Beach Bums

Two ladies have very different opinions on what can be considered acceptable beach-wear

Two ladies have very different opinions on what can be considered acceptable beach-wear and one attempts to forcibly impose her views, abusing her position as beach life-guard. This is a genuine (if slightly light-hearted) e-mail conversation between two friends. Only the names have been changed to protect the guilty. ****************************************************** Dear Meg, I've...Read On



Trusting Rebekka - Ch 1

Julia puts her trust in an exciting stranger

On a warm afternoon in early May, fresh from the hair salon where I'd swapped my usual straw-blonde for a rich, exciting glossy raven black, I sat in the corner of my favourite traditional coffee shop and typed. I was working on the article that was certain to confirm my position as one of Europe's foremost lesbian-feminist social commentary journalists when I noticed a very attractive woman...Read On



Lingerie Delivery

Jill gets more than just a special delivery service

Jill was a busy young nurse, about 27 years old, short but very attractive with shoulder-length dark blonde hair, clear blue eyes and a cheeky smile (so all her many friends told her). She'd been working long hours on unsociable shifts whilst spending most of her free time working out her firm body at the local gym. She struggled even to find time to go shopping for clothes as often as she...Read On


Trusting Rebekka - Ch 2

The Perfect Ones - Julia meets Rebekka's 'employees'

To my amazement, and a certain relief, Rebekka did not take me back to her home, nor to a gingerbread house deep in the dark, dark woods. No, she took me straight to my apartment, escorting me as far as the main entrance. "I need to see you again soon Julia. Come and stay at the weekend." She gave me no opportunity to decline, continuing, "My weekends start on Thursday evening; my driver...Read On


Trusting Rebekka - Ch 3

Hot Veronique - I go shopping, get steamy and get to lick her body.

I always feel worse in the morning if I've slept solidly for hours and hours than if I've slept only a short time and know I need to get up early. So, when the sound of knocking on an unfamiliar door penetrated deep into my semi-consciousness I struggled to respond and to react appropriately. "Go away, I'm asleep!" I complained, and buried my head under the soft goose-down pillows. ...Read On


A Party She'll Never Forget

Becky sees the light at her first all-girl party

A Party She'll Never Forget by julie_julia © This story began as a real-life e-mail conversation between myself and an on-line friend, hence the changes between first-person and third-person. It's co-written by and dedicated to Becky. I wrote the parts in italics. *** ***************** I'm at an all girl party amongst total strangers and we've had a few drinks. We start...Read On


Saturday Night in Your House

A welcome intruder broadens novice's experience

Saturday Night in Your House by julie_julia © This is a transcript of a letter I wrote to a very good friend of mine. She knows I'm publishing it on-line for your enjoyment, mine and hers. The names have not been changed. xxxxxxxxxxxx I'd found the spare key outside your front door, it wasn't very well hidden. You obviously didn't hear me creep in. Neither did you see me standing...Read On


Hotel Sapphira

Woman is seduced in a bar then controlled and exposed

My work in recruitment had recently exploded and taken on an international dimension, which is how I had come (by a complicated series of seemingly unrelated events) to be in Richmond, Virginia. Far from my home in England and new to the area, the accent, the customs, the people and their closely-woven friendships & inter-relationships. But here I was in a local bar just around the...Read On


Leather Armchair

Online Collaboration of Tease and Control

Julia wrote: Becky, my pussy is so warm and juicy this evening. Don't you wish you could be here with me? I'd instruct you to make me a cafetiére of hot, strong coffee and bring it to me with a slab of dark chocolate. I'd sit in my brown leather armchair with you kneeling at my feet. Hold on. I'm going upstairs to change. You must stop reading this e-mail for 5 minutes and wait for me....Read On



Living Life on the Edge

Julia pushes herself to the limit, and pays the price

I have a fantasy about denial; call it a recurring nightmare. A woman (let’s call her ‘Julia’, if only because that’s a lovely name) has an extremely high libido and is constantly looking for ways to achieve ever more intense feelings of sensual and sexual fulfilment. Over many years she perfects her technique of orgasm self-denial; masturbating herself over and over again, every...Read On