Aussie Holiday

I have a week to go with this expert lover in this Garden of Eden.

I sat at my desk daydreaming about where to go on my vacation; there were so many places I wanted to see. I had been saving up for over five years, so I could afford to go anywhere I wished to. It’s a toss up from; Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, England, or Australia. It’s hard to decide so I tabled the subject for now; I could choose later when I am at home. When I got home from work there was...Read On


Was It A Dream ch2

Suddenly I felt someone’s hand caress my thigh as a husky male voice spoke.

I sat upright in bed, and noticed I wasn’t wearing a nightie and my pussy and ass were on fire. Was it a dream, or was Michael really there. I looked around the room and didn’t see any signs that told me he had been. I put my nightie back on, crawled out of bed, and went into my computer to see what was happening online; maybe I would find someone there exciting to talk too. After turning...Read On


Was it a Dream? Ch 1

“Did you ever have a dream that was so real you could swear it actually happened?”

"My name is, Kandikiss51, I’m a writer here on Lush. I do it for the joy of writing, plus the fact it makes people feel good and by feel good I mean masturbate. I had just posted a story about phone sex. Another lush writer named Michael; left me a comment. “Great phone call, I love jerking off when I don't have the real thing. I wish she’d call me.” I always read my comments and reply...Read On



Open For Business

My thoughts drift to one particular mature female friend of mine comes to my mind.

I look at my watch and grumble, “Damn, it’s only 10am.” I have been sitting by the front window of the store where I am working for almost an hour watching cars for go by. Do not get me wrong I love my new job, but there are days like today where things go slow and I am bored. As my mind wanders, I think back over my life and realize my sex life has become virtually nonexistent. It has been...Read On


Natasha Ch 3

Was she really the woman playing the mistress with Robert portraying her slave?’

Natasha yawned and wrinkled her nose as she awoke to the smell of breakfast. She looked over where Robert usually laid and he was not there. She sat up in bed and pondered about the recent adventures. Oh my God, she wondered, was it real or just a dream? Was she really the woman playing the mistress with Robert portraying her slave?’ It was then that she saw the luggage in the corner and...Read On


Natasha Ch 2 - Robert is the Slave

Robert wondered if Natasha would be willing to do another BDSM scenario. This time, he would be the

Robert rolled over in bed wanting to cuddle up close to Natasha and put his arms around her, but she wasn’t there. He rubbed his eyes, then noticed how bright the day was and quickly glanced at the alarm clock. He jumped out of bed yelling, “Oh fuck, I’m going to be late for work.” Then paused for a second wondering why Natasha had not awakened him when she got up. He put on his robe,...Read On


Natasha Ch1

Robert told Barry the plan.It a sexy scenario, where the man would be caught fucking my wife!

Natasha, age thirty, was born and raised on a farm in Nebraska. Today, she still resides near there with her husband Robert. Her five foot five figure isn’t the thin model type, but slightly heavier with the curves in all the right places. With a full firm breasts and large pink nipples that stand out an inch, when aroused, a slight puffy stomach, wide hips, and a pussy with thick blonde...Read On



Ch 3 An Unexpected Pleasure, “In The Arms Of Another Woman.”

Deana thought she was one hot baby, even for a preacher’s wife.

With a supreme pizza in her hand, and her favorite movie; “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” she headed towards Deana’s, more nervous than a school girl on her first date.   Deana thought that Friday would never get there; the days went by slower than molasses on a stack of pancakes. Each night, she ravished her naked body with visions of sexual delights with Sue. Ever since she met...Read On


Ch 2 An Unexpected Pleasure; The Sleepover

Sue still considered herself bi, she was no more converted than Satan.

In the back of her mind Deana thought, “One of these nights when Bradley is gone, maybe Sue will stay the night. I’d love to see if she is still bisexual.” They sat there enjoying dinner, and she pondered how to ask Sue to spend the night. She didn’t want to ruin the friendship when Sue learned the real reason for the sleep over. She took a sip of her coffee, swallowed hard, and...Read On


An Unexpected Pleasure Ch 1

Sue let me ask you a private question; Are you bisexual?

She’d gone through six long years of hell, endless darkness and doom. Weeks of crying, yearning for an apology, a phone call, something that could explain what had happened. Who was she kidding; Deana knew deep down that was never going to happen. She had to find a way to accept it, there was no love in her marriage, just a controlling man who preyed on women. It took awhile but she...Read On


My Male Cum-Slut

We can role play as a Mistress-sub and if you don’t like it, I will understand.

Amanda just woke up from one of the kinkiest dreams she’d ever had. She sighed and said, “Wow, what a dream, it either means I need to go shopping for a hot pink bra, matching panty, garter belt, hose and heels. On the other hand, Skip, my new friend (who is a cross dresser) needs to buy one for our hot intimate cam-chats. Better yet, buy us both a matching set. When she first met him...Read On


Naughty Nurse Finale

Elaine spoke, Deana, you're a highly sexed woman and you need a lot of fucking.

Elaine held her close and kissed her on the eyes and nose and lips. When she felt the girl was back to normal; she got up. "I'll go and get us a drink," she said, returning quickly with two drinks and two cigarettes. Deana sat up and moved into Elaine's arms and they smoked and sipped their drinks. They sat and kissed, Elaine playing over Deana's body with one hand. Soon Deana felt mellow and...Read On


The Sex Club Ch 3 finale

Jennifer dove into my pussy like a hungry kitten going after a bowl of milk.

The four of us arrived at the hotel, and hurried inside. Once inside the room, Jennifer went over to the refrigerator, and asked if anyone wanted something to drink. Adding she was having bottled water. I kicked my shoes off and sat on the bed next to Roger. We both told her we’d like a beer. Roger spoke up, “I’d like a beer too. After that, I want to watch Jennifer take a long tall drink...Read On


The Sex Club ch 2

Jennifer's kiss made my juices flow like someone turned of a faucet, I thought I'd react that way.

