Double Domination - Part 1

“We’re going to be joined by a guest tonight.”

“We’re going to be joined by a guest tonight.” Nick’s words jolted me out of the book I was engrossed in. “Huh?” “All you need to know is that he is a Dom and you will submit to both of us.” I could always tell when Nick became strict Master in place of sweet boyfriend because the tone of his voice lowered and he articulated his words more clearly. He meant it. He obviously noticed...Read On


Double Domination - Part 2

A Happy Ending to my night with the 2 doms

It was a regular Saturday night. Nick and I were cuddled up on the sofa together watching X Factor. Everything was calm – normal. It was two weeks since Nick had arranged for a guy called Brad to double-dom me and the marks from the whip had only just faded. My memory hadn’t though. Sometimes, when I was at work, I’d find myself daydreaming back to that night when… “I want to increase...Read On