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Topic When you suck a man's cock, is it because you are horny or do you just want to make him happy?
Posted 24 Sep 2014 02:34

I love to give my guy pleasure, and slipping his cock in my mouth and sliding it down my throat gives me as much pleasure as he getsbinky

Topic Are Straight Men Comfortable With Making Love To a Transsexual Woman?
Posted 04 Nov 2009 04:14

Do straight men feel comfortable with making love to a transsexual woman?Do they have any reservations,and would they want to know that the person had a sex change ,or get a suprise afterward?

Topic Be Careful What You Wish For.........
Posted 04 Nov 2009 04:03

You get your wish to have Jessica Biel to be your sex slave,however you left your table saw on ,and in the first hour of lovemaking,you both fall into it ,becoming stew meat.

I wish to become the next top Victoria`s Secret model,and become a covergirl.

Topic Pussy Whipped
Posted 04 Nov 2009 03:48

I`m a woman who never tells her man what to do or how to live his life.The men in my life feel that we share...emotions,duties,and mutual respect for each other.The more I have opened up ,the better my man has begun to understand me.Women can seem to be complex,but I find most of the time,it is very and enjoy each other.I find that love making becomes so much more intense and passionate when no one is told to do something,they want to out of respect and caring.
Enjoy your man,
XXX Kelli Ann Snow

Topic Who wants to be next on the Interview couch?
Posted 30 Sep 2008 08:25

It's that time again, who wants to have their 5 minutes of fame?

Our interview questions are here for those who would like to participate.

WARNING: Some former interviewees have had marriage proposals and offered multi-million dollar publishing contracts as a result of appearing on Lush, so be warned.

I would LOVE to be on the interview couch with you !!! I think we could enjoy a very stimulating round of intercourse !!!
XXX Kelli