A few days later, I received another email from Roger. In the letter he stated that they were going to the sex club Saturday night, and wanted to know if we’d like to go with them. I ran into the kitchen where Bryan was fixing him a cup of coffee, and quickly informed him about the letter. Bryan asked if I wanted a cup, I nodded yes, and he poured me some. After that we sat down at the...Read On


The Sex Club Ch 1

They went to TSC, a sex club in Nashville, TN where Amanda had her first bi-experience.

My name is Amanda and my husband’s name is Bryan. We are a happily married couple living in mid-western Tennessee. Both of us are fifty and have a very satisfying sex life. However, we have been talking about spicing up our sex-life. We want to try new things and even have sex with others. In our opinion the best way to do that was to join a swinging club online, as well as go to a real club...Read On



The Pleasures of Three; Ch 3. Exhibition in broad daylight.

They enjoyed their threesome so much they couldn't wait to get it on again.

Deana, John and Mathew enjoyed their threesome so much they couldn't wait to get it on again, but it was two months before John could make another visit. Deana and John couldn't get their little rendezvous in the parking lot out of their minds, and she secretly hoped that he would want to repeat it. Sure enough she had the same email in her Inbox at 10:00 that very morning. The only...Read On


A Lazy Day At The Office

She’d show up at his office in a trench coat, wearing sexy lingerie, and nothing else.

Candice had met her new love Marcus at the corporate Christmas party. She was just walking through the room conversing with people when this handsome guy, with thick wavy hair, bold facial features, and a smile bright enough to melt an iceberg walked up to her and introduced himself. “Hello, I’ve not seen you here before; the names Marcus Kindcade, business manager.” Their eyes met, and...Read On



I love to swing, just haven’t found the right man to join me.

My name is Deana. I live right in the middle of corn country; Iowa City, Iowa. I’m sales rep for a major department store, with two cats and a dog named Cuddles. I stand five-five in heels, am a full figured woman, with long red hair, green-eyes, and a zest for life, love, and adventure. I was introduced to swinging six year ago by my now ex-husband and loved every minute of it. Or I did,...Read On


Let's Go For a Drive Ch 2

When I venture outdoors I could wear little or nothing at all, because I'm an exhibitionist.

My friends call me Amanda. I’m fifty-five, and a red-haired sexy BBW. I live in a small apartment on the outskirts of a major metropolis. On the back side of my place is a deck which is secluded away from the main road. During the day, my neighbors are usually gone to work, so I can do just about anything I want. This means when I venture outdoors I chose too, could wear little or nothing at...Read On


Let's Go For A Drive ch 1

He leaned over and suggested, Let's go for a drive in the country.

From the day that we met online, Dave and I hit it off. We talked often, and told each other a lot about ourselves and sex. He was older than me; married and lived in another state, the chance of us meeting seemed impossible, although we often talked about it. I didn’t think anything more about it, until to my surprise, he called me one afternoon. He had some business in a town near mine, and...Read On




“Why not? We are officially on vacation, and I wanted to start spoiling my baby.”

Madeline brushed her long black hair away from her face, as she gazed at her reflection in the mirror. Her round face, button nose, rose colored lips, and sapphire blue eyes were the envy of many women, half her age. At forty-five, she still considered her five foot five, body voluptuous, with all the curves in the right places. She applied just enough make-up to be alluring. Straighten...Read On


Shaved ch 2 Bungalow for two.

“Oooh I did not know you were an exhibitionist honey.”

She leaned into him and whispered, “What’s the first thing you want to do when we get to our cabin darling?” “Fuck you silly!” She blushed, and chirped, “Besides that?” “I’d love to take a long leisurely stroll on the beach with my baby. What do you want to do first?” She looked around, and whispered, “Change into something sexy and skimpy. So when we go for that walk, that way, I can...Read On

First Time(6)


His First Piece Of Ass

She looked at Jonathan, Baby, I’m going to be your first piece of ass.

LeeAnn’s pussy was on fire, she yearned to feel a hard cock sliding into it, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of what she was watching. She must touch felt so good, inflamed by her lust from what she saw. It was her lover, Ray, sucking the cock of the man they just picked up at the local pub. Oh fuck, was the man hard! It was Friday night, around 7:00 p.m., when Ray and...Read On


Magic finale, Touch Of Magic.

Tell me your name stranger...... I cannot, just remeber the touch of Magic.

The suspense of actually meeting you is driving me crazy with desire. Oh god, the thought of your hands, fingers and lips wrapped around my nipples had made them remain hard most of the day. My pussy is yearning to have your cock thrust deep inside it and my panties were so wet I had to change them three times. The accumulation of the emails and the talks about our stranger-to-stranger...Read On


Magic Part 1

He told her, One of my favorites is stranger-to-stranger encounters.

Kandie just finished her profile on an adult date finding service. She decided it was time to add a bit of spice to her life. She sat back and wondered if she added just the right touch of sex appeal. She read the words again, Sexy older woman looking for sexy fun and excitement. Preferences are one on one sex, a bi-curious relationship and a fantasy called stranger-stranger encounter. “I can...Read On


Magic Part 2

As you read, it seems you can hear his incantation and you go under his spell once more.

Kandie sat down at her computer and after logging on noticed an email from Magic. She had taken their erotic emails and turned them into an erotic story, then posted it on an erotic story site. She couldn’t wait to read his reaction to their story. “Hello Kandie,   Hi, I see you posted your story. I hope that it will be as enjoyed being everyone who reads it, as it was obviously fun for...Read On


Magic Part 3 Mesmerized

”Come to me my magical lover...make my desires come true.”

Magic stood in the darkness of his room. His mind was obsessed with a stranger he met through his email. Her name is Kandie; she seemed to walk out of his dream into his life. Oh god, he just had to have her! First, he wanted to drive her desires higher than they had ever been, then when they meet…..the magic would turn into pure ecstasy! He sat down and began writing her another enticing email....Read On


The End Of The World

Good morning sweetheart. The world did end as I know it; I’ve changed.

