you nervous? Have you never done anything like this before?" And she drew those trembling fingers upwards towards the still-fastened buttons of her shirt. "Make me a trail of lipstick kisses, Helen. Unfasten me and let's see where the trail might lead ...

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Stories Published By Julie_Julia
Lingerie Delivery

Jill was a busy young nurse, about 27 years old, short but very attractive with shoulder-length dark blonde hair, clear blue eyes and a cheeky smile (so all her many friends told her). She'd been working long hours on unsociable shifts whilst spending most of her free time working out her firm body at the local gym. She struggled even to find time to go shopping for clothes as often as she...

Added 03 Jul 2012 | Category Lesbian | Votes 44 | Avg Score 4.98 | Views 17,142 | 39 Comments

Trusting Rebekka - Ch 1

On a warm afternoon in early May, fresh from the hair salon where I'd swapped my usual straw-blonde for a rich, exciting glossy raven black, I sat in the corner of my favourite traditional coffee shop and typed. I was working on the article that was certain to confirm my position as one of Europe's foremost lesbian-feminist social commentary journalists when I noticed a very attractive woman...

Added 05 Nov 2012 | Category Exhibitionism | Votes 31 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 7,191 | 33 Comments

Trusting Rebekka - Ch 2

To my amazement, and a certain relief, Rebekka did not take me back to her home, nor to a gingerbread house deep in the dark, dark woods. No, she took me straight to my apartment, escorting me as far as the main entrance. "I need to see you again soon Julia. Come and stay at the weekend." She gave me no opportunity to decline, continuing, "My weekends start on Thursday evening; my driver...

Added 14 Nov 2012 | Category Lesbian | Votes 16 | Avg Score 4.81 | Views 4,247 | 18 Comments

Trusting Rebekka - Ch 3

I always feel worse in the morning if I've slept solidly for hours and hours than if I've slept only a short time and know I need to get up early. So, when the sound of knocking on an unfamiliar door penetrated deep into my semi-consciousness I struggled to respond and to react appropriately. "Go away, I'm asleep!" I complained, and buried my head under the soft goose-down pillows. ...

Added 20 Mar 2013 | Category Lesbian | Votes 17 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 4,126 | 20 Comments

A Party She'll Never Forget

A Party She'll Never Forget by julie_julia © This story began as a real-life e-mail conversation between myself and an on-line friend, hence the changes between first-person and third-person. It's co-written by and dedicated to Becky. I wrote the parts in italics. *** ***************** I'm at an all girl party amongst total strangers and we've had a few drinks. We start...

Added 16 Sep 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 17,714 | 15 Comments

Saturday Night in Your House

Saturday Night in Your House by julie_julia © This is a transcript of a letter I wrote to a very good friend of mine. She knows I'm publishing it on-line for your enjoyment, mine and hers. The names have not been changed. xxxxxxxxxxxx I'd found the spare key outside your front door, it wasn't very well hidden. You obviously didn't hear me creep in. Neither did you see me standing...

Added 26 Sep 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 8,319 | 14 Comments

Hotel Sapphira

My work in recruitment had recently exploded and taken on an international dimension, which is how I had come (by a complicated series of seemingly unrelated events) to be in Richmond, Virginia. Far from my home in England and new to the area, the accent, the customs, the people and their closely-woven friendships & inter-relationships. But here I was in a local bar just around the...

Added 14 Sep 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 24 | Avg Score 4.91 | Views 9,511 | 19 Comments

Living Life on the Edge

I have a fantasy about denial; call it a recurring nightmare. A woman (let’s call her ‘Julia’, if only because that’s a lovely name) has an extremely high libido and is constantly looking for ways to achieve ever more intense feelings of sensual and sexual fulfilment. Over many years she perfects her technique of orgasm self-denial; masturbating herself over and over again, every...

Added 20 May 2013 | Category Masturbation | Votes 14 | Avg Score 5 | Views 19,729 | 16 Comments

Leather Armchair

Julia wrote: Becky, my pussy is so warm and juicy this evening. Don't you wish you could be here with me? I'd instruct you to make me a cafetiére of hot, strong coffee and bring it to me with a slab of dark chocolate. I'd sit in my brown leather armchair with you kneeling at my feet. Hold on. I'm going upstairs to change. You must stop reading this e-mail for 5 minutes and wait for me....

Added 19 Sep 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 7,038 | 12 Comments

Beach Bums

Two ladies have very different opinions on what can be considered acceptable beach-wear and one attempts to forcibly impose her views, abusing her position as beach life-guard. This is a genuine (if slightly light-hearted) e-mail conversation between two friends. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. ****************************************************** Dear Meg, I've...

Added 08 Jul 2012 | Category BDSM | Votes 10 | Avg Score 4.7 | Views 7,100 | 6 Comments

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