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Topic What Tricks Female Tries to Attract Men !
Posted 21 Mar 2017 13:34

My dinner party piece is to suck a golf ball through two meters of hose pipe. I'm still working on launching ping pong balls from my vagina

Topic have you masturbated at your work place ever
Posted 19 Mar 2017 09:28

I'm in the minority here.... no

Topic Do you ladies taste your own juices after masturbating?
Posted 19 Mar 2017 09:17


Topic Introducing a female into the bedroom (couple)
Posted 18 Mar 2017 14:39

My advice is to get more

Topic just a little bit interested..
Posted 18 Mar 2017 14:35

People have said before that all Women are... at least a little bit gay inside. Not necessarily homosexual, but maybe a little bit interested.

How many of you beleive this to be true?
Is this true about yourself? Are any of you..... just a little bit interested?dontknow

How about you, are you a little bit gay or at least interested in having sex with other men?

Topic girls, do u actually enjoy giving blowjobs?
Posted 17 Mar 2017 15:04

I used to love doing it for his pleasure all the time. In the car, at school, before sex, etc. It only got boring when I felt like I was the only one doing all the giving and he was expecting it from me.

Yeah I know exactly where you're coming from but I still love doing it because it never became boring, it's still gives me a thrill even if that's all he wants and I sort of feel used. Dirty, naughty and used, as long as I'm also enjoying it and it's consensual it's fun and I don't always expect anything in return. I've sucked off plenty of guys I don't want to and have never had full sex with but just enjoyed doing it to please or impress them. Guys generally have a higher sex drive than me and it's my way of making sure they aren't disappointed with me

Topic do married woman cheated
Posted 15 Mar 2017 13:57

So let's say for example a married man is having sex on the side with three single women who are unaware of each other and his partner, how many cheaters are there? Technically you could say four but only one is aware of it, which could also mean based on that criteria there are technically more females cheating than men dontknow

I never did like maths

Topic cut or uncut
Posted 14 Mar 2017 15:47

No preference

Topic do married woman cheated
Posted 14 Mar 2017 14:19

Is it strange because it lays eggs?

Topic How often do you go Braless ?
Posted 14 Mar 2017 13:36

Every night, it's not comfortable sleeping with a bra on

Topic women : ever want to watch your -------?
Posted 14 Mar 2017 13:33

I think you both misunderstood the question....

How so? dontknow

Anyway my answer is definitely not

Topic How you feel when you found someone watching your Boobs ?
Posted 13 Mar 2017 14:57

I would suggest to him he should go to Specsavers

Topic What Crazy things you did under influence of Alcohol or Drugs ?
Posted 11 Mar 2017 11:15

I enjoy a glass or two of wine, especially sparkling, very rarely enough to be much more than merry. I have never and will never do drugs

Topic Thoughts on having sex in public?
Posted 11 Mar 2017 11:08

I'm not comfortable feeling exposed and having full sex in public places but I have happily given blow jobs in dressing rooms, on the back row of flea pit cinemas (with no one close by), in cars and when younger in front of others at drink fuelled parties.

Topic Do you like having sex with married men because they're married ?
Posted 08 Mar 2017 17:27

Only if his wife/girlfriend is also taking part, otherwise no

Topic If you only had 1 day to live would you spend it having sex? If not, what would you do?
Posted 07 Mar 2017 14:25

Spend my last hours with friends and family. If I was told I only had a day to live I would want to spend it with loved ones. Not sure sex would even cross my mind in that situation

Topic oral sex with women
Posted 06 Mar 2017 12:12

I fantasise about eating pussy all the time how do I find someone to accommodate me

Having a girlfriend will increase your chances, developing a relationship with her even more

Topic oral sex with women
Posted 05 Mar 2017 13:07

Posting the question 3 times always helps

Topic Do you prefer the taste of your own sweet juices or your boyfriends cum/girlfriends juices?
Posted 05 Mar 2017 11:07

Always prefer the reward of tasting someone else's

Topic Cum that taste good
Posted 02 Mar 2017 13:21

I'm not keen on the taste or texture but don't hate it either so I guess based on your question I fall somewhere in the middle. I swallow as much as I can which can sometimes be challenging but usually all of it. It's more about the intimate act of swallowing and guys appreciating me doing it rather than whether I enjoy the taste or not.

Topic How do you maintain your pussy hair?
Posted 28 Feb 2017 10:59

Waxed and as smooth as a...

Topic What makes your pussy or clit throb?
Posted 28 Feb 2017 10:54

The tongue of a hot horny girl who's just imposed herself upon me always does it

Topic If you could make one of your fantasies come true...which would it be ?
Posted 28 Feb 2017 10:23

Being ravished by Rachel Riley

Topic Coffee or Energy drink for morning fix.
Posted 26 Feb 2017 02:30

Tea for me

Topic Going out without panties
Posted 26 Feb 2017 02:23

Always wear them

Topic Stockings
Posted 26 Feb 2017 02:22

Not on a daily basis, I only wear them if I know the person I'm meeting/hooking up with likes them so I guess they only serve as a teaser

Topic Girls - Male Underwear
Posted 24 Feb 2017 13:28

Silk Boxers are best, cotton a close second unless they have some daft Marvel Comic style image or something even worse printed in them

Topic Favorite Male Porn Star(s)
Posted 24 Feb 2017 13:24

I can't actually name any current male or female porn stars because I don't watch any but I have heard of Linda Lovelace dontknow

Topic What makes your pussy realy wet without you or someone else touching it?
Posted 24 Feb 2017 13:19

Someone I'm really attracted to staring me up and down with a ravenous look in their eye.

This plus giving oral to a guy or girl