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I have been writing stories for another site for years, and figured I could use a fresh audience. Some of the stories I post here will be reprinted from that other site. Others will be brand-new. I hope you enjoy them all.

My wife and I were in the swinging lifestyle for several years, and have "taken a break" from it for several more. My "Adventures in Swinging" series is a memoir of that swinging era. (Only the ending is fictional.) We remain very happily married.

I enjoy chatting with the other members here, and I'll gladly chat with anyone on any topic. I'm not a fan of cybersex or camming, so if you're looking for that type of interaction, I'm not your guy. Also, if you're looking to chat (or more) with my wife, she has no interest in this site. She knows I write erotic tales, but she is content to leave this hobby to me.

I encourage your feedback on my stories and on the photos I have posted for my friends to see. Some of the photos I have posted are meant to correlate with my "Adventures in Swinging" series.

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Topic: FBI Qualifies Antifa Confrontations as Domestic Terrorist Violence
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 13:19

After he was attacked by Antifa.

Actions --> reactions.

Topic: FBI Qualifies Antifa Confrontations as Domestic Terrorist Violence
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 11:46

You're repeating what I've already stated. Again, if Antifa hadn't shown up in Charlottesville to commit their usual assault, violence, and destruction, Heather Heyer would still be alive. I don't know how anyone could dispute that.

Topic: Global Warming and the Attack on Environmentalism
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 10:41

I wrote that if I collect $20,000 per year in welfare benefits and work 15 hours per week for another $7,800. Why on earth do you think I meant $7,800 per week? Are we really going to keep bickering over this?

Many women become pregnant unintentionally. Birth control pills are not full proof, nor are condoms or any other form of birth control other than total abstinence. And the transfer of nutrients is a one way process... nutrients in, waste out. The only things the baby passes to the mother other than waste is some hormones that signal the mother's body that the fetus needs something. And during pregnancy, women gain weight (which is hard on joints and hearts), some develop diabetes, all the internal organs of the mother are crowded and pushed around which can cause any number of issues, and babies have been known to kick a tailbone so hard, they can break it. If the mother is not getting sufficient nutrition and vitamins, the fetus will take what they need, before the mother's body does, leaving the mother to suffer the results of those shortages. Pretty much what a parasite does at least in that respect. Sounds to me like even the most benign of pregnancies cause at least short term harm to the mother.

Many women don't have sex unintentionally. (And for those who are raped, there is always an abortion exception in every proposed law.) The point is that women don't become pregnant by accident, whereas people generally contract a parasite through no fault of their own (unless they intentionally bathe in contaminated water or something.)

You're wrong about the transfer of nutrients. It's a two-way street that benefits both mother and child:


Yes, pregnancy can cause complications. It doesn't turn a human being into a parasite.

I'll go out on a limb and assume you're not a mother, adele. I was pro-abortion myself until I became a father and listened to the heartbeat of my unborn child for the first time. I really don't care how inconvenient a baby may be; it's still a human life. Killing human beings because they're inconvenient is pretty much the most evil thing I can think of.

Topic: FBI Qualifies Antifa Confrontations as Domestic Terrorist Violence
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 10:23

By the way, something similar just happened in Vancouver over the weekend. There was a "Patriot Prayer" gathering, Antifa showed up and began harassing and assaulting the people there. Some of them followed the demonstrators to their cars. They punched and kicked them from behind and threw stuff at the vehicles. One guy in a pickup truck tried to leave the scene, but Antifa blocked him. He then kicked it into reverse to get away from them and nearly ran over someone.

Luckily no one was injured -- this time. But give Antifa time before they claim another innocent life.

Topic: FBI Qualifies Antifa Confrontations as Domestic Terrorist Violence
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 10:16

And that is your opinion. Experts come out on both sides of the equation. And while the welfare system definitely contributes to the fact that some people would rather live off the government, I was specifically addressing the issue of why people who come here illegally do so, and what might make that less desirable. Some experts say that immigrants (legal or illegal) are more apt to open businesses, thus actually creating at the very least, their own job, and probably others as well. Also, if unemployment is at it's lowest level in many years, (as trump constantly reminds us and takes credit for even though it has been on a downward trend for quite some time), and we have the highest amount of undocumented workers right now, explain to me how that equates to those undocumented workers taking jobs from native born Americans.

