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Topic A question for the older gentlemen.
Posted 07 Jan 2011 16:52

I've always been a proponent of the "older guy / younger gal" (he's a GUY, what'd you THINK he'd say...) but not for the reasons you might think.

As someone mentioned earlier in this thread, younger girls with younger guys of their own age or very close don't always have the nicest introduction to sex; probably 98% of these young guys just wanna mount, pump, come, and roll off and smoke a cigarette. The gal probably is hurt, both physically and emotionally, and as if that weren't bad enough, left high and... er, ... wet.

Younger guys are: A, all about themselves; B, in a hurry - - get in, get off , get out. Very rarely do HER needs fit into this equation. Unless she's severely in lust and able to get herself off on whatever he's dishing out, she's probably in for a disappointing first time, and subsequent times for an indeterminate period. Generally they're not so sure of themselves to put on the brakes and issue directions to ensure that they get theirs, too, and even if they were, how many young guys want to take such directions?

Whereas an older gent, such as, say, ME, has long since worked all that hurry up me me me nonsense out of my system long ago. A gorgeous young thing is the closest thing to heaven on this earth, and is not to be gulped down in a quick bite; it's to be savored, bit by bit, inch by inch, driving her crazy every second of the way; finding out what makes her squirm and playing all around with that to see just how far it can take her before moving on, maybe to revisit this a little later, or as a workup to round two. From my perspective, it's all about her, start to finish. I'll certainly get more than I can deal with along the way; no way in hell I or any man can match what most women can take (and want, but rarely get.)

Isn't something like that a much nicer break-in than the quick grope, slam, and it's done that she's most likely to receive from her male peers? It'll start her off on the right foot, so to speak, and she'll have a baseline to work from, knowing just how good it can get, and may be able to teach these youngsters something to boot.

If I'm full of it, I'll take my lumps like a man. Fire away!

And if they're older, but still much younger than me, I kinda have to cast my lot with the others who have said, in effect, "flattered, ego stroked, nice source of fantasy material (or stories!!), but kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop... what's the catch? Where's the hook?

Topic Embarrassing Erections
Posted 05 Jan 2011 20:18

OhGod I'm loving some of these answers!

I have to cast my vote with the ever-embarrassing massage boner at roll-over time (happens to me every damned time... don't think about popping a rod, Don't think about popping a rod, DON'T think about popping a rod...), and the prostate exam/massage erection. My urologist IS a female, and not too bad looking, either (in fact, I'm sitting there thinking, "I'd do her, damned sure!" and ten minutes later, I've got her finger up my arse to the knuckle, and this monstrous, drooling erection I could HUNT with, as she massages my prostate (I have BPH and engorgement due to anorgasmia ). This is embarrassment of the highest order. It ALWAYS happens, I ALWAYS turn lobster-red and lose coherent speech, and she ALWAYS treats it with compassionate humor. Damn, I keep hoping for more!

Topic Do guys continue to find their girlfriend or wife attractive during pregnancy?
Posted 05 Jan 2011 19:14

Actually, when pregnancy is introduced into the equation, my "watching my wife fuck another man" fantasies kick into warp drive! Is there anything nastier, more forbidden, than the madonna-mother-wife having sex with a man who isn't her husband??

Topic "Straight" guys
Posted 05 Jan 2011 18:45

The opportunity hasn't "arisen," so to speak, and not long ago, I would have said NO. Nowaday's I probably would. Not just anonymous sex cruising, but a one-on-one with somebody I know and respect, probably. In a threeway, definitely (MMF, F being my wife.)

Pleasure is pleasure, anal sex is NOT painful if done properly, and as long as you're all on the same page (no humiliation, or degradation, nothing to make someone feel bad about it), then there's no reason not to, If you're confident enough in your own sexuality and masculinity. It takes strength to be gentle; it takes a strong man to allow himself to be feminine and receptive, especially to another male.

Count me in!

Topic Straight guys only!!!
Posted 05 Jan 2011 18:28

If I had answered this question about 3 months ago, I'd have said, "No way, no how! No innies in the outie! One-way, do not enter!"

Now, however, I have a different answer; and it is the direct result of a prostate massage I got from the (nice lady) doctor, due to BPH and discomfort due to anorgasmia (can't come, due to medications), so everything just backs up and gets swollen and uncomfortable.

She showed me how do do myself at home, and I've been doing so, for "health" reasons (yeah, RIGHT). I've discovered prostate orgasms; this must be like what women experience when they come. It's far more whole-body than a regular penile orgasm with ejaculation. I can have orgasms without even having an erection. I get plenty of "pre-come" (semen, produced in the prostate), sometimes a steady flow, but no ejaculation. Also, there's no "refractory period," or waiting for round 2; you plateau, climb to an orgasm (lasts longer, too), then drop back to that plateau, up another peak to orgasm... and you can continue this for as long as you can stand.

Needless to say, I'm all for it. I recently stumbled across the term, "pegging," and was never so excited in my life! Literally left me short of breath. Now I'm normally pretty shy about such things, but I actually managed to broach the subject with the wife of 38 years. She was okay with the anal thing, "Oh, you just want a finger up there? More? Oh, I see, you just want a prostate massage, right? Not exactly? Well, then, what?" That was when I kinda lost her, at least for now. She agreed to think about it; it's a start, and I'm hopeful. Just in case she won't bite, I've ordered an Aneros prostate massager. Can't wait for it. I'm hoping all this may prove to be a "back door" route, so to speak (yes, pun intended) towards a threesome (MMF); I'd be open to trying sex with him, too, especially if it turns her on too. I'm pretty sure after all these years of being rigidly straight (straight, dammit!) that I'm actually a repressed Bi. Women will always be my primary orientation, but I admit to being definitely attracted to having sex with a guy.

Hell yeah, I'm all for it !!

Topic Would you do me?
Posted 05 Jan 2011 17:57

sexywife104, it would be more than this male deserves to be allowed to "do you," as you put it. I would bring everything I've learned in 57 years to bear upon giving you as much pleasure as you can take, whether I "get mine" or not.

Be careful; is this something that hubby "thinks" he'd actually like to see, or is it the fantasy he enjoys? Some guys THINK they're ready to actually go through with such a thing, only to freak out when it actually happens (if not right then and there, then afterwards, sooner or later.) If he's no dead certain about this, it's a no-go.

Yes, this is a very prevalent male fantasy; I can't quote any actual numbers, but can empirically state that it's not at all abnormal, it's almost mainstream. I don't understand the attraction ( though I share it myself, and have for many years.) It's a funny thing; it both hurts and feels good at the same time.

More to the point, how do YOU feel about this? Are you simply willing to endure what must be endured, in order to please your husband, or is there something in this for you, too? In order for it to work, you pretty much BOTH have to want this, and want it badly. If there are any instabilities or uncertainties in the relationship, this will serve only to magnify them.

Some of this comes from direct experience, and some comes from being a bystander to the fallout.

Good luck with it; choose carefully (YOU choose, not hubby. If it works, maybe later he can choose, subject to your approval.)

Feel free to PM me if you like; I'll answer honestly as best I can, and I ain't afraid to say "I don't know" when it's appropriate.

Be safe; you are beautiful. I could wish you were closer!