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Topic Stolen Stories
Posted 25 Sep 2011 01:06

Good luck on getting justice. A story of mine, Flaws of Beauty was stolen and posted on fanfic last year and though I reported twice, nothing happened. See? Still there!

Having said that, I'm going to report again.

What's worse, is she took my story and turned it into a frickin Hannah Montanna fanfiction. That's beyond cruel.

I agree FanFic have to take people at their word, but why aren't they doing anything when plagiarism is reported, along with proof? When I submitted my report, I linked back to my original posting of the story on another erotica site, along with the date etc etc of posting. Nothing. Not even an acknowledgement. That's when I get grumpy!

Topic I need some advice.
Posted 25 Sep 2011 00:22

Hmm. This is a hard situation, I have had similar issues. You can go the legal route, but that's just messy, so it depends on how big an issue this is for you. Alternatively, if it's a site similar to this, comment on their story and link back to your original work. Call them names, if you like.

In the mean time, keep trying with the website admin. Sorry I don't have better advice for you.

Topic Favorite Junk Food or Snack Food
Posted 20 Aug 2011 01:37

Cheezels and chocolate, my 2 weaknesses.

Topic girl friends best mate
Posted 10 Jul 2011 03:32

Group sex can be ... tricky.

For God's sake, if you talk to ANYONE, talk to your girlfriend. Anyone else would get you majorly in trouble and make you a complete dumb-ass as well. I suggest bringing it up as a general fantasy first, see what her reaction is. Don't bring options or names into it at all until you know what she thinks about the idea as a whole. Certainly don't mention her best friend- in my experience this can lead to a woman thinking a)you have the hots for her best friend b)she doesn't arouse you or satisfy you anymore c)you're not happy with her and d)an infinite list of other heart breaking things.

Group sex can bring up a gazillion insecurities in women and men. Boundaries and expectations need to be laid out clearly beforehand, and mustn't be crossed. Otherwise things get messy, people get hurt, and relationships go kaboomy.

Personally... In the times I've experienced 3somes/group sex, they have never ever been with a close girlfriend or male friend of mine. That's not a relationship I have an interest in messing with.

Oh, and if she shoots down the idea... drop it. Just leave it. Applying pressure would be just as destructive.

Topic Sex Percentage
Posted 20 Jun 2011 03:10

I'm a very sexual person. My drive is high, I write about it, and I enjoy it a LOT! So if the sex isn't there, then there's no romantic relationship for me. I'm just too selfish to give it up.

Topic Threesome - You and two guys
Posted 19 Jun 2011 08:00

i've been lucky enough to have participated in several MFM threesomes. All but one were positive experiences, and made me want to go back for a whole lot more. Sensation overload!

When I've been involved in these situs, it was always with a regular sex partner and one of his friends, as opposed to someone I was in a romantic relationship with. It seems to me there's a lot less pressure and risk of hurt feelings, and the boundaries are clear from the get-go.

I'd love to experience more threesomes, and perhaps even a foursome.. or fivesome... or...

Topic Would you allow a guy to give...
Posted 19 Jun 2011 07:55


And one more YES.

Topic Soulmates
Posted 19 Jun 2011 07:51

I believe in soul mates, and I believe we each have more than one. How sucky would it be if there were only one soulmate for us in 6 billion peoples? Needle in a hay stack.

I think my best friend is one of my soul mates. We just get each other, and always have.

I met someone else who I think may be a romantic soulmate, online. I'm curious as to whether that will translate into the real world when we meet.

I remain hopeful...

Topic whats ur wildest fantacy
Posted 18 Jun 2011 19:11

A world in which perfect spelling and grammar was the norm.


Topic Ever had your ass licked?
Posted 01 Jun 2011 17:28

The first time someone surprised me by licking my arse, I fell off the bed. Literally.

Then I begged for more.

Topic How to ?? -- 3 somes
Posted 01 Jun 2011 17:20

Everyone's already said: talk talk talk! If you bring it up, make sure that she knows she will be your main focus above all else. A lot of women feel insecure and as though they are competing when in a group scenario.

I'm going to throw in: make sure you have boundaries, and that they are clear and firm. Don't be wishy washy, don't agree to something you're unsure about. A threesome can be an amazing experience, but it can also damage relationships. Everyone should know where they stand... or kneel, or lie....

Topic Who else here acts like a good girl?
Posted 28 May 2011 23:48

I think if the clients at the library where I worked found out about this site, other sites, my blog... they'd all have coronaries and die.

That's the fun of it.

Topic Has one of your deep dark "hottest" fantasies ever come true?
Posted 24 May 2011 23:36

Fantasies are fun... and I like to make them come true if I can.

So far I've had 2 of my deepest, darkest, kinkiest fantasies come true. One was a little average, and the other was mind blowing.

I'm hoping for more!

Topic McDonalds Is Killing Our Children?
Posted 21 May 2011 00:39

Blah. McDonald's.

It's crap. It's greasy, tasteless crap. How it got to be a worldwide thing is beyond me.

When I was growing up, we had take-out once a fortnight, on the night my dad got his pay. It was a hell of a treat and I would spend forever analysing the different choices in front of me, and do a dance when I finally got to eat it. Partially cause we were fairly poor, but mostly because my parents knew better than to feed processed shit to their kids.

