Quickie Sex(1)


People watching

A gentle way to enjoy the summer

The evening was hot and humid so I made my way down to the local bar, ordered an ice cold lager and sat outside to enjoy what breeze I could feel. I love to sit and people watch, trying to guess the passers-by occupations as they hurry by. The first passed my chair was a middle aged man, hair receding wearing a blue polo shirt, black jeans, large mirrored sunglasses and walking a poodle....Read On

Straight Sex(1)


An illicit meeting

Lust in a hotel room

We meet at a hotel around midday, we enter the room and as soon as the door is closed I push you up against it and we start to kiss. As we are kissing you slowly start to take my clothes off. I am wearing a suit so you carefully take my jacket off and lay it over the chair. You undo my tie and then unbutton my shirt and you caress your chest with your hands and then start to kiss it. ...Read On