My True Story of Sex with Ten Hot Girls

My life for the last three months has been an endless stream of hot girls, ready for sex

This is the true story of my life for the last three months. I’ve been a member/author here on Lush since October 2013. That’s when I started writing my 50+ erotic short stories and publishing them here. To my surprise, they have been popular! Men like them and especially the girls! I started to get emails from gorgeous young girls who said things like, “Your stories make me wet.” Wow! So...Read On

First Time(7)


Seduced By My Best Friend's Stepmother

My friend's stepmother introduced me to fabulous sex...everything in one day!

My best friend’s dad married Tiffany three years after his mom left him for another man. I was sixteen and found her to be captivating from the first moment I met her. She is ten years younger than my friend’s dad and ten years older than me. Of course, I found all sorts of reasons to visit my friend, Jack, knowing that Tiffany was around the house all the time. Any time she was in the room...Read On


Growing Up In Space

My girlfriend's daughter grew into a woman while we were marooned in space for four years.

I was making my annual supply run to the Martian colony, New Atlanta, on the cargo ship, CS-114. Mars comes close enough to Earth only once a year so that supply runs are possible. I was the Captain and my co-pilot was Todd Olson.  Cargo ships are not designed for passengers. Except for the gym, every cubic foot of the ship is designed for cargo. However, three months is a long time for two...Read On


The Last Cheerleader

I had fucked the whole cheerleader squad, then Holly came along and I was smitten.

For the last three of my high school years, I was the star Center of our basketball team. I experienced a growth spurt when I was sixteen and shot up to six-foot-four, towering over most other players in the state. My stardom as a basketball player made me the dreamboat of all the girls in my school. They all wanted me and I wanted all of them. To sum it up in one statement: I had my pick...Read On


My Girlfriend’s Daughter – Part 1

A man is seduced by his girlfriend's teenage daughter.

I meet Sheryl a few weeks after starting my new job in Denver. She was ten years older than me, but that didn’t matter to us. Her sixteen year-old daughter, Trisha, was a clone of her mother with short dark hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and an outgoing personality that attracted everyone. Both Sheryl and Trisha were the kind of girl that a man wants to hold and make love to the moment they see...Read On


I Lost My Virginity At Sixteen To My Neighbor

Marianne eagerly loses her virginity at age sixteen to her neighbor.

I didn’t want to move to Jacksonville. I had friends in Orlando; my high school; and more! But I was sixteen years old and didn’t get a vote. My mom had taken a job there that paid more, so I could see her reason for wanting to move. We had been packing for three damn days without a break! Mom’s company was paying for our move, but not enough to cover the packing, so here we were doing...Read On


Blue Sky, My Indian Maiden

Blue Sky was my daughter's best friend and a total sex goddess; I had to have her!

My wife died about five years ago, so I’ve been a single parent raising our daughter, Suzy, ever since. She is now seventeen and a very pretty girl and I worry about her and “boys.” I know what they all want, but I’ve raised her to also know what they want and to avoid getting into trouble with them. Suzy’s best friend, Blue Sky, just turned eighteen and is a real knockout! She is about...Read On


I Want My Neighbor

I babysit for my neighbor and I want the dad really, really bad! And I will have him soon!

I started babysitting for Doug and Sharon across the street when I was 15 years old and little Doug Jr. was born. They pay me well and I’ve become like a member of the family, visiting them anytime I want, which is often. When I was sixteen, I began to think of Doug in a totally different way. He was so dreamy that I could not keep away from him. I spent my days in school dreaming about him...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


Lady in Red

She was a gorgeous stranger and gave me a great, quick blowjob and walked away.

She had to be the most gorgeous and sexy woman I’d ever seen! I was shopping in the mall for running shoes when I passed the Victoria’s Secret store. I glanced inside the way I glance inside most stores I pass, when I saw her. She was talking to a customer and making provocative gestures while modeling the red dress she was wearing. I guess you could call it a dress. It was mostly lace,...Read On

Group Sex(3)


My Girlfriend Molly - Part 2

Molly returns with her daughter, her girlfriend, and her girlfriend's virgin daughter.

It’s been two years since Molly and Emma came to visit me. I’ve since moved to Michigan where my wife took a job so she could be near her boyfriend. I should remind the readers of the situation with my wife. Ten years ago when I came down with this disorder that has me in a wheelchair, she decided that our sex life was over. Three years ago while we were living in Alaska, she found a...Read On


Little Kim and Friends

Kim gave herself to me for as long as I wanted her...and offered up her girlfriends as well.

