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Topic Do you like 69 ?
Posted 07 Oct 2015 06:41

I think I've answered this already but what the heck...

Visually I think a 69 is very stimulating (guy and girl or 2 girls) but I prefer to concentrate on giving. I find it too distracting

Topic Kissing after getting oral
Posted 07 Oct 2015 06:34

Love it. Especially when kissing a girl afterwards, it's very erotic

Topic What if your man wanted to have sex with another man?
Posted 26 Sep 2015 15:50

TAXI home for me, if I've made the effort to look good for him and he would rather be with someone else, who's another bloke, then I'm seriously surplus to requirement.

PS if it was the other way around I would fully understand if he did the same to me

Topic Swallow perferred
Posted 19 Sep 2015 16:27

A mix of two songs for you...

Some girls will
Some girls won't
Some girls like it
And some girls don't

If it's a deal breaker then let her know
If she still won't then just let her go

If she's really special to you
You can add the last line here

If she's not special to you
Isn't everything temporary anyway

I quit
I give up
Nothing's good enough for anybody else
It seems, and
I quit
I give up
Nothing's good enough for anybody else
It seems, and

And being alone is the
Is the best way to be
When I'm by myself
It's the best way to be
When I'm all alone
It's the best way to be
When I'm by myself
Nobody else can say goodbye

Topic Short and sweat or drawn out?
Posted 19 Sep 2015 15:53

If you only had a certain amount of hours that you could have sex in your lifetime, would you rather have a lot of quickies or would you prefer long drawn out passionate sex?

In that situation I would go for a long drawn drawn out FFM threesome

Topic What is your biggest turn on in the bedroom?
Posted 18 Sep 2015 10:22

In the knowledge that I'm only in the bedroom with someone I want to be with what really gets me going is when that person takes control and does what they want to do with me. This only works with certain people, soft sensuous lubby dubby stuff only works if it ends up being hard, fast and frantic.

Topic Lets talk about sex
Posted 17 Sep 2015 02:39

How openly do you talk about sex or share your sexual activities with your circle of friends or family?

I share information on a need to know basis, depending on who I'm talking to, my relationship with them and how I think they are likely to react

Topic Being told what to wear
Posted 16 Sep 2015 09:11

I'm happy to wear something special to satisfy a request, stockings/hold ups probably being the most frequent request from guys. Sometimes it's fun to offer a guy an unrequested surprise to see his eyes and something else pop up.

I've never had a special request from a girl except "short skirts and dresses suit you best" type of comments.

Topic perfect amount of pussy hair
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Topic Blowjobs
Posted 16 Sep 2015 08:36

A department store's fitting room

Topic Which virginity did you lose first
Posted 16 Sep 2015 05:18

My first sex was with a girl so it was touching, kissing and sucking breasts later followed by fingering and licking pussy.

With a guy it was having my hand let to his cock then having my head pushed down there and having it inserted into my mouth. The transition period was very quick so I reckon that counts as cock into mouth as my first.

Topic Video Game Blowjobs - Has Anyone Done This? What Is It Like For You?
Posted 15 Sep 2015 16:48

I've not done this but if I did and he could continue concentrating on playing his video game I would give it up as a bad idea

Topic Would you like your partner to pull your panties/thong to one side and make love to you in public
Posted 08 Sep 2015 13:46

It would depend on how openly public it was, near people but not seen is hot. I suppose it depends on your definition of in public

In private very hot

Topic Oral vs Vaginal
Posted 01 Sep 2015 16:31

I have given quite a few blow jobs to guys because that's all they've wanted me to do and in most cases I've been happy to do it for them because it's a quick and easy way to please them. It's was also a quick way out for me when I was younger if I didn't want to have vaginal sex with them. I still find myself doing the same nowadays so my experience is that quite a lot of guys are more than happy to be given a BJ.

Topic Sexy lingerie, outfits
Posted 31 Aug 2015 09:02

I enjoy wearing sexy lingerie on request to please a guy.

But I'll also wear it because I enjoy it

Topic Semen Swallowing
Posted 04 Aug 2015 19:12

I'm not keen on the taste or texture but do it for a number of reasons, mainly to please, I have been made to swallow it quite a few times which I also like and because it makes me feel naughty, dirty and slutty.

I also believe that if I'm going to suck his cock till he cums then I should swallow it, the job wouldn't be complete without feeling him throb and pump his semen into my mouth, it's so powerfully sexy.

Topic Taking a Cock in your mouth
Posted 04 Aug 2015 19:01

I love it when a guy holds my head and inserts his cock into my mouth, it's a power thing, him overpowering me. By rights I shouldn't get any enjoyment out of it because he's making me do it purely for his own pleasure and power trip but I find it a very exciting when a guy does this

Topic Filled at both ends?
Posted 25 Jul 2015 16:14

Being fucked at both ends rather than blowing one and being fucked by the other is very hot and frantic

Topic What is your favorite part of a porno?
Posted 14 Jul 2015 15:02

The box of tissues, it's all about the brand

Topic How many guys have you had sex with?
Posted 26 Jun 2015 11:31

Sex as in intercourse about 12

If you include just giving oral then can we say probably nearer 30 at a guess angel7

Topic Do you like to be solicited for casual sex by strangers in bars?
Posted 23 Jun 2015 13:24

It all depends on the person doing the soliciting. If the guy is really nice, amusing, charming etc and not too blunt or rude then it can be very flattering and tempting. I'm more likely to take it further at a party rather than a bar, in fact I have on a number of occasions.

Topic sex while partially clothed
Posted 23 Jun 2015 08:48

I love it, it's a big turn on for me

Topic Blow Jobs and Fingering
Posted 23 Jun 2015 08:45

No I don't do that, I'm far to busy

Topic Eeny, meeny, Sucky, moe suck a cock?
Posted 18 May 2015 13:08

The cock
Until he cums
Why? erm... why not?

Topic men in stockings and panties yes or no
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Topic Feeling his cock
Posted 04 May 2015 09:30

I never make the first move. It usually happens in two ways, I have my hand guided onto it in a "look what you've done to me" kind of thing (which I love) or somehow my hand just automatically finds its way there usually after I felt it brushed against me in a "Ooooh, is that for me?" Kind of thing.

Topic UK
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Topic Ladies
Posted 18 Apr 2015 06:22

Feel free but please be aware that the management accepts no responsibility for damaged goods

Topic Past Experiences
Posted 14 Apr 2015 01:17

She may just feel that it's insensitive to talk about previous partners or exploits as this introduces comparison to previous lovers which can lead to jealousy, insecurity or inadequacy.

Topic Do women really fantasize
Posted 13 Apr 2015 03:17

Of course they do.

Why do you think so many write and read erotic stories here on Lush and out there in paperback land read