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June 2018. I have some very wonderful supportive friends here and I am glad we got to know each other and I truly value your friendship. Thank you.

I will NOT Meet, Skype or phone you. I will not share personal details about my family other than shown here.

So, My name is Kimberly, or Kim, divorced mum of two demanding young adults, I'm 5'7" blonde hair, blue eyes, 10stone 7lbs (147 lbs) and have a partner in real life. She knows I come here and we are very happy together and have a wonderful family life with our "little fella".

Enjoy giving BDSM, but only with the right person. Guess it is more of a Control thing to be honest, some would say I'm a control freak lol!

I like to think I can be fun and it has been said I have a quirky sense of humour or even humor

I will try and keep the chat going in the room but it is a struggle if no one else wishes to join in.

If English is your first language and can't tell the difference between your and you're, or there, their or they're then expect me to correct you!

Please do NOT WHISPER or ask to be a friend without chatting first and then have the courtesy to ask first. If you do not complete your profile or have that horrid red silhouette, I will say Hi but don't expect anything else.

If you are a friend and stop chatting with me, I will from time to time review my list of friends and you will be removed. If you are looking to collect friends, then pass me by.

I am a professional photographer with my own business, so can tell web pictures a mile off, so do not bother to try and fool me with a picture that is allegedly you!

Kimberly Guess
Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Local Time:
19 Feb 2019 11:41
Photography. Card Making. Gardening. My family. Vacations
Favorite Books:
No specific book
Favorite Authors:
David Baldacci, Tess Gerristen
Favorite Movies:
Not been to the cinema (or do you call it the movies?) in ages other than on a cruise
Favourite TV Shows:
NICS, Dexter, Scandal, NICS LA, Deadliest Catch, Perception, The Big Bang Theory, The Blacklist, House. Scandal. Madame Secretary. House of Cards (both UK and USA versions)
Favorite Music:
Queen, Garth Brooks, Elton John, 1960's music, Rod Stewart


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21 Dec 2013
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29,404 times

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Topic: General Error loading Chat Rooms
Posted: 15 Dec 2018 05:10

Another General Error :(

BB’s working

Topic: Chat Room General Error
Posted: 14 Dec 2018 04:33

Chat Rooms only down AGAIN!

General error AGAIN!

And you can’t contact any of the Mods as the Contact Us option also comes up with a General Error!

Topic: Chat rooms Down Agaim
Posted: 23 Nov 2018 10:30

Seems they are back :D

Topic: Chat rooms Down Agaim
Posted: 23 Nov 2018 09:56

Is it just me or others having issues with a Service Unavailable?

Why can’t Lush post a message to acknowledge the issue?

Topic: say yes if you own a dildo,and hell yes if more than one dildo
Posted: 23 Nov 2018 01:02


Topic: Word for the day
Posted: 22 Oct 2018 10:06


Lesley <img src="/images/emoticons/bighugs.gif" alt="Big Hugs"> <img src="/images/emoticons/hugs.gif" alt="Hugs">

Topic: Happy Birthday AMY1967
Posted: 08 Aug 2018 13:20

Happy Birthday Amy


Topic: Moderator of the Month for June
Posted: 04 Jul 2018 00:22

Very many congratulations Trinity, well deserved

Topic: Would you like to see a Ladies only Basement chat room?
Posted: 01 Mar 2018 03:19

yeah, thing with that is, if we gave someone that ability, it would work in all the chat rooms - you'd have mod powers, and i just am thinking that it would open a can of worms. i am thinking that a small core of Dommes probably won't have the apathy issue, anyways. :)

Fair point. It was merely a possible suggestion to generate more discussion on the apathy issue we find in the Ladies Room.

Topic: Would you like to see a Ladies only Basement chat room?
Posted: 28 Feb 2018 04:55

no, just the ladies room does. i'll ask him to add it - i kind of guessed it would be a desired feature.

and yes, i am. never forget it ;)

For what it’s worth I fully support the idea of this room, but would ask for a different means of controlling who can enter.

In the Ladies Only Room, we get so many with a doubtful gender.

I appreciate Lush can’t control how someone completes their profile but the “boot” option isn’t always successful as it requires a majority and apathy often reigns.

Could we have some nominated members able to “boot” undesirables?

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06 Jan 2019 09:49

02 Jan 2019 04:24
Here’s to a sweet smelling 2019.
31 Dec 2018 07:18
Good morning Kim
30 Dec 2018 02:14
Good morning Kim
29 Dec 2018 02:12


Merry Christmas Kim
24 Dec 2018 22:22

24 Dec 2018 09:03

24 Dec 2018 09:03


Sorry I'm late. Hope you like your presents.
20 Dec 2018 11:17

20 Dec 2018 06:19

Happy belated birthday to you Mom. Our separation for a tin of beef stew has been forgiven (almost). The gypsies treated me fairly well. I did try to find you later, but you moved 3 times in one week upon hearing of my search for you. I ended up in Chicago where a kind lady known as Cas took me in and shared her bullion and graham crackers with me. I am determined to be of help to her in her old age and purchased her a new walker. Despite this, I consider you one of my dearest friends on Lush and wish you many more happy birthdays. Love ya honey.
20 Dec 2018 06:14


Luvya madly xx J
19 Dec 2018 14:34
Get your own damn lid Happy B-Day Kimmie...
19 Dec 2018 09:57
19 Dec 2018 09:05

19 Dec 2018 09:05
19 Dec 2018 08:43
Happy Birtday Kim! I’d leave a cute little picture thingy but i always need help doing that. Lol so just imagine one with my words “Happy Birthday on it somewhere.” Lol

But seriously........happy birthday, dear friend.
19 Dec 2018 08:22
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