The newspaper, and other media have been broadcasting: “The End Of The World was coming on December 21, 2012. Now just imagine, the world is going to be destroyed and it’s your last day on Earth. Where would you go, what would you do, how will you spend your last day?" Corporal Joshua Beningham’s tour of duty in Iraq was coming to an end and he would be flying back home to the USA....Read On

Group Sex(12)



He grinned and exclaimed, “Wear you out, Deana that’d be a first!”

My name is Deana, I’m a sixty year old sexy redhead with an insatiable appetite for fun and sex. When I have my sexy fun I am usually accompanied by one of my friends; Clay or Kyle. We often talk about having a threesome plus some hot fun in a Jacuzzi. When a friend of mine named Denise, who manages a posh hotel in Nashville, told us they had a weekend special going on, I couldn’t pass up...Read On


Hawaiian Ala Cunt, ch 3 Balcony

The mere thought of the two men taking care of her, and each other was more than she could stand.

That evening after they dined at one of Hawaii’s five star restaurants. Afterwards, they returned to Todd’s room for a night-cap. Todd unlocked the door, and Mark and Kandy followed him into the room. Todd walked over to the small refrigerator to get out some wine, and chilled glasses. Before he could get it, Mark tapped his shoulder and whispered, "Forget the wine, let's you and I have...Read On


Hawaiian ala cunt, ch 2 Flight to Paradise

“Just think, while we are here in Hawaii you two can share me.

Kandy glanced at the calendar and circled in bright red marker was that coming Tuesday, the day of their trip to paradise. It's just five days away, and she had everything packed and ready. The two of them could hardly wait. Every night they would talk about what might happen and ended up fucking like two love struck teenagers. That Friday Todd called and told her there were no changes in...Read On



“Maybe the three of us can meet this weekend for drinks, and a practice run?”

That Friday night, Todd was sitting at The Green Dragon, in Boston Ma. He was enjoying a few beers with his friends, Kandy and Mark. They were talking about some of their hottest sexual encounters. Todd took a few chugs of beer and said, “I can remember the times when I’ve fucked five women out in the open while others watched. Some of them, I was married to, others, were married to...Read On


A Woman's Touch Ch 2

Her sultry voice echoed clear to my clit making it throb.

As I got my small bag out of the back seat, Joshua unlocked the door. Then we two women entered and he got the stuff from their truck and followed. The room was spacious but only had one big bed, which surprised her. Before she could say anything Samantha spoke up, “Why the surprised look honey, you’re not having second thoughts are you?” I blushed, and replied, “Hell no, just wondering...Read On


A Woman's Touch Ch 1

There is something about the way that a woman touched me that excites me.

For a very long time now, the thought of having sex with another woman, has always been a turn on. There is something about the way that a woman touched me that excites me. Not that I don’t like men, because I love the feeling of a nice, hard, hot, cock in my mouth, pussy and ass, that totally satisfies me sexually. My favorite thing to do is have a FMF, where the women don't only have sex,...Read On


A Christmas to Remember

“Burr, I do not want to see any more damn snow, I am not a fucking snow bunny!

Kandy hated wintertime, along with its ice, snow and frigid temperatures. Here it was the middle of December, the temperature had dropped to ten degrees and there was four inches of snow on the ground. It had taken her 2 hours to drive ten miles. She cursed as she parked the car, checked the mailbox and walked toward the house with the snow biting here ankles. All she could think about was...Read On


A Night Worth Remembering, Finale

She then surprised the men, by leaning down and licking John’s cum off Erin’s breasts.

The next morning while John and Kandy were sitting at the breakfast table, she touched his arm and said, “I have a confession to make.” John took a drink of his coffee and said, “You do, what kind of confession?” Kandy swallowed hard, and answered, “Do you remember how reluctant I was to the idea of swinging?” “Oh yes, I thought you would kick my ass, and make me sleep on the sofa forever....Read On


A Night Worth Remembering Ch 2

We can have sort of a show and tell, question and answer session, for you about sex.”

It was a lazy Saturday, John and Kandy were sitting in the back yard relaxing. Their neighbor, Jeff was doing some yard work, and had just come over to the fence. “Howdy neighbor.” John replied, “Well hello, looks like your busy today.” Jeff admitted, “Oh not really, I am trying to look busy to keep from going shopping with Erin. God I hate to go to the mall with her.” Kandy spoke up,...Read On


A Night Worth Remembering Ch 1

An innocent back yard barbecue can turn into something the four of them least expected.

John and Kandy became friends with their neighbors Jeff and Erin shortly after they moved to the quaint Midwestern town. John and Kandy have a great sex life. They are not interested in wife swapping or swinging. Jeff and Erin are more reserved and are not into swinging. This is their story of how an innocent back yard barbecue can turn into something the four of them least expected. John...Read On



There will be no suits worn today, its skinny dipping time.

I’ve been a swinger for over four years now. Most of the experiences my husband and I had were very hot. We’ve done one on one, MFM, FMF, two couples, and only had one bad encounter. All of them will not be enjoyable. When hubby was still here, we played together, never apart, even going to TSC, which is The Social Club, a sex club in Nashville , TN. Of course those of you that are my...Read On


Our First Threesome

We have a great sex life and want to spice things up a bit.

Swinging or partner swapping is a the lifestyle in which both partners in a committed relationship agree, as a couple, for both partners to engage in sexual activities with other couples as a recreational or social activity Swinging can take place in a number of contexts, ranging from a spontaneous sexual activity at an informal social gathering of friends at a swingers' club, an...Read On



Double The Trouble..Double The Fun!

For those who don't know me, I really am a twin. My sister and I had a lot of sexy fun together.

Casey was born in the fifties, twenty minutes later her twin sister Tracey was born. Both had strawberry-blonde hair, blue-green eyes, but Tracey was the chubbier one. As the years went by, they were inseparable. They’re now in their 50’s, both single, after a failed marriage, and the two, have decided to date, play, and fuck together. After all, each one knew what turned the other on, and a...Read On

Love Poems(20)


My Soul Mate

Dedicated to my soul mate Dwarf63 (Mark.)