Let's not mix and match legal and illegal immigration. They're two entirely different topics. No one (that I know or have heard or read) opposes legal immigration. The unemployment rate is very low in the US right now -- but only if you don't count those who are out of work because they choose not to look for a job. The labor participation rate was at a 40-year low throughout the Obama administration, but had seemingly bottomed out.

"Undocumented workers" (i.e. illegal aliens) generally take the low-paying, low-skilled jobs that affect low-skilled, low-income Americans. Those at the top aren't affected at all by illegal immigration. In fact, they benefit from the lower costs.

I would love to see how you back that claim up. Cite your sources or show your proof. The ass that killed her was a white supremacist, not a member of Antifa. And just who gets to decide if something is news or not. These days, with cell phones and social media, much of what happened would have been covered anyway. Even the car that hit Ms Heyer was cell phone footage.

A source for what? If Antifa hadn't shown up at that rally, there wouldn't have been violence. If there were no violence, there would have been no response to the violence. I can't claim to know what was inside the head of the guy who ran over Heather Heyer, but I saw the video where black-clad thugs were attacking his car just before he rammed it into the crowd. I can only surmise that he did so in response to their provocation. I'm not suggesting his act of murder was justified. I'm simply saying that if he hadn't been provoked, he probably wouldn't have done what he did.

Topic: Global Warming and the Attack on Environmentalism
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 10:08

Excuse me, but you said $15,600 A WEEK. That's $520 an hour in my world of math.

Well, no, I didn't. But it's beside the point.

Topic: Using your freedom of speech
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 09:48

Also untrue. Canada has a similar racial diversity compared to the US, but approaches diversity much differently - welcoming and appreciating differences as enriching our overall cultural fabric instead of attempting to erase them through assimilation and/or marginalize them through segregation. Are there still issues in Canada? Sure. But nothing like the problems facing the US.

It's also worth mentioning that 'diversity' is a somewhat meaningless word. Typically, it's used to describe groups based on race or nationality, but there is far more variation within groups than between them. Even in a place like Norway, which you point out as being more of a monoculture, you'll still find great degrees of distinction between different subgroups - the people of Oslo aren't going to be culturally like the people of a small coastal fishing village.

What I don't get is the entitlement of a particular section of American society that takes full ownership of 'America' as a nation, and asserts its authority in defining what America is or is not. The rhetoric of "real Americans" disenfranchises millions of citizens who don't fit this imaginary notion - they too are real Americans who pay taxes and contribute to society and call America home. It is their country as much as anyone else's. America does not belong to White Christian Conservatives only. It belongs to every one of its citizens.

I don't know where you get your facts, but a quick Google search reveals that only 2% of Canadians are black, and only 0.7% are Latino. The US is 13% and 18%, respectively. There is no comparison.

I also don't know where you get your impressions of Americans "entitlement" or this notion of "real Americans." There is no such thing as a "real American" because we're so diverse (just as there is no such thing as "American food.") Who, exactly, is being disenfranchised in the US? What we don't tolerate in the US are those immigrants who choose to consider themselves hyphenated Americans instead of Americans. If I were to emigrate to Canada, I would consider myself to be a proud Canadian. I would wave the Canadian flag, adopt the Canadian culture and traditions, and would even learn to speak French if I were to emigrate to Quebec. Is it too much to ask of those who choose to come to the US to enjoy our freedom and opportunities to consider themselves as Americans?

Topic: Global Warming and the Attack on Environmentalism
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 08:27

Isn't that at odds with "it's not the government who gives you your rights" that we keep hearing in the second amendment debates? Who decides this? And doesn't that make for the ultimate control state?

Again, every right has limitations, as determined by the government. Freedom of speech doesn't include the right to view child pornography. Freedom of religion doesn't include the right to perform ritualistic sacrifice. Freedom to bear arms doesn't include the right to own a machine gun.

No. You said "On the other, if the woman in question does nothing, her baby lives" but being pregnant is not doing nothing. It's essentially like a parasite/host relation, where the mother provided everything the fetus needs: shelter and nutricion. If she'd stop doing that, we call it either an abortion or a miscarriage. But either way, the fetus dies.

Frankly, that is a sickening and disturbing analogy. A baby isn't a parasite. I can't even term this as "inhumane" because it isn't limited to human beings. No species on the planet would ever consider its offspring as parasites. I can't help but question your view of humanity if this is what you truly believe.

A mother doesn't become pregnant by accident. No one decides to be inflicted with a parasite. A parasite doesn't provide nutrients to the mother as a fetus does. A fetus isn't a different species like a parasite. A fetus doesn't invade its host from the outside, but is created internally. A fetus doesn't generally weaken or harm the mother as a parasite would. I can't believe I'm even addressing this seriously.

