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Topic Rubbish sex.
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:47

Guys, would you tell your partner if she was rubbish during sex, or let her get on with it not wanting to hurt her feelings?

Topic Rip Offs
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:25

Yes i have and Zafia youre get down and give me 20 section was ace LMAO. WELL DONE XXXXXXLfunny

Topic one for the ladies (or any females that want to answer) lol
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:21

Tim, buy some false nails and scratch them gently down your girlfriend's back, me and Amanda (my gf) do it all the time. Kerriexxxxxxx

Topic Phone Race
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:18

The only thing i answer is between my gf's legs lol.

Topic Preferred Kisses
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:16

I love my neck being kissed and my girlfriend always does it no matter what . lol. I also love my back being kissed and my ass bit lol.

Topic One More Romp
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:07

No sex with the ex is not on my to do list lol

Topic After The Lovin'
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:05

I either let my gf lick me out (again) or vice versa. Or, we give each other a soothing massage then fall asleep. Hobnobs are a type of biscuit Zafia lol

Topic Shaving Foreplay
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:03

Yes i have and it was very erotic and soothing

Topic Female ejaculation
Posted 28 Sep 2008 16:01

I once needed to paint my bedroom wall but then my girlfriend made me squirt and i realized i didn't need to paint it after all Lfunny

Topic Watching
Posted 28 Sep 2008 15:54

No i wouldn'tLiar lol, Rocco, is that picture actually you?

Topic Squeeze Its
Posted 28 Sep 2008 15:51

A tube of mayo then i hope it bursts lol. That, and a good wad of cash lol

Topic Porn Star
Posted 28 Sep 2008 15:49

Only if i knew him as a friend, but a stranger nah. Keep dreaming sonny boy lol

Topic Carnival
Posted 26 Sep 2008 19:11

i woved it lol