Changing Room

A sequel to Training, our runner is found showering in the changing room by her coach

The hot water cascaded over her aching, trembling body. It sounded so loud as it splashed onto the concrete floor of the empty changing rooms, echoing around the stark brick interior. She turned the tap, making the water pound her body with more force. Turning to the wall she pressed her hands to the cracked white tiles allowing the water to massage her back as she stretched out her calves....Read On


Every Last Drop

She has been waiting for this day, the day she gets to taste his piss

She got up from her hands and knees. Her bathroom was pristine; scrubbed and cleaned to perfection like the rest of her flat. Putting the cleaning things away in the hall cupboard she wandered through to her living room. This was her favourite room - the large comfortable sofa and armchair with matching cushions, neatly stacked bookshelves and the beautiful cream carpet all complimented her...Read On



A student learns new ways to please her running coach

She was running hard - her aertex shirt clinging to her wet flesh, rain and sweat mingling and pouring down her face, her chest, between her breasts and down her belly. The short gym skirt flapping as her thighs pounded against the slippery ground was leaving red marks on the vulnerable skin. Mud splashed on her calves, forming dark marks against the cold pink. She looked up as she ran...Read On



Barely Legal

Love crosses the legal divide on a far off planet

The door crashed open. She ducked, shielding her eyes from the stinging dust blown in by the howling wind. Daring to glance up, she looked through the flying debris trying to make out who had ventured through a duststorm to a downtown gem store. She cursed inwardly as she made out the unmistakeable silhouette. Tall and wearing that ridiculous triangular hat. Long, red hair whipping around...Read On