Group Sex(3)


Caught my Boyfriend Cheating

I caught my boyfriend cheating but my reaction surprised even me

I guess I should start this off by giving you a little background on my relationship. My name is Nikki and I'm a 25 year old event coordinator specializing in weddings. My boyfriend, 28 year old Noel, is a marketing director for a popular and profitable cell phone company. He and I have been together for a year and a half and the first half of the relationship was great. We hung out all the...Read On


Hotel Slut

I acted out a fantasy of taking two strangers in my hotel room.

My name is Nichelle and I recently turned 25. Shortly after, my boyfriend and I broke up after being together for two years. His loss. Not to brag, but I'm very attractive. I'm 5'9, size 8, with a nice bubble butt and perfectly perky 36 B boobs. I'm black with cocoa brown skin. I have dark brown eyes, a slightly pointy nose, full lips and a smile to die for. Since I'm naturally beautiful,...Read On


My transition to a whore Part 2

Henry's friends joins in on the action

I'm not sure what came over me. Honestly I didn't care. I got on my knees and put my smooth hands around his large cock. His cock was probably nine inches long and as thick as my wrist. It excited me to know I was going to get stretched out even more. My pussy was so wet that I was starting to drip on the floor. A moan escaped from my lips. So soft, it was barely audible. I wrapped my soft...Read On



My transition to a whore

A college girls journey from good girl to cock hungry whore

My name is Mikiya. When this story took place, I had just turned 19, was in college, working full time and living on my own. Although I had enough money to cover my expenses, I didn't have any extra money for fun. I didn't have time to get another job and I really needed money. One day, I was on the Internet surfing around and I came across a site called Craigslist. As I explored the site,...Read On