Hiro is my handyman. He comes around every three months to change my air conditioner filters since I don’t have a ladder tall enough to do it myself. His wife, Kim, is always with him to “learn the trade.” I had scheduled them to come today. “Hello Mr. Jackson. I here to change your filters.” “Where’s Hiro?” “He on other job, so send me to do it. I don’t think I have a problem.” ...Read On


Sex with my Wife's Best Friend

Michelle wanted to watch Karen fuck me, but fucked me instead while Karen watched.

Karen and I have been married for about six months. We didn’t date very long after that wonderful day and night of sex before I asked her to marry me. To fall in love and marry my babysitter was something I never imagined would happen. Today was a typical hot, sunny, southern California Sunday. Our pool gets a lot of use in the summer, and it’s summer most of the time in southern...Read On

Love Poems(1)


The Night Before Christmas

This is a whimsical Christmas poem.

T'was the night before Christmas And all through the house, We were chasing the cat As the cat chased a mouse. Our new house has no fireplace Or chimney at all, So the kids were afraid That Santa would not call. I assured them he would And sent them to bed, Giving them each a pat on the head. Later when all our work was through My wife and I went to bed too. ...Read On

Love Stories(4)


Anika From Mumbai

I met Anika one day and asked her to marry me a week later!

I met Anika in Mumbai. I was there on a four-day business trip and she was the secretary assigned to me while I was there. The moment I was introduced to her I thought, “Oh my God! How am I ever going to get any work done with this gorgeous girl sitting right outside my cubicle?” She was tall, maybe five foot eight, had dark eyes, perfect velvety skin, and the most beautiful head of hair...Read On


From Surrogate To Wife

My Girlfriend's Daughter Went from Surrogate To Lover To Wife

I met Arlene on a business trip to Denver about two years ago. She was the secretary to the division chief of the department I was doing business with. She was one of those kinds of women who every man wants. She had a sense of sensuality that one couldn’t put their finger on; it was just there and oozed out in every direction and turned the head of every man within sight. Maybe it was...Read On


The Story of Me and Ken

A young Jewish woman meets the man of her dreams at Disney World in Florida.

I had never been to Disney World before, but I had heard that it was really crowded and that you couldn’t see it all in one day. So I was glad that my friend, Natalie, had agreed to come with me. I had to book us two months in advance to get the Contemporary Resort Hotel. It’s that big modern one on the Disney complex that has the monorail running through it. It was expensive, but I went...Read On


My Girlfriend’s Daughter – Part 2

A man is seduced by his girlfriend's sixteen year-old daughter. This one has a twist at the end.

This is Part 2 of the story and will be better understood if you read Part 1 first. Trisha and I continued to have sex as often as we could, given the fact that I was dating her mother. I could tell that she was getting jealous, especially when Sheryl and I would go away for a long weekend. “I want to go away with you into the mountains, too. I would love to see Estes Park, too.” ...Read On

Quickie Sex(3)


A Chance Meeting

My friend's gorgeous wife was ready to be unfaithful and I was her willing target.

I ran into George and his wife, Sandy, at the mall today. I’ve worked with George for about three years, ever since he transferred into our office. “Hey George! How are you?” “I’m OK. Bill, this is my wife, Sandy. We met for lunch and I’m headed back to work.” “Work? On a Sunday?” “I’m afraid so. I have that project report due tomorrow.” “Sorry to hear that.” “OK. See...Read On


A Quickie with the Pool Boy

I was horny for my pool boy and thought I would entice him just a little.

I live with my husband in a large 2-story house in Atlanta. We have a large swimming pool that requires weekly maintenance, so we hire a service. About six weeks ago the pool service started sending a new guy – a young, muscular, dark-haired hunk of a man, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him when he was cleaning the pool. I looked forward to every Tuesday when he would show up,...Read On


The Boss' Wife

A new employee is seduced by his boss' wife and caught by his boss' daughter.

When I came to work for the movie production company in September, the most interesting and most heard rumor whispered by the guys in my office was about Cynthia, the boss’ wife. According to them, she was a knockout; a tall, sexy, blue-eyed blond with the longest legs God had ever given a woman. She was an actress and seen only at the annual Christmas party that the boss threw at his home...Read On



Summer Camp

A summer camp manager for teenagers, coerces two of the girls into having sex with him.

