First Time(3)


Virginity of a Vampire

This is my second story, hope you like it.

Daniel felt lost as he sat on the train with his family, they were moving once again to another town as his father had just got offered a higher job. The train chugged its way through tunnel after tunnel as Daniel thought about the people he was leaving behind. The 3 best friends he'd had since primary who were Johnny, Liam and Nathan and his girlfriend Sarah who he had been seeing for two...Read On


Virginity of a vampire (Part 2)

Here's the second part - enjoy MWAHAHAHAHA!

Daniel got home from the library his mind still whirring with questions. The cold air wafted past his ears as he opened the door and went in. After greeting his parents he went upstairs still thinking about the incident in the library. It was then an idea hit him so he went downstairs and told his parents that Travis and him were camping out for the night, with his parents approval he...Read On


Virginity Of A Vampire (Part3)

Hope you enjoy it. Part 4 will be the last and best part of the story. So be prepared.

Daniel got home and went straight upstairs to his bedroom. Locking his door he then got a magazine out from under his bed along with his manhood, and masturbated while images of Monique went through his mind. After tea Daniel had a hot bath and an early night. Whilst sleeping Daniel dreamt of Monique and him together but then Rishcu grabbing Monique by the throat and saying "You want the...Read On