How do I go through the day without you here? I don't ... I can see your face all around me, everywhere. I feel... You kiss caressing as a soft breeze, sweet as wine. I think... Never lonely now, I can’t believe you are truly mine. I desire... To surrender to you, body, soul, and mind, forever. I want... You committed to me yesterday, today, tomorrow. I need... Passion, understanding,...Read On


I Love You

I love you darling and my whole being wants to be in your arms.

Your love encountered a wall that I had built around my heart. You slowly took one brick at a time down until your love fill me. I saw your love was true and love blossomed inside my heart. I trusted you and realized I love you just as much as you do me. Even though the miles separate us what is in our hearts is real. For me it is the first time that the love is unconditional and pure....Read On


Make Me Whole

Dedicated to Dwarf63 May my love, make you whole.

Honey, do you really know what you do to me. How I yearn to feel your body next to me. Our kiss lingers, your fingers caressing me. Our souls unite as love engulfs you and me. When I make love to you for the first time. Breathing in your essence envelops my senses. We kiss, taste, and touch for the first time. The waves of ecstasy ignite our sensations. You roll my nipples and then knead...Read On


My Love

Do you feel my heart, touching yours, entangling it with a bond, stronger than steel?

Hold me close when I am sad, and dry my tears. Wrap your arms around me, and comfort my fears Kiss me softly when I need love, your heart share. If I am sick, be there for me, and show me you care. When I am lonely, hold me with your loving heart? Show me things will never change even when apart. When I am worried, baby will you give me some hope? When I am bewildered, will you help me...Read On



What life's storm destroys, can and will be renewed.

Storm consumed Love vanished. Spirit destroyed Hopes crushed Dreams shattered Desires Abandoned Heart wounded Emotions perplexed Friends comforted Support offered Refuge advocated Strength restored Dreams created Desires restored Heart mended Emotions repaired Storm stopped Love thrived Spirit sustained Hopes...Read On


A New Beginning

She let go of all the hurt, and then opened her heart to love again.

The first thing I'll do is pull you close and kiss you that day. As you look into my eyes, and tell me what you want to say. Your words of affection, from the heart, fall upon my ears. Whispered softly, knowing it’s just what I’ve long to hear. Our lips touch, while your fingers gently caressed my skin. You ignite a small flickering flame of passion deep within. You pulled me close; your...Read On


How Do I

How do I let go of my past, start over, and learn to love and trust again?

How do I; love you without the insecurities and hurts from the past clouding my actions. How do I; stop comparing you to him? You love me totally and are a better man. How do I; believe what you say, do and speak, when my mind questions your actions. How do I; stop second-guessing everything I do, even my love for this man How do I; when I realize completely that you did nothing to hurt...Read On


My Beloved

I have always believed in love, and he knows it too, because.......

I love you so much! Just writing that small phrase puts such a smile on my face... NO, you put a smile on my face. I love you because of your sweetness, your kindness, your tenderness and, of course, most of all, your thoughtfulness. I love you because are you are my a true and loving friend. You smile at my silly jokes and enjoy my spirit. I love you because I have a longing to be close...Read On


Let Your Green-Eyed Angel Free

Sometimes, love is not meant to be.........

How many tears will it take for this heart of mine to realize our love will never be? How many lonely nights will I have before I realize we will never be together anymore? How can I stop remembering your touch when I still feel your spirit all around me? How come I crying out your name and say I love you when you do not hear me anymore? How can I move onto tomorrow when I reminiscence...Read On


The Power of Your Love

DEDICATED TO LOVERS is powerful, passionate, and pure ecstasy!!!

My pain went deep, breaking my spirit and made me feel useless and lonely. Was I doomed to life without love never to trust or love another man again? Oh how I miss that feeling of closeness and that rush of passion and ecstasy. Yet you lifted my spirit, won my heart and made me believe in love again. When I looked into your face, your smile lit up every corner of the room. I could not...Read On



When will the dream come true.

Tonight, when you lay down to sleep I hope you dream about me. Now, close your eyes my darling, relax your body, mind and soul. Go to a place where lovers meet, then look around, can you see me. I always dream of you, going to that place where only two can go. I’m there darling, looking for you, longing for this dream to be real. I reach out to you, as our fingers touch, I can...Read On


Pleasure Me

This morning it's all about your pleasure. Making you feel good is my delight.

My fingers slowly caress you...touching your skin...your cheek...your neck. I look into your eyes...I see the smile in them...the light...the love. Your lips draw soft and tender. I finger your beautiful. I touch your breast...softly...gently...your nipple hardens. I hear the intake of your breath...your arousal begins to build. My fingers move...Read On


Tears of His Angel

If our love is meant to be?

His Angel spoke softly as a lonely tear trickled down her cheek. “Oh my darling, I miss you, my arms ache wanting to hold you!” His Angel wiped away another tear then blew him a lover’s kiss “My lips beg to kiss you and light then fire of love I have for you.” His Angel bowed her head she wanted him lying next to her. “My heart yearns for you it rhythmic beating saying I love you. ‘ His...Read On


Spirit Lover

It’s four a.m. the feel of your soft caress down my back awakens me. I turn over to say I love you and kiss you and no one is beside me. I close my eyes wondering if I was dreaming when I felt your touch. I feel you presence as you arms pull me closer and our lips touch. The intensity of your kiss make my body tremble clear to my soul. I hear our hearts beat in unison as your spirit...Read On


Shattered Hearts and Broken Wings

Many things can go wrong in a marraige and when it does two hearts are broken.......

She looked at the pieces of her broken heart,  scattered across the ground. To her, love would always be forever, until the end of time and beyond.   Oh, what did he do when she surrendered, all and gave him her heart? He took all and left her with nothing, and now she felt unable to carry on. She was his angel, until he mistreated her, and broke her wings this time. Oh, how could he rip...Read On


The Cowboy and the Lady

Will the rugged, but tender hearted cowboy, make love to the lady?

