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I am a married woman, but have alot of experience within the lifestyle.. I love reading stories on here and I am hoping to fill a void by being a member of this site.. I have tried many time to forget and leave this lifestyle for good, but it always comes back ( you can never fully leave )..

I fell in love with a Nilla man, but something is still missing ( and that something he cannot give me, nor could ever fathom giving me ) I do not regret marrying my husband, but I do regret the decison I made at a younger age to leave this lifestyle. I am content with my memories, thoughts, fantasies and of course these stories.. But dream of something more.

* Just for the record, I am not looking to chat or meet with anyone.. I keep to myself and am not really into PM's ( please do not take offense if I do not chat with you ) I am really not looking for a bunch of people on my friends list either, so please again do not take offense if I deny your request to become friends.. Its like on facebook, you have thousands of friends, but you only have a select few you actually talk or interact with.. Feel free to send me an email though! Thankyou for understanding!!***

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22 Jun 2018 22:31
Pain, BDSM, Sadist.. Pretty much everything that has to do within the M/s lifestyle..
Favorite Books:
The trilogy of beauty.. All 3 were great.. ( I am not much into reading, but these drew me in from beginning to end ) I did read the first 50 shades of grey book and that one was pretty good, but got bored with it after the first one. I guess it just wasn't enough for me since I have had real life experience within the lifestyle.
Favorite Authors:
A.N. Roquelaure ( as I said above, I am not much into reading but they drew me in )
Favorite Movies:
I love movies based in the 1800's, early 1900's.. Love come softly series, anything by jannette oke!! I also love movies based on the Amish ( I know its weird ), Memoris of a geisha.
Favorite Music:
Country is one I listen to all the time. I dont mind adult alternative, but I really cannot stand the Rap B.S. or Hip Hop shit.. I dont mind a little rock, but most of the songs they have out now is just plain crap.


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24 Apr 2012
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20 Dec 2017
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Topic: Describe yourself in one word
Posted: 27 Jun 2014 08:51


Topic: Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted: 25 Jun 2014 16:56

Extra long T-shirt, no under garments.

Topic: Who is YOUR favorite author on Lush?
Posted: 23 Jun 2014 10:00

I would have to say MasterJonathan. His way of writing just speaks to me! <img src="/images/emoticons/hello2.gif" alt="hello1">

Topic: biggest cock you've ever had
Posted: 13 Feb 2014 12:11

9.5" was the biggest I could do. Had someone that was 12" and thick, he couldn't get it in me so we had to stop. I am actually kind of glad it didn't fit, I would have been in a bit of pain afterwards. Its not about the size though, its how they use it.

Topic: Happy Birthday! for Master Jonathan!
Posted: 11 Feb 2014 08:35

Happy Birthday Jonathan!! *Smiles* Hope its a good one..


Topic: Posting Pics On Members Wall
Posted: 12 Dec 2012 11:24

I thought it was just me, but I am having the same problem. I have also been having problems with pictures in my albums. I am glad its not my computer, but a lush glitch..

Topic: How big a gap in years would you consider ok for a sexual partner?
Posted: 12 Oct 2012 17:41

To me age is nothing but number. Me and my husband have a 14 year difference between us. Love is love.. :)

Topic: Are You A Different Person When Drunk?
Posted: 10 Oct 2012 19:57

I don't drink. I occasionally have a seagrems escapes wine cooler, but one doesn't do anything. So I wouldn't know..

Topic: What are you listening to right now?
Posted: 10 Oct 2012 19:54

Two and a half men is on in the backround and the baby moniter is infront of me playing his music as he sleeps..

Topic: what are you drinking?
Posted: 10 Oct 2012 19:51

water, always water. In the morning I might have a partial cup of coffee, but I mainly always drink water.

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Taking Her Ass

You send me a text message telling me to be there at 7:00pm sharp, that you are going to finally take my ass. Reading the message sends shivers up my spine, and gets me wet... I am excited about the prospects of this evening. I have been anxiously awaiting this day as this will be the final act of submission to you. I have offered you everything I am and have wanted to give you this gift as...