I have a great summer job. For the past two years I’ve been the Head Counselor and Manager of a small summer camp in upstate New York in the Adirondack Mountains. Situated on Lake Otis, the camp is a picturesque place to spend my summers. The other nine months of the year, I’m a high school math teacher in The Bronx. As Head Counselor, my main job is to supervise the twenty high...Read On



Home at Last

A young couple's fantasies turns into a wife-swapping relationship with the neighbors.

She heard him come through the door, threw down the magazine, and ran to his arms. He picked her up and twirled her around as she held on with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He’d been out of town for two weeks and she could hardly stand it when he was gone. He held her so close that he was afraid he would hurt her. Her body felt wonderful and familiar in his arms....Read On


Seduced By My Neighbor

My new twenty year-old neighbor was so hot that it had to happen eventually.

Florida’s summers are hot and it is summer here for about eight months out of the year, so I finally decided it was time to break down and put in a pool. When I hit the water that first day, I wished I had done it a long time ago. I’m friends with most of the neighbors on my cul-de-sac, and became everyone’s best friend after putting in my pool. That’s okay. I like having friends around and...Read On


Seduced By Deborah Lynn

All the guys in the office wanted Deborah Lynn, but she picked me for an afternoon of sex.

Deborah Lynn is the executive secretary to the CEO at our corporate office in Los Angeles. She’s a gorgeous green-eyed brunette who moonlights as a hair model for shampoo commercials. Guys are always hitting on her and she relishes the attention, but it didn't take long to realize that she has no intention of getting involved with anyone at work. I noticed this early on, so I assessed my...Read On


I Finally Seduced My Business Associate

I had wanted Mary from the day we first met. Four years later I finally got the nerve to seduce her.

I met Mary about four years ago at a government research conference. I think I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. She had a perfect body, was about five foot six, had big brown eyes, and had long, silky dark brown hair; the kind of hair a guy can get lost in. I guess it was fate that we were sitting next to each other at the two-day conference. As we talked before the first...Read On


Seduced By My Friend's Wife and Daughter

Both the wife and her virgin daughter seduce me. Every man's dream!

I've known Jim since college. We were both electrical engineering students, so most of our classes were the same and we studied together all the time. After graduation, I took a job with an aerospace company in Houston and Jim landed a job with NASA at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. He married Wanda a month before graduation and I was his best man. I have remained single, finding life to...Read On


Seduced by my Physical Therapist

The title says it all. Carol was and still is a wildcat in bed, and will submit to anything.

I was in a car accident about three months ago and had to have my left hip replaced. It required several weeks of rehab with a physical therapist, which I was not looking forward to. The doctor had recommended three times a week, so I would have to go after work around 5:00 p.m. I arrived for my first appointment right on time, filled out some paperwork, and was introduced to Carol, who...Read On


Seducing Amy

Amy is seduced by her neighbor, even though she and her husband are trying to have a baby.

It had been six months since I hosted the block party. That’s when I met Donna and Becky. This time the block party was hosted by Tom and Amy. I remember meeting them at my party, but Donna had occupied so much of my time that day that I really didn’t get a chance to schmooze much. They seemed like a nice couple and Amy was as cute as a button with silky brown hair cut in a cute bob, parted...Read On


Seduced By My Buddy's Wife

My buddy's wife, Suzy, seduced me with the full knowledge of her husband.

Gary and Suzy bought Donna's house a couple of months after she and Becky moved out. They are a young couple, married for just over two years, and have no kids. Suzy is the cutest little thing I've ever seen! She is small, has a perfect body, and an adorable short dark brown haircut that is always perfectly arranged; every hair in place. Her blue eyes are stunning and seem to reveal her...Read On


My Secretaries

I had affairs with both of my married secretaries!

I took the assignment in California working on the Space Shuttle in August of 1976. It was to be for around a year and a half on TDY with all expenses paid by NASA, so I jumped at the chance for adventure and the added income. I had never been to the high desert before and was in for a surprise as I drove through Barstow, Mojave, and into Lancaster. After living in Florida where everything...Read On

Straight Sex(15)


The Boss' Daughter

The boss' daughter gets her turn having sex with me and gets more than she bargained for.

This story is a continuation of “The Boss’ Wife”, so you will enjoy this one better if you read it first. It has been three weeks since the Christmas party and I haven't heard a thing, so maybe Cynthia and her daughter got things worked out. The longer I don't hear anything the better the chances that I never will… and maybe, my job is safe. Since that day, all I can do is think...Read On


The Ideal Practice - Part 3

Doctor Bill must fuck his receptionist and her virgin daughter, or she'll spill the beans on him.

