Group Sex(1)


A fantasy shared..

A fantasy shared is a good time had!

When I was in my early twenties I met a married man called Michael who turned out to be my friend, my lover and my teacher. We would meet at every opportunity and although I had had a number of lovers in the past, he taught me everything I know. I had never had a lover like him before. Fifteen years older than me he was a skilled and patient lover, nothing like the eager boys my own age....Read On



Jay shows the way

My foreign lover introduces me to new pleasures

The love of my life was a man with whom there was no future. He was from a different country, a different culture and was married. We were lovers. There was never a more passionate affair than the one between Jay and me. We couldn’t get enough of one another and in the short time we were together I had more orgasms than in practically any other time of my life. Jay was very dark, not...Read On

Love Poems(1)


An Ode to Love and Lust

Just for fun, a poem about choosing the right man

I loved you from the very start I’ll love you ‘til the end You’ll always have a hold of my heart You’ll always be my friend I don’t want you throw it all away Unless you feel you must But I know you feel that come what may You’ll never be able to trust I know you think you’re not a man ‘Cause you think I’ve been untrue But you cannot give me what he can It’s the same for him and you ...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


I love the way you lick me

A description of the best oral sex ever

I love the way you lick me You know I can’t get enough of it. I have never met anyone who makes me cum the way you make me cum. The first time you kissed me, I knew from the way you held me to you, the way I could feel the heat of your body against mine and the way that your hot tongue parted my lips and explored my hungry mouth, that if there was ever an opportunity for you to go down...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


Caught in the Rain

He was a member of the Board, my superior and I hung on his every word

He was a member of the Board, my superior without a doubt but not exactly my boss. His position was not as an employee but as an expert in his field. I hung on his every word. I knew that he knew that I was attracted to him. He always had a twinkle in his eye for me and at our Board Meetings, whilst I was furiously scribbling notes and frantically trying to keep up with the goings on I...Read On


Caught in the Rain Part 2

If you read “Caught in the Rain” first you will know what has happened so far….

I went behind him down the stairs. He was naked and I was watching him as I followed, taking in his graceful walk, his broad shoulders and toned thighs. I pulled his robe tighter around me and smiled to myself. At the bottom of the stairs, he held out his hand and led me into the lounge. The light was dim, coming only from a crackling fire in the grate. I surveyed my surroundings, the...Read On


It was going to happen one day

I wanted him more than I had ever wanted anyone. It ate away at me. Whilst I am not the sexiest, most attractive or desirable woman in the world I had never before been in the situation that I wanted someone for so long. Usually I had had them by now. It bugged me and niggled at me, and I knew that I would not rest until I had fucked him. It was all I wanted to do. It was mutual. It wasn’t...Read On


Memories of a holiday fling – part 1

I meet a man at a conference who I feel I may have met fifteen years earlier

I was late for my conference. The train was delayed and getting across London was hell that day. I was flustered when I arrived, cheeks a little pink, hair slipping and tripping out of what had been a sophisticated yet soft high ponytail. I stuck a loose tendril behind my ear and paused at the door. The conference had already begun and I was going to have to make a surreptitious entrance. ...Read On


Working Late

Working late one evening brought me more than I bargained for

I work for a small company and at about 7 o’clock one Thursday evening I was finishing a report that had a deadline for the next day. I was the only one left in the building but it meant I could finish my work without any interruptions. Needing a break I made my way downstairs to the water cooler. That is when I realised I wasn’t alone. My colleague Luke was there also getting water. ...Read On