The lady dressed in lace and linen spotted the cowboy. He had just ridden up to a hitching post that was near her. Eying his tall, lanky frame, she wondered about the cowboy. Was he as rough and calloused like the people often told her? She didn’t realize that she was staring until his eye met hers. Their piercing blue color made her quiver from head to toe. Blushing, quickly looking away,...Read On


The Wings of an Eagle

How can I tell you that all I want and need in my life right now is you, when I just met you! Baby, I can still taste you on my lips, feel your sexy touch and caress you with my heart. I feel like I am lying right there beside you snuggling with my arms tightly holding you. My head upon your chest and I hear the loneliness in the rhythmic beating of your heart. I wipe the tears from...Read On


How Many Tears Will It Take

Fate had dealt us a loosing hand, will love find me bet!

I thought our love would be infinite past the end of time. I loved you with my whole being and that wasn’t enough. We tried and said; maybe we could do more next time. However, fate dealt us a loosing hand and it was rough. I ask myself how may tears will it take before I forget. Your tender kiss and the way we made love to each other. I see your face in everything I do; it’s so hard to...Read On



If in you dream you feel like the wind brushing against your skin; It was me caressing you. If you feel some one's arms around you and no one is there; It was me holding you. If you feel a caress and taste sweet nectar on your lips; It was me kissing you. If you feel a gentle sensation pulling softly at your heart strings; It was me...Read On


Touch Me

Feel my love for you in my passionate kiss

Softly caress me as you touch me through the warmth of your kiss. Linger for a moment, feel my love for you in my passionate kiss. Hold me like there is no tomorrow, this moment suspended in time. Listen to your heart its rhythmic beating in unison with mine. When our eyes met I see a sparkle, reflecting your love for me. Kiss the tears of joy from my eyes as I whisper; "Just...Read On

Love Stories(12)


Mon chéri-My Darling

If only it had not ended so soon...Mathieu', je t'aime Mon chéri

My name is Melinda; I’m 55, divorced and live by myself near Nashville Tennessee. I have long Auburn hair, seductive green eyes, and a full figured body, I don’t go out in the real world to find someone to date, nor do I go online. Mainly because most of the people online are phony; I can never tell whether I am talking to a man or woman. However, my poor heart had been shattered so many...Read On


He Belongs To Me Now, Ch 2 Pixie Dust

Our love speaks without words, he belongs to me now. Will things go from dream to reality?

Things have actually progressed towards the better. Not only has her life mirrored the one in her dream, Marcus has moved in with Deana.   She stepped out of the tub, wrapped a towel around her torso, and one around her hair. She closed the door for a moment. The full length mirror attached to the back of the door and the one above the sink were foggy from the steam. She started drying her...Read On


He Belongs to Me Now

Our love speaks without words, he belongs to me now.

When I dream, I go places and do things, without all the humbug of daily life and without my physical limitations. The setting can be anything from a hot-tub, an igloo in Alaska, or a bungalow in Tahiti. I can have with me as many people as I want; however, it is usually me, a boyfriend, plus another person, man or woman. What I like best about it is the fact it offers me the kind of privacy...Read On


A Christmas Wish

“If we hit it off honey, how would you like to be my desert?”

The past year had been hectic and full of many disappointments for Marian. The man she thought she would spend forever with her suddenly becomes distant, withdrawn, and uncaring. He spent long days at work, was always busy during his time off and never seemed to care if she was even living in the same house. She believed nothing could help her disastrous marriage. The marriage was slowing...Read On


Dear ex-hubby

I am aware that you don’t really want us to get back together.

"As you may or may not know I am about to be divorced. This is a way I thought of getting back at hubby.........hell no we are not getting back together. LOL!" Dear ex-hubby, I hate it here, living with my sister. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad she offered me a place to stay, but she is just too nosy and bossy. All she does is lecture me oh how you were so wrong for me, pointing out every...Read On


Cowboy Ch 2

I awoke feeling his lips kissing my pussy. “Mmm, this is why I love this cowboy!”

I don’t know what attracted me to ‘cowboy’? Maybe because he was a straight shooting to the point person, with a gentle manner, plus the fact he actually dressed and acted like a cowboy. After our first sexual encounter, we talked by phone many times, about everything from the wild-west, sexual experiences, and fantasies. I felt comfortable with him, and when our conversation took on an...Read On



The train took one back in time to the old west, through the Black Hills of South Dakota.

I was visiting my sick aunt in Rapid City, SD. I was there a week, when one night at the supper table she suggested I drive down to Keystone, after all she wasn’t ill enough for me to be twenty-four-seven. She handed me a brochure and said, “It’s a trip back in time, on an authentic 1880 train, check it out, I know you’ll enjoy it. The train took one back in time to the old west, through...Read On


His Angel Ch 5 Finale

His Angel had loved once more and now she needed to let her blue-eyed devil go.

Amanda looked at the clock by the bed and it read 5am. She decided to get up, there was no use trying to sleep when she was this troubled. No matter what she said or did lately, things between her and Douglas, just did not turn out the way she had dreamed they would. She was way past the point of being upset, she was now angry. She was mad, for letting herself fall in love again. When she...Read On


His Angel ch 4

His Angel knew that destiny will decide if their love is meant to be it will be!

The following months would test Amanda's love for Douglas to the limits. She would soon find out how hard it would be to handle the long weeks of separation. It was July and he was on the phone telling her he was on his way to California. He most likely will be gone four weeks this time. He knew it would upset her, because so far they have not been apart for more than three weeks at a time. ...Read On


His Angel Ch 3

She needed to hear his voice, not because it was sexy, but because it calmed her tattered spirit.