“Well, Jackie, that was my last patient. Why don’t you go ahead and lock up. I still have paperwork to do.”  “Do you have a few minutes, Doctor Bill? I need to speak to you.”  “Of course. Come to my office after you lock the door.”  “Thanks.”  I’ve never described Jackie for my readers. She is a lovely thirty-six year-old with short curly blonde hair, sensuous lips, and bedroom eyes. She...Read On


The Ideal Practice - Part 2

Three teenage girls set their eyes on a young doctor and use their physical exams to seduce him.

It had been two weeks since Brigitte returned from her honeymoon, and she hadn’t contacted me or made an appointment, so I assumed and hoped that she and Jeff were happy and that their sex life was good.  I enjoyed taking Brigitte’s virginity and teaching her how to give head. I’m only human. But a continued affair with my twenty year-old neighbor was dangerous! So I tried to put her out of...Read On


The Ideal Practice - Part 1

My neighbor's daughter wanted a rather special vaginal exam before she got married. She got more.

I’m a young, single doctor in a small southern town. In fact, I’m the only doctor in town, which keeps me very busy and gives me the opportunity to meet almost everyone in town eventually. Of course, I see the young and old alike. They come in with very vague complaints, usually a headache or stomach ache, but never anything that I can test for or diagnose. I’ve heard rumors around town...Read On


The Bobbsey Twins

Twin exotic dancers give me a private show and much more.

I had just moved to Miami from Detroit, and after spending the last twenty years in the cold and snow, I wanted to enjoy sunny Florida. I found a condo with a nice swimming pool and other amenities not far from the beach and moved in. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I thought I deserved a break from unpacking and hanging pictures, so I changed into my trunks and headed for the pool. As...Read On


Heather and Her Professor

Heather needs a passing grade in microbiology and must put out for her professor to get it.

“Come in and have a seat, Ms. Rutland.” “Thank you. And it's Heather, please.” “Okay, Heather. I understand you need help in my class?” “Yes, sir. I need it to graduate in May and I’m totally lost.” “I see. Are you willing to work hard to get a passing grade?” “Yes, sir.” I stand and move around the desk and stand in front of you. “What are you willing to do to get...Read On


Wife-Swapping With Cindy

My wife and I persuade our friends to wife-swap with us. It was better than we expected.

Cindy and I married ten years ago. We were both sophomores in college. She was studying nursing; I was studying civil engineering. We’ve had a wonderful marriage and have no kids. Our sex life is phenomenal and we still make love almost every night. Actually, Cindy is the one that is so sexual and keeps our sex life alive and fresh. She is always coming up with new role-playing games for...Read On



A nineteen year-old girl wants sex so often that she resorts to cyber sex on Lush.

I was recently divorced, so I was not yet ready to go out there and join the dating and nightclub scene. Although my buddies encouraged me to date, I just wasn't ready, so I spent a lot of nights at home surfing the web to find something interesting. That’s when I came across a website called “Lush Stories,” and I was hooked on it immediately. The sexy, naughty short stories were just what...Read On


The Svenson Twins

Two gorgeous Swedish models teach a NASA engineer a thing or two about sex.

I was flying back to Houston from New York City on a Friday afternoon. I always fly first class and sit by the window. Today, I couldn't believe my luck when a stunning little thing with short blonde hair took the aisle seat next to me! Her hair was so cute the way she styled it, and her eye makeup looked professionally done. She really was a knockout. And low and behold, what appeared...Read On


Dear Diary

Caroline is a young wife who has been having very vivid sex dreams.

Sunday, August 21, 2011 I had a really, really strange dream last night. It was the most vivid, the most realistic dream I have ever had! Right now it is hard for me to know for sure if it was a dream or if it was real. The memory is still so clear and I can still feel all the physical sensations. Could it have been real? In my dream I was slowly waking up from a deep sleep. As...Read On


My Movie Star

I met my favorite movie star, we spent three days together fucking and sucking our brains out.

I met Nicole about two years ago on one of my many trips to California for the Shuttle landing. I work for a NASA contractor at Kennedy Space Center and my job is involved with the landing. I like going to California, I’m single, so I always volunteer to go. It was a Sunday afternoon and I was taking my normal route up to Lancaster from LAX and as I was driving through Acton on the...Read On


Sex With My Wife's Best Friend, Part 2

Michelle returns with her boyfriend for a weekend of sex and swapping partners

As the last shots of cum squirted from his wet cock, Jerry groaned and squeezed the handful of my hair that he’d been holding. I love sucking his cock, but I can’t get my mind off of Bill’s huge cock! Last weekend was so wonderful and so sexually exciting that I can’t think of anything else. I must talk to Jerry about spending a weekend with Bill and Karen sometime. I swallowed the...Read On


Donna and Her Daughter Becky

I had Donna and her daughter Becky for several months and they both were hot!

