First Time(1)


And then one night

What was that?

"It's your birthday," he whispered in her ear, his fingertips sliding up her arm. The thin strap of her new, white dress was slipping off her shoulder. His lips were brushing against her shoulder, pushing the soft material lower down her arm. "Yeah.." she whispered. Her eyes were closed. She didn't know if she wanted to go through with it. She didn't know if she was ready, but she...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Oh God! - Part Two

And now we get to play..

Two king size beds took up most of the room. Along the wall was a small TV, desk, and coffee maker along with a fridge. "Wait!" I giggled as Ryan's hands began to slide my shirt up. "But, babe," he began. I stopped his sentence with a kiss before wiggling away from between them. "I want you both topless." "Oh? And who made you the boss?" I heard Aztec mumble. "Me!" I said, smiling....Read On


Oh God! - Part One

My boyfriend and his best friend...

He's talking to me, or trying, but the music is too loud. We stay behind, holding hands as his friends walk ahead of us. Our fingers are intertwined, his skin warm against mine as I kiss him, shutting him up. He smiles and pulls me into him, his lips crushing mine. His strong arms tighten around my waist before picking me up, making me wrap my legs around his waist. "Hehe, control...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


After a long day

A perfect way to release stress..

Long day at work. I press the elevator button and wait as I start unbuttoning my shirt. Normally I would be worried about this, but there's no one to see me this late at night. I drag my feet into the elevator as the door opens and press the button that reads 14. The highest floor. The most beautiful, expensive floor. I unlock my door and walk in, casually slipping out of my black heels as...Read On



What about my sister?

How will I explain this to my sister?

The doorknob turned and I closed my eyes. He walked in, stripped his shirt and the sound of him unbuckling his belt made me open my eyes. I knew it was wrong. I knew I should have told him to stop, to tell him the truth, but the lust I felt for him was unbearable. He opened the covers slightly and I could feel his eyes on me. My half-naked body was right there, ready to be devoured by him....Read On