Karren Gets Fucked and Sucked

Sex is abundent in this story

Adventure in Nylon 3 Part 1 Karren gets Fucked and Sucked He was all dressed up in his finest outfit. Starting with the prettiest white lace panties he owned. A white lace teddy with attached garters, a built in under wire bra that was filled with breast shaped silicone pads to look and feel like the real thing. He covered these with a silky smooth full white nylon slip. His shaved legs...Read On


Karren Gets Sucked and Fucked Part 2

It gets hotter for Karren, Nancy and Kevin

Karren followed Kevin to his home in her own car so if she had to leave she could do so at her leisure. Karren wondered what Kevin's wife looked like, would she like the idea of a man dressed like a woman making love to her? Would she like sharing Kevin's cock with another man dressed as a woman? She hoped everything would turn out for the best.  Her thoughts were arousing her cock; she...Read On

Love Poems(4)


A Cross Dressers Lament

Just a cute poem I wrote for fun

I like panties, A Cross dresser’s Lament I like panties, I like slips, I love nylon on my dick. It feels good and is great fun, wearing my panties helps me cum. I wear a slip, a bra, and nylons too; add a pretty dress and I’ll cum for you. Don’t judge, just give it a whirl, because I have fun as a CD girl. CD girls are really great, invite one out on a serious date. We make...Read On


Karren Loves Bobbie

My Ode to another CD.

As we lie here together in our panties and slips  Our tongues darting in and out of each other's lips As we lovingly gaze into each other's eyes Our hands are exploring each other’s thighs The nylon is smooth and soft to the touch The feeling of our love is ever so much Our fingers slid over each other’s love mound Our passionate moans are the only sounds As our love...Read On


Ode to Beth

I want her and her Husband as Karren.

Ode to Her Oh my dearest, sweet, Beth Anne baby I just want to make you sexually happy I love the way you swing you ass Every time my room you do slowly pass The clothes you wear are beyond compare I can not help but to sit and stare As I watch you walk my cock does rise I wish my lips were between you thighs I want to pull down your panties and eat you cunt I...Read On


Ode to Terry

Working with her was really tough, she was married and so was I.

Terry, Terry, Oh My sweet Terry, In your pussy so warm and furry, It’s my face I’d like to bury, My God I’m in such a hurry, But darling please do not fret, I’ll always get you good and wet, I’ll lick you slow and very gentle, I’d love to put you on my mantel, Your luscious thighs would be my table, Your pussy will be my diet staple, My tongue would softly...Read On