Donna and her daughter, Becky, recently moved into the house three doors down the street on our cul-de-sac. I met them a week ago at the bi-annual block party. It was my turn to host the party and everyone came because they were eager to see my house since I completed the renovations and put in a pool. Donna and Becky came late, so they received a personal tour of the house. She was...Read On



Our neighbor, Pam, knew I was attracted to her and used every opportunity to tease me.

Pam and her husband, Mark, moved into the house behind us a couple of years after Karen and I married and we all became instant friends. We would have dinner at their house or at ours once a week, and every Sunday night we would play Bridge for hours. The weekends were usually spent in our pool, swimming and talking and just having great fun together. Pam was a devastatingly attractive...Read On


My Babysitter

My babysitter came back when she was twenty years old and we had wonderful sex!

Karen started babysitting for us when Brent was born. She was only fourteen, but was the oldest of four kids in her family and, therefore, had a lot of experience with babies. She also lived just three doors down the street, so she was very convenient. She soon became like a member of the family and came around even when she wasn’t required to sit with Brent. I remember one day when Karen...Read On




My girlfriend's daughter and I finally have sex after years of flirting and fantasizing.

Megan was fifteen years old when she and her mother, Darlene, moved into the house down the street three years ago. Darlene said that Megan has always been a handful, a bit rebellious, very out-spoken, and opinionated. But, she’s a good girl and has never really gotten into any trouble. Darlene and I started dating, even though she is sixteen years my senior. We know that is unusual, but...Read On


My Girlfriend Molly

I met Molly on Lush and our friendship grew into much more, and one of her daughters helped.

I met Molly a few months ago on the Lush website. I don’t remember now whether it was her who asked me to be friends or vice versa. At any rate, we seemed to like one another enough to chat a little almost every day. She lives in Scotland, so with me living in Alaska, the nine-hour time difference caused an occasional problem. She’s thirty-nine years old, just married a long-time...Read On


Seduced By My Niece

My niece was an adorable kid and grew up to be a gorgeous seductress!

Julie is my eighteen year-old niece. She and her mother live about four hundred miles away, so I don’t get to see them very often. My sister, Jamie, and I never did get along well. She is four years older than me and even as kids we fought a lot. There’s just something about her personality that rubs me the wrong way. But Julie is a real sweetheart! Jamie and her husband, John, now...Read On

Wife Lovers(4)


I Nailed My Doctor's Wife, Part 2

Every guy in town had fantasies of nailing Marie, and some may have. I just know that I did.

While this story stands alone, the reader will enjoy it more if he/she reads Part 1 first. It was several days before Marie could get away again. Since it was a Wednesday, she suggested that I pick her up in the parking lot of the Methodist church, which held Wednesday night services. We drove out into the country to the local “lover’s lane” where kids went to make out…a large area behind...Read On


My Engineer Mistress

Every guy wanted to lay the first female engineer at our company. Nine years later, I did it.

Catherine was the first female engineer to be hired by our company. It was the late 1960's, and female engineers were rare. It was an era in America when women were only secretaries, file clerks, nurses, and housewives. So Catherine received a lot of attention by the guys, from me included. Not only was she a rare and welcome change to our work environment, she was a stunning young girl...Read On


I Nailed My Doctor's Wife, Part 1

Every guy in town had fantasies of nailing Marie, and some may have. I just know that I did.

I grew up in a small west Tennessee town. We had two doctors, one dentist, two pool halls, and three small independent grocery stores. Oh, and one movie theater. High school basketball was a really big deal in Tennessee. Everyone in town was a big fan and went to all the home games and many of the away games. I was a senior and the team’s Center and at six foot-four, I towered over most...Read On


Making It With A Marine's Wife

Melanie's husband was to be in Iraq for nine months. She was my neighbor and an affair started.

I met Melanie almost four years ago, soon after I moved to San Diego. I had just graduated from Georgia Tech and taken a job with an engineering firm there. The job paid well, so I was able to afford an apartment in an up-scale gated apartment complex with all the amenities. There was a nice gym, a rec. room with a pool table and ping pong table, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools. It...Read On