The time is 11 p m. Amanda is talking to Douglas by phone. His calls to her were beginning to be a regular occurrence. At the same time every night, he would call and they would talk for hours. She needed to hear his voice, not because it was sexy, but because it calmed her tattered spirit. No matter how bad things were, Douglas always made her feel special. "I love you Douglas!" The words...Read On


His Angel Ch 2

She knew she was once again happy and on the verge of a new romance.

Amanda curled up again in Douglas's arms. She wanted to push the world away and began to cry once more. He raised her chin, kissed her softly on the lips. "Honey, you, and I both know there is Bryan to consider. You two have five years together and there is something between you, or you would not of been together this long. You need to talk to him, seriously now, you owe him that much." ...Read On


His Angel Ch 1

To him, she was an angel—no—His Angel more precious, then priceless gemstones or the purest gold.

Douglas pulled off the main highway and found a cozy place to park his eighteen-wheeler. It had been another long boring day, and he was not ready to turn in and say goodnight yet. After getting every thing ready, he sat at his computer and logged on, checked his e-mail, then went surfing. Douglas is around the age of 50. He works as a truck driver. He doesn't have a happy marriage, nor,...Read On



Dave and Sugar Ch 3

A sexy phone call is a good way for two horny people to get off, especially if they are apart.

A sexy phone call is one way Dave and I satisfied our primal needs, since he lived a long distance from me. Right now, he’s in another state on business. On this particular night, he called me, and this is how we satisfied our hunger for each other. Its 9:40pm at night and I am lying on my bed reading a magazine. The phone rings and for a brief moment I wonder who would be calling me...Read On


Dave and Sugar Ch 2

Now shove it in harder and rub your clit, I want you hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July

I’ve only known Dave for about a month. Every day he calls me to talk about everything from cooking to sex. His Cajun accent fuels many of my masturbation fantasies. On this particular night, I was already turned on, and excited and was about to reach for my toy when the phone rang around midnight. “Hello.” “Hi what are you doing right now?” Oh my God he has such a deep, wonderful voice. I...Read On


Dave and Sugar ch 1

A man with a sex Cajun accent spoke. “Hello Kandy, this is Dave, how are you doing baby?”

That morning, I couldn’t stand to be in that lonely, empty, bed anymore. With hubby gone, I had no reason to stay in bed, if you know what I mean. I consider myself a very sexual person, and I’m always horny. However, I did not feel like playing alone this time. I got up, didn’t bother to change, went into the den, and logged onto my computer. I decided to answer a few emails, to let my...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


His Touch

She smiled and replied, “Thanks heavens, but I did bruise my dignity.”

Deana was injured by a drunk driver, but not to the point where she was in a wheel chair or bedridden. There were some things around the house she could still do. Like change a light bulb, even if it required the small step ladder. She didn’t know why it happened, but she fell. She changed that light bulb numerous times before without incident. However this time when she went to climb down...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Midnight Special

“Because Nurse Candice you said you would visit me at midnight and give me something special!

Nurse Candice is beautiful, playful, sensitive and sensual. She is forty-five divorced and loves to play the field. Being single gives her the opportunity to do just about anything and she makes certain she gets a good fucking now and then. She works for a small community hospital on the day shift. About a month ago, she began to hate it, especially on days there were just too many nurses...Read On

Straight Sex(28)


Massage Marcus Style Ch 2

“Oooh, this will be fun.” My clit and nipples hardened, as if to agree.

I reached over to the bedside table, and turned the CD player on. My favorite, sensual romantic music began playing. We kissed long and hard, and before Marcus could reply, I spoke. “I know, I’ll give you a massage!” His eyes lit up and he asked, “Are you sure, you were hurting quite a bit earlier?” I batted my seductive green eyes, and purred, “That was earlier. I told you I’m ready for...Read On


Massage Marcus Style ch 1

What pain, Darling? I forgot where I was hurting.

I lay there next to you, my pain so bad, I was in tears. You kissed me gently, and whispered, "Oh, my sweet darling, I wish I could take your pain away." "Me too, I'm so tired of hurting," I sniffed. "I have an idea. Here, let me help you take your clothes off. That's it, now hang on, let me put the protective cover under you. I don't want the bed wet," he paused, “with oil." "Oh, Honey,...Read On


Snow Angel

On that wintery day, the warmth of her body fed his desires.

Natasha and Randy have a retirement getaway deep in the secluded woods of Tennessee. They love the view from their picture window of the small lake in front of their cabin. The sight of the rolling mountains, tall pines, along with the rustling sounds of the forest, makes communing with nature in the buff very hot, sexy, and inviting. On this winter’s day they were out playing in the...Read On


The Pleasures of Three; CH 2 Bisexual threesome

John was just as anxious as they were, about wanting more of the pleasures of three! once more.

Over the past few months, Deana, Mathew and John had been talking about doing a threesome. It was the kind she’d always fantasized about; two Bi males and her, it fueled many a masturbation session. In his last email John told her, he would be near their place in a couple of weeks. He confessed that he was just as anxious as they were, about wanting to experience the pleasures of three...Read On


The Pleasures of Three

Hi beautiful. God I never thought I’d be seeing you like this.”

John is a long time friend who I used to swing with, when still married to the ex. He is older than me, has salt and pepper hair with a beard and mustache to match. His favorite features are his blue eyes which attract me like a moth to a flame. His body has just enough padding to make him look sexy. Mathew is my boyfriend from the New York. He is in the process of moving here. He should...Read On


The Lady In Red

Raymond closed his eye, and envisioned his favorite fantasy woman; The Lady In Red.

Raymond was lying on the bed slowly sliding his fingers up and down his cock, pretending once more that his fantasy woman was doing it. Since his breakup with Sue, he has not fucked anything real for over two weeks. Suddenly, he stopped, and yelled, “Damn it; I cannot take this anymore, I need a real pussy!” He needed to feel his cock sliding in and out of a sweet, wet, pussy. He thought...Read On


Preacher-man Ch 5, Mother-daughter-threesome!

He could not believe, how aroused, and uninhibited her mother was.