Topic: FBI Qualifies Antifa Confrontations as Domestic Terrorist Violence
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 07:01

And I agree, they are committing a crime. but so is every person that hires them under the table. If jobs weren't that easy to come by, less of them would come here.

Yes! This times a million! We agree completely. Take away the incentives (jobs, welfare benefits, education, healthcare) to come to a country illegally, and there would be no illegal immigration. This is what Mitt Romney called "self-deportation", and he was skewered for saying it. He was right, however.

It is a fact that most Americans won't work as migrant workers, or take such jobs as roofers or construction workers, especially in the south where the heat is brutal.

Well, no, that isn't a fact. It's your opinion. Take away the incentive provided by our welfare state to stay at home and choose not to work, and watch how many of these "lazy" Americans run to the nearest roofing, construction, or landscaping company to work. And yes, when people are allowed to illegally hire workers under the table, those workers take jobs and income away from Americans who are willing to work legitimately. It's a huge problem.

It wasn't Antifa that marched on Friday night with tiki torches shouting racist and anti-semantic slogans, and by most accounts, including the neo-nazis and white supremacists themselves, they were there to cause trouble, damage and hurt people.

And if the media had ignored them as they have done for decades, no one would have ever known about it. Instead, the media covered the gathering of a couple hundred skinheads as if it were the Super Bowl. The protesters showed up to protest against them. Then Antifa showed up -- and that's when it became violent. If Antifa hadn't shown up, Heather Heyer would still be alive.

Topic: Global Warming and the Attack on Environmentalism
Posted: 13 Sep 2017 06:54

Damn. I wake up in the morning and I have to respond to multiple people! Am I the only right-leaning Libertarian on this site??

Then why is the right in your country overall so pro-capital punishment? These are full-grown human beings, unlike a fetus.

A fetus is innocent. A serial killer is not. When you commit murder, you lose the right to life. Every right has limitations.

And no, a fetus doesn't live to become an infant when the mother does nothing. She hosts the fetus and it will die if she stops doing that.


Yes, if a mother kills herself then her baby dies. Is that what you mean?

I'd gladly work 30 hours a week for $15,600 in take home pay.

That's $10/hour, adele. It's minimum wage in most regions. I just threw out that number as an example (and because $10 is a nice round number.)

it's a fact, which you keep denying, just like you kept denying that scientists found differences in brain structure between cisgender and transgender men.

Well, no, they haven't. The studies I've seen have very small sample sizes, can't be replicated, and are inconclusive. But let's not start throwing around links to various studies again, because that bores me to tears. Let's say you're right, and there are differences in brain structure between "cisgender" and transgender men. So what? Does that change their DNA? Does that make a man a woman? If I can prove that there is a difference in brain structure between a man who thinks he's a man and a man who thinks he's an elephant, does that make him an elephant? An abnormality in the brain does not change objective reality. Science is the observation of objective truth. If you deny that objective truth, then you "deny science."

In June 2015, scientists at NOAA published a paper in Science in which they explained that it had slightly revised the sea surface temperatures it had been citing for the previous century.

Yes, the NOAA and IPCC are constantly "revising" historical data so that it fits their narrative. Yet another reason why we should be greatly skeptical of their findings. In order to prove that each year is the "hottest on record", they are forced to "revise" their historical temperature data downward. One of the reasons why their models are so inaccurate is that they are based on bad data and faulty assumptions.

What has changed however in line with predictions is, that storms tend to be larger in size, contain much more rain and tend to sustain their peak in force for a longer period than they did in the past.

Where is your evidence for this claim? We've had two Cat-5 hurricanes in this decade. We had eight in the previous decade. If your claim is accurate, shouldn't we have seen an increase? One hurricane doesn't make a trend.

but show me the ones by leading scientists in the field please, I can't find them.

Then you aren't looking hard enough. There were 108 major climate models created since 1950 that predicted the global temperature based on CO2 projections. The actual global temperature lies at the 2.5th percentile of those projections. They were a little off.

I think it's smarter to believe the experts in the field, rather than a handful of scientists who want to make a statement about things outside of their own field of expertise.

Absolutely. So why does the left ignore the science of fracking, GMO's, and the climate science that refutes their claims about global warming? They pick and choose which science to believe and which to ignore. Some on the right do the same, but they are far outnumbered by those on the left who deny science.

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