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I am a bisexual widow, more into my own sex..

I’m European.

I am open minded as long as everyone is having fun, and age is just a number..

I found this site by "accident", but have grow to like i a lot.

Have a daughter thats 21, who led me to find this site.

I want to find out what kind of site this is, and perhaps talk to other females...

Julie Jensen
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26 Apr 2018 08:20
Been nudist for over 25 years....

Having fun... Mostly undressed..
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Ken Follet
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There is so many...

"When Harry meet Sally" for a start..


"Intouchables" French movie..

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
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From Jazz to Rock


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14 Feb 2014
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Topic: What to do..
Posted: 19 Feb 2014 21:39

Find the right time and talk to her - soon. As her single mom I assume she does not have a man in the house to use as a role model and see the male side of life. She needs to have somebody to confide in whether she is active or not. Contraception and pregnancy is a compulsorary subject.
If she reads many of the stories here she needs to be told that most of the stories are fantasy and life is not altogether as it is written here. Well in my opinion. I know my stories are fantasy based on some truth. I would not like her to emulate the women in my stories at her age.
Having lived and loved in Europe I realise girls/women there have a more mature and open mind about sex. I met some wonderful there people and enjoyed their company as a friend, with a benefit.
I found sex in Europe and UK can generally be recreational and affairs are far more acceptable than elsewhere in the world.
Communication with a sibling is most important - I had a bad mother, and I was screamed at more than spoken to in my early days. Gain her confidence and she could be not only a daughter but a friend. If you know what she has been reading here - talk to her about the stories and discuss them. You will both benefit from a more open relationship. Good luck.

I have tried to be a good role model. We have had hard times last year due to my hunbond got killed. AHe got hit by a car on a dark road walking the dog.

She knows all there is about contraception and pregnancy, but her being more into girls than men, I don't see babies on the way...

What kind of stories do you write ?
I know what she read from looking in the browser history on my laptop.. I didn't check up on her.. I was looking to find something for myself.
I have NO idea how to talk with about the stories.
We are close as mother and daughter and, I think, as friends.

Just no as close as in some as the stories...

Love to hear from you...

Topic: Older or Younger in a Sexual Relationship?
Posted: 18 Feb 2014 15:37

Being "of age" I have had both..

Older when I was younger, and getting older been with older and younger...

Some I have been open abount, but not all...

Topic: snowballing or cum kissing
Posted: 18 Feb 2014 14:17

It would be so nice if more guys were confident and open-minded enough to do it. And better yet, if in a MFM if one guy would lick pussy after the other guy cums in it. That would be hot!

I get your point, but I've only done that in a FFM.... Both being licked and licking....

Topic: Nudity in general.
Posted: 18 Feb 2014 14:14

That's the problem guys have, especially young guys that aren't used to it. When they're excited it sticks out, literally, and they get embarrassed. Then, if they don't get aroused they worry that the girl might think she doesn't turn him on!
Oh, the problems that a young guy has, lol.

Well.... She know how some guys can be...

I am not shy, and confident in my self nude and that can get guys to get excited even if I'm not comming on to them...
It just makes me more confident.....

Topic: Bi curious or bi sexual??
Posted: 17 Feb 2014 00:40

Hi Im 25 and have a bf and am very happy with him!
But he finds it strange that I can watch lesbian porn and get off to it!! I find 2 women together arousing and would probably sleep with a girl!

Do you think this makes me bi sexual or bi curious?

Opinions welcome!

You are "bi curious"...

If you want to try get him to relax and start thinlink...
IF you try.. Do you want him there... Do you want him to be home ? To watch ?

Topic: snowballing or cum kissing
Posted: 17 Feb 2014 00:35


Same here....

Topic: snowballing or cum kissing
Posted: 17 Feb 2014 00:32

I know you are asking the guys but I have done it with another woman after a guy has cum in my mouth or her mouth and they we kiss, It is very hot and a big turn on. But I have never done it with a guy but that would be hot too. But I imagine many men would consider that a "gay" act although its totally not. What would be a huge turn on is to have a MFM threesome and have one guy come in my mouth then have the other guy kiss me. That would show me you are very comfortable with your sexuality.

So nice to share,when you are sure on yourself

Topic: What to do..
Posted: 17 Feb 2014 00:30

what stories she read honey?

Not some i'll write in public...

Topic: Watching your partner have sex
Posted: 17 Feb 2014 00:29

I thought I replied to this but here goes...

I enjoy watching some other gal have sex with my guy!
I know what he does and how he feels and to see someone else experience him is a super hot turn on for me!

It drives me crazier and makes me want to climax so badly too!



BUT sometimes it's not good for the relationship, so always be sure what you do..

Topic: Nudity in general.
Posted: 17 Feb 2014 00:25

Do her boyfriends go nude? I could imagine some would be reluctant with their girlfriend's mother there, especially if you were naked as well!

The boyfriends that she have had.. Yes...

With more or, mostly, less control...

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