Added 13 Feb 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.33 | Views 14,267 | 3 Comments

Unexpected punishment

I get myself all dressed up, wondering if this such a good idea; tight low-cut dress shirt, with a short black skirt, no panties or bra. I would also be wearing a pair of knee high boots. My hair curled up all nice and falling across my face and down over my shoulders. I would arrive at your place, not knowing if you are there or not. Walking up the steps slowly to your covered porch, I stand...

Added 02 Feb 2014 | Category BDSM | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 12,661 | 7 Comments

Surprise, Part 4

It's 8am and I am pacing back and forth, replaying last night over and over in my head. Should I call you? Or should I just play it safe and email you? Either way, I know I should contact you in some form. I bring up my computer, deciding to email instead of call. I don’t have to answer any questions right away or talk to you. I type out a short message thanking you for the ride home last...

Added 13 May 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.5 | Views 3,905 | 2 Comments

Surprise, Part 3

Friday night had come fast. I'm uneasy, but excited for what's going to happen. I glance in the mirror, grab my keys and head out to my car. I leave thirty minutes early to beat the crowd, and to get a look at what's in store for me. I arrive at the club, and park in the back so I can go in unnoticed. I walk through the side door by the alley, and weave my way down the narrow halls to the...

Added 09 Apr 2013 | Category BDSM | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.88 | Views 4,831 | 4 Comments

Surprise, part 2

"I asked what time I should pick you up next week?" "Huh, oh." I was day dreaming. "Next week? Umm, I don't know. I can manage to get here myself, thank you." "You're not thinking of skipping out, are you? I promised everyone an encore, you wouldn't want to disappoint everyone would you?" you say with a evil grin. "I am planning on coming! I just don't need a ride that's all. I have...

Added 01 Dec 2012 | Category BDSM | Votes 14 | Avg Score 4.71 | Views 3,957 | 3 Comments


*Note: All of the characters in this story are fiction. This story is only for entertainment purposes and is fantasy. **** 6 months ago I ran into a site by accident, I am not even sure how I got there. The site contained information on bdsm groups, get togethers and parties. I had never thought about going to a bdsm party before, but wanted to check it out to see what it was about. I...

Added 29 Nov 2012 | Category BDSM | Votes 18 | Avg Score 4.89 | Views 6,503 | 6 Comments

The letter part 3

I checked my email everyday for three days and on the third day is when I got a response. ****** Little One, It was happy to see you sent me a response back. In such detail as well. What do you mean I wouldn't be able to find you? Are you doubting my ability to have found you? You found me didn't you? Alright then! Getting back on track here. What do you mean you joined the carnival?...

Added 08 Oct 2012 | Category Love Stories | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 1,559 | 4 Comments

The letter part 2

4 weeks have gone by and I still haven't heard anything from you. Just for the heck of it I check my email that we used to use for communication, wondering if you by chance remembered what it was. "You have a new message" pops up across my screen. My heart starts to pound in anticipation. I click open and the message appears across the screen. ******** Little one, It indeed has been a...

Added 05 Oct 2012 | Category Love Stories | Votes 3 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 1,492 | 2 Comments

The Letter

It has been 9 years since we last had contact and I am finally writing the letter. I have been throwing the idea in the air for a year now of whether or not to do so since our last conversation was awkward and unfinished. I have been wanting to explain to you why I did what I did and wanted to apologize for the hurt I caused you. I reread the letter one last time to make sure everything I...

Added 03 Oct 2012 | Category Love Stories | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.6 | Views 2,306 | 4 Comments

Continuation.. Online turns real part 2

*Note: This is a follow up to a previous story ( online turns real part 2 ) I wake up to my arms and legs tied to the bed and you sitting in your chair in the living room. You hear me rustling against my bonds. "Good morning my pet, did you sleep well?" I lightly shake my head. "Yes, Sir, I did." You come up to the side of the bed next to me, stroke my hair out of my face and kiss me...

Added 10 Jun 2012 | Category BDSM | Votes 12 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 4,802 | 8 Comments

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