“Oh me too. Cindy, I wonder if the Reverend’s father is still living and single?” She rolled her eyes; “Here we go again, my mother the match maker.” Cindy took pride in her appearance. Her five, foot-five 40D, 34, 44 stats would make any man drool. Her greatest features are her long red hair, button nose, ruby-red lips, and captivating emerald-green eyes. She also has a voracious appetite...Read On



“Don’t worry honey, I am not too old to, cut the mustard.”

Roger a fifty-four years old widower lives in the southern part of the USA. He stood about five-foot five, has average weight, black hair, brown eyes, and a muscular build. He doesn’t consider himself handsome, or someone women would find attractive. So he doesn’t have an interested in looking for someone, or dating. He spends his week like the average man, working, taking care of his home...Read On


Preacher-man Ch 4; The Devil has Blue Eyes!

This blue-eyed devil pulled at her like a moth to a flame.

“Doll, that won’t be hard to do, because I have fallen head over heels in love with you. You are my angel in disguise.” He guided her over to the futon, and unfolded it. The two of them climbed onto it, curled up in each others arms and then talked most of the night. It was kind of weird as no man had ever just talked to Cindy before. They all couldn’t wait to get into her panties. ...Read On


Preacher-man Ch 3 Angel in Disguise

“Well there is more. I saw you with my mother, and it really hurt, because, I think I love you!”

Cindy returned this kiss and in her mind stated. “Wonder what mother would do if she could see me now?” When the kiss broke she winked and asked, “What are we going to do tonight in our little prayer meeting?” He pulled her close, nuzzled her ear and whispered, “Anything you want Lil-darling.” Cindy couldn’t help but snicker and reply, “Oh we could kneel, and ask for his help to guide us.”...Read On


Preacher-man ch 2, The Prayer Meeting.

Her mother blurted out, Have you decided to join our congregation?

Cindy smiled and asked, “Oooh good idea, when is our next prayer meeting?” The preacher looked at her and suggested, “Meet me here, 8pm Monday.” Cindy said goodbye and told him she would take a cab home. She didn’t tell him she had many things on her mind to think about. One thing she did not want to do was see her mother, JoAnne at this time. All the way home Cindy wondered how her...Read On



“Oh god, how can a preacher be that sexy, handsome, and single?”

Cindy shifted uncomfortably in the pew trying to keep her mind on the fact she was sitting in church. How on earth her mother talked her into going, she’d never know. Maybe it was because she was tired of her mother’s nagging, and decided one Sunday would not hurt. Leave it to her mother the matchmaker to tell her all the details of the new preacher, who was single, as if she was interested...Read On


Little Beach Ch 2

My name is Scotty and I decided to take my vThanks for making my stay in Hawaii, enchanted, Scotty

My name is Scotty and I decided to take my vacation this year in Maui, Hawaii. I am a nudist and my friends told me about a great nude beach here on the islands called Little Beach. He pulled his car into the parking lot, his skin trembled with lust. He got his stuff out, locked the vehicle and headed toward the entrance to the nude beach. After paying the attendant, he received a key...Read On


Little Beach ch 1

Little Beach where one can enjoy the sun and friendship of the other nudist”.

My name is Genevieve, but you can call me Ginny. I’m fifty-seven years old and live in a small town in Ohio. Right now, I am going through some real rough times right now, most of it is due to the removal of my left breast, due to breast cancer. Everything is healed, and I have a clean bill of health now. However, the depression that goes with is bad enough, but I had to deal with one...Read On


My Christmas Treat

After all Christmas is a week away and the fun has just begun!”

It was the middle of December and I was on the phone with my new girlfriend, Kandy. She is a nurse and we met while I was in the hospital and we have since become friends and lovers. She has been at home recuperating from a cold. I continued the conversation on the phone and said, “You know Kandy, I can just see you under my Christmas tree, with only a purple bow tied around your...Read On


Christmas Angel Ch 2

Jack, “Why do you call me your Christmas Angel?

As she lay there in Jack’s arms, Melinda began to think over the things that happened over the past two years. All of a sudden all the emotions she thought she had dealt with came to the surface, and tears welled up in her eyes. Not once did anyone make her feel wanted or special, so why, was this stranger, calling her his Christmas Angel? She looked up into his blue eyes and asked, “Why do...Read On


Christmas Angel

My pretty Christmas Angel, how's about I take the time to bend that halo of yours?”

Melinda and her husband Mike used to go all out at Christmas time, decorating every inch of the house, inside and out. It was her favorite holiday. One of the traditions Melinda brought from her childhood was the family setting up the tree the first Sunday of December. Nowadays it was not just their kids, but grandkids as well. The sounds of children giggling, a serenade of Christmas...Read On


Island Holiday For Two Ch 3

Marcus and Amanda discovered there was still unbelievable strength in the ‘power of love.’

Amanda could not believe she just told Marcus she wanted him forever. However the more she thought about it the more she wanted it; he was all she wanted in a man. She wondered if she was to direct, after all he was just coming out of a divorce too. She threw caution to the wind and blurted out. “Oh Marcus, I love you, I have since the first day we met.” As they finished the first round...Read On


Island Holiday for Two Ch 2

Marcus told Amanda, Lie on your back, its time I gave you my royal treatment.”

In the cool of the evening they decided to go for a stroll on the beach. Amanda told Marcus that she needed to change out of my short outfit into something more comfortable. “Ok doll. The maid has everything I requested in a picnic basket all I have to do is get the lantern after all I need to see what I am doing. I bought your favorite wine too, because we celebrating your new beginning.” ...Read On


Island Holiday For Two Ch 1

Why was Marcus sending me a plane ticket in the middle of winter?

There are nights like tonight, when I feel so hurt and alone that I cannot sleep. The bed I once shared with my husband, now has one occupant, me. He left me eight months ago, and I am glad. I do not need him or any man to keep me going. I awoke to the sound of birds singing, and the sun shining thru my curtains. I stretched, yawned, and looked at the clock. It read ten am. I got up, looked...Read On


Naughty Nurse Ch 5

Was it better than a man? Mmm, yeah, she said, knowing what Elaine wanted to hear.

