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Hot Blonde, Fit Indian

By Sid Dey Nora my hot neighbor stepped out of her car in the parking lot of our luxury condo community in North Brunswick, NJ. I was picking up my mail from the mailbox near the parking lot. This happened so recently that its still fresh in my memory. First I saw her car door swing open, then her legs came out…they were so clean and silky…she was wearing a short black skirt and a...Read On



Desi-Indian Wife's debauchery in America

Sid fucks a married woman at a desi party

I went to the desi party in the block around 7 PM on March 2012 in South Brunswick Manor Community, in New Jersey. It was a holi party hosted by the good Indian folks residing there. All residents and guests were invited. The crowd turnout was quite a large, considering it was a week night. Since it's been a while the last time I played holi; it was in Bombay, when I was 17 years old, I...Read On


Married Blonde MILF and Hot Indian Man -- Ultimate

Never ending office lust

The spring of 2011 had its moments in New Jersey (USA). It used to rain over the weekends and sometimes too hot and sometimes too cold. When I started this contract work in JNJ New Brunswick, I was sick. It was the change of weather and pollen content too high outside. It was April and the leaves were just sprouting on the trees. I drove my black BMW 550i on Route 27, hitting through...Read On


Poking A Married Woman From India in NJ Transit Bus

Result of Hurricane Sandy

Wednesday October 31st, 2012 was quite a day! Almost 95% of South Brunswick Township was affected by Hurricane Sandy. I lost power in my Condo and so did all the folks in my community. I work in mid-town Manhattan and getting to work was out of the question. There was no internet connection either. I spoke to my boss over the phone and informed him of my reluctance to get back to work...Read On