Kids learn their habits from their parents. If mum & dad advocate fast food all the time, that's what the kids will want and ask for. Vicious cycle. Ronald McDonald is not buying your child's food. YOU ARE. Your fault, accept the blame.

Topic In your Relationship...
Posted 21 May 2011 00:19

I think you mean "Dominant".

I'm submissive, I enjoy choosing to give up control to my Master/Dominant, and He enjoys dominating me and controlling my pleasure. W/we like to explore the different scenarios that BDSM can bring, and the intensity it gives our relationship.

It doesn't mean whenever we have sex it's kinky or in a D/s flavour... we like to switch it up or be equals as well. But primarily, when it comes to sexual relations, I am His to do with as He will. And I absolutely love it.

Topic Ending a steamy chat
Posted 14 May 2011 22:45

I used to say 'That was fun! Got to go now, night!'

Now days I only have online fun with one person, and we tend to have cyber snuggles and cyber pillow talk. It's not something we have to think about.

Topic Guilty Pleasures
Posted 14 May 2011 22:42

Laughing at young children and old folk who fall over - I enjoy it but I do feel bad afterwards.

Otherwise over indulging in cocktails and... well, cocks :D

Topic Infidelity
Posted 14 May 2011 22:24

Anyone who is romantically connected with friends or family of mine automatically goes into the friend zone. It's not something I do consciously, it just happens.

Even if I didn't ... that's a betrayal I would never force upon anyone.

Topic girl
Posted 14 May 2011 21:59

Well if I met you at a party and your attitude was that, I certainly wouldn't wanna boink you.

Your age has little to do with it, people put too much pressure on losing your virginity at a certain age. I wish I'd held on to mine longer.

People will see you how you see yourself. Lift your chin up, think positive and be positive. You will attract positive attention rather than negative attention.

Topic i keep getting caught any advise
Posted 14 May 2011 21:49

Judging by your post, I'd say you keep getting caught cause you're a tad slow...

Topic What turns you on to the opposite sex?
Posted 14 May 2011 21:47

Seeing as I can only vote on one, I chose tender caresses. I interpret that as hugs, cuddles, fingers stroking up and down my arm, neck or back. Gentle things that build up until I want to jump someone.

But intellectual conversation and humour are my other top 2. A heated debate will make me uncontrollably horny.

Topic Are you a screamer?
Posted 14 May 2011 21:40

I find the list of options a bit limited, personally. Where are the combinations?

In an intense session- hard, fast, rough, pain, or BDSM-style, I am very much a screamer... until I get lost in it all and can barely breathe, then I am a whimperer.

In a sweet love making sessions, I'm a sigher and a quiet moaner.

When I'm in the mood to really be in control, I'm a dirty talker.

And in a public session, I'm a "bite on your shoulder so I don't make a noise"-er.


And that's condensing it all! There really are a gazillion different things I might be, given any situation.

Topic cuddling question
Posted 14 May 2011 21:34

Give me both! Nothing like curling up in someone's arms, being held tight and sweet after a delicious round of intense sexing!

I'm very much a snuggly person. I'm soft and a bit round, and I love to snuggle up to friends and boyfriends. I could happily while away hours in my Master's embrace, talking, watching a film, or both of us reading.

Sigh. I want suggles now.

Topic What's wrong with sex and spanking at the same time?
Posted 13 May 2011 05:49

I don't much watch porn, but I LOVE the combination of sex and spanking. I guess it also has a lot to do with the roles of the people involved.

Topic Do women want to be spanked hard?
Posted 05 May 2011 04:02

Well, I'm not going to agree with everyone up there. I think lumping all women into one category is quite ridiculous.

Personally, I like to be spanked. I like it to be hard, and I especially like it when there are marks left behinh. I like being sore when I sit down the next day. But do I like it all the time? No. Sometimes I want it light, sometimes not at all. I think it will depend on the woman, and depend on her mood, and that it is more likely there's a large number of women who will like it either way.

As for the pretending to spank hard... no, not for me either. You can spank hard and be careful at the same time, it just takes skill and to know what one is doing. I'm not really one for pretense of that kind.

Topic Is it cheating if you're married and having an online "sex" partner?
Posted 04 May 2011 06:04

Quite simply, to me YES.

But it will depend on the dynamics in your particular relationship. But if you have to ask....

Topic would you cheat on your partner
Posted 04 May 2011 06:01

No, I don't cheat not for anyone. I would however ask for a threesome!

Topic Goddess online: offline - not so much...
Posted 13 Apr 2011 06:08

I think maybe the "real" you is a combination of both. In the real world it takes time to be comfortable in who you are and express it. The cyber world is a good place to explore the things you are curious about and learn more about yourself.

When i first joined the online world I was a little wild, while in reality I was shy. Move forward in time and I'm somewhere in between, online and off I am the same person.

The experimenting was OH SO FUN!

Topic I hate getting waxed
Posted 13 Apr 2011 05:57

I get waxed. Little pain and great results. Shaving was just too much effort, and my skin reacted so badly, no matter how well prepared I was. Besides, waxing is... arousing at times.

I'd like to get laser when I have the money. Some time down the track!

Topic Battle of Awesome: Bacon vs. Cheese
Posted 13 Apr 2011 05:44

I voted cheese, but to be honest my favourite is home made mac cheese with diced up grilled bacon through it. best of BOTH worlds!