Deana spent the weekend listening to her mother drone on about one dull thing after another. Half-listening, actually, since her thoughts were on her exciting fuck with the young intern, Cliff. ‘You're nothing but a pious pile of shit, Mother,’ she thought, after a particularly drawn out tirade against the morals of the younger generation. She smiled broadly. "What so funny?" her mother...Read On


Naught Nurse Ch 4

Deana gave a little squeal and whispered, Cliff, there's a woman in the bed.

When Deana arrived at work the next evening, she was a wiser young woman. She now knew that her Wednesdays with Barry had been kid stuff, almost like children playing house with no idea of what they were really doing. She felt a certain amount of guilt for having cheated on Barry. She also had some shame for fucking a man she didn't know, but the feelings were less than they had been the...Read On


Naughty Nurse Ch 3

Yeah, yeah, fuck me, he gasped. Oh, Jesus, you’re one hot-assed nurse!

All day on Wednesday, Deana fussed about; nervous and tense. She was missing her weekly fuck and felt sorely deprived. She went to work irritable and cranky and by midnight was totally bored. Lazy Edna was sound asleep at the nurse's station, all the aids had disappeared, and the quiet was deafening. Deana walked down the dim hall and peeked into the rooms to make sure all was well. Then...Read On


Naughty Nurse Ch 2

If she was found out she would be fired, and could never jerk him off again.

Deana worked the shift with one of two other nurses; Ruth and Elaine. Ruth and she became friends quickly. Deana always enjoyed her shift when it was with Ruth, because she was so honest and so openly sexy. She was just the way Deana wanted to be. She liked the other staff nurse Elaine, too, but she was a little harder to get to know, and a little stuck-up. In addition Elaine was married. ...Read On


Naughty Nurse Ch 1

Her mother would drop dead if she knew Deana brought pleasure and relief to the male patients.

Deana Sparrow was a nurse in a small mid-western hospital. When she went to work that day, she discovered there was a shortage of aides, so she volunteered to do some of the patient’s bed-baths. After gathering some fresh towels and linens, she walked down the hall to her first patient, an older man recovering from a car wreck. His name was Jack Powell, a tall muscular man; age sixty-five,...Read On


Sensual Massage Ch 2

John was sitting in his recliner watching his wife Kandy, sitting on the sofa with her long legs curled under her. How could he be so lucky to have a woman like her love him? Especially when he missed many special dates, and spent way too many nights late at the office, she found ways to rekindle their love. Like last night when she gave him that marvelous massage. His cock stirred in his...Read On


Sensual Massage

A sensual massage is long, slow and erotic, it involves nudity and intimate touching.

Kandy knew that her John husband worked long hours, and didn’t like to take a break until everything he had planned to do was done. Most of the time, when the two sat down to supper, he was grumpy, and complaining of achy bones all through the meal. In addition to that, he was too tired to make love. Well tonight she planned to fix that, with a sensual, sexy, massage. A back rub is one...Read On


The Cabin

Now here I was up at my cabin to get away from people and I was coming on to a total stranger.

My name is Amanda. When I am all stressed out I love to go to my cabin hideaway. The cabin itself was a suitable rustic one bedroom model. It is the perfect place for me to unwind and commune with nature. Early Friday morning I packed a small bag so after work all I had to do was drive to the cabin. I almost fainted when I got off work promptly at five pm, because usually the boss kept my...Read On




After the stroke of midnight you might just see a leprechaun.”

Deana and Mark have planned for a three week trip to Ireland for the past three years. It was the home of her ancestors. This year, their dreams would come true; they have booked the tour through Magical Escapes. On the fifth of March they’d fly to Dublin, see the sites, look up distant relatives, and immerse themselves in Irish culture. She could hardly contain her excitement as they...Read On


The Grand Halloween Ball Finale, “The Coronation.”

She spread her legs as wide as they would go, and growled, “Fuck me! Make me your bitch!”

Prince Wolfgang lead Candice into a golden colored room where there were no doors or windows. A lush green carpet accented the colored walls that resembled pure gold. In the middle of the room was a large bed and two throne chairs. On each chair was a magnificent crown laden with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. The Prince turned to her and said, “ I can only be crowned King after...Read On


The Grand Halloween Ball Ch 2

“I give you Candice, future Queen of Darkness.”

Candice went to work as usual and did the normal things she did when she got home. She still had no reflection in mirrors, but she was starting to adjust to her new life. She soon discovered her senses were more acute and her sexuality heightened. She could smell a wet pussy or hot cock a mile away; this part of her new life she loved. Ever since her tryst in the woods she started going to...Read On


The Grand Halloween Ball

Candice screamed, “Where the hell is my reflection?”

Her name is Natasha; she runs a small costume store on the outskirts of Nashville. She looked to be about fifty years old, and it was a known fact around this part of the country that no man has been able to “tame” her. Her long red hair and a full figured body was alluring and the envy of many men and women. However, it was her seductive green eyes that set her sexy figure off, they seem to...Read On



Baby-girl Daddy Ch 2

My name is Raymond. My best friend Amanda and I love to role play. I sat staring at my computer, trying to drum up something clever to put in my reply to her. Her last email made me so fucking hot and left my fingers so shaky, I could hardly type. In my mind, I envisioned us actually meeting her for real. I’d place his arms around her, pull her close, and kiss her passionately. I could...Read On


The Surprise Visit

If I had enough money, I’d forget him by visiting one of my male friends for a hot, wild, sexy adven

I sat in my recliner and tried to figure out what had happen to me these past five weeks. The love of my life, best friend, and husband of five years just up and left, no real reason, warning signs, and not one thing that could point to why. However, today I’m bound and determined, that I’d find a way to stop crying over that bastard, because he isn’t worth it. As I look back over things...Read On