Maddie and Connor

Connor gets what he always wanted but was too afraid to ask for

Connor wanted it so much, but he was nervous. He'd been fantasizing about it for so long but now that it was actually about to happen he felt afraid, he didn’t know if he could handle it. "Don’t worry Connor baby, I'll be gentle", she told him in a reassuring tone as she ran her fingers down his spine and sides. The sensation of her fingertips against his bare, oversensitive skin made...Read On



This is my first story- please comment. It was our two year anniversary and I knew my husband was planning a surprise for me. I walked up the steps to our flat and rang the bell- no answer. I rang again and the door opened. Strong hands gripped me and dragged me inside; there was a hand over my mouth and one around my mid section, not letting me move. I was dragged to the bedroom and thrown...Read On


two at once

She was living every girl’s secret dirty fantasy. She was standing in the middle of a crowd of onlookers, trying to stop the madness while at the same time secretly and shamefully loving it. “Back off,” Matty was yelling, “she’s mine.” “Like hell she is,” Jake was yelling in reply as he pushed Matty. “Guys, just stop it,” she tried feebly to be heard over the noise. Matty was...Read On



A day at the beach

for my little slut...

"Come here my pet," I call you. You quickly crawl over to my side, your head down like the good little doggy you are. "Good girl," I pat your head and you rub against my hand. Were on the beach, sunning ourselves. I'm wearing a black bikini with a low cut bra that is pushing my big soft breasts up and a pair of sandals in hot pink leather. You're wearing white bikini- small...Read On


beloved mistress

He was eagerly awaiting the return of his mistress. The thought of her snow white skin and dark soft hair, her voluptuous feminine figure, her gentle hands and beautiful feet, and the toy she sometimes wore for him made his ass clench with anticipation and his spine tingle. He was kneeling on the floor in front of the entrance door, wearing nothing but a leather collar and black lace...Read On


Finally Cum

He couldn’t take it anymore! This was torture and he had to make it stop! She had been playing with him for more than an hour now, pleasuring him in ways he had never dreamed of before, doing things to him that were considered the highest reward - it was heaven. It was heaven apart from one small issue - he wasn’t allowed to cum. He wanted to so badly - his cock and his balls were in...Read On


Her little pet

“Come here pet,” she patted the spot next to her on the bed. She was sitting up in bed, propped up by numerous pillows against the leather upholstered bed-head and reading a book, while he was kneeling on the floor by the foot of the bed and waiting for her command. As soon as he heard her he crawled up onto the bed with obvious enthusiasm and stood next to her on all fours waiting...Read On


Punishment And Reward

He was trembling as he knelt before her, awaiting her next action. he was both excited and scared of what might happen. They had been teasing and playing online previous to this meeting and the last time they played he had cum without permission and then freaked out and hastily left without explanation. He knew that she must be really mad at him and that his behavior had been unacceptable....Read On

Erotic Poems(1)


You Make Me

My body reacts to you in ways I can’t even imagine, You make me want and need things, Things that are dirty, but oh so good, You make me hot and wet and horny. My mind plays tricks on me, Turning your every word into an actual sensation, Sensations crowding together inside me, Sensations that make me leak and moan. My breasts, my skin, my mouth all need you, But most of all...Read On



a quick fuck on the beach

inspired by a friend who has unfortunately left lush

"I want to fuck you now ", he whispered in her ear as he pressed her into the wall with his body. "Here?" she giggled as she ran her nails up the sides of his stomach. Instead of answering her he spun her around and pressed her up against the wall, holding both her hands above her head with one of his. He pressed his straining bulge against her ass cheeks, which were covered with a...Read On


Restaurant Slut

This is for you C, you know who you are.

"Tell him", he whispered in her ear. "Please don’t", she murmured in response. "Tell him!" he said and pinched her clit making her moan loudly. They were sitting in a corner booth in a nice restaurant and he had his hand on her pussy under her skirt. The waiter had just come up to take their drink orders. "I am a dirty, cock loving slut", she whispered looking the waiter in the...Read On




The thing he liked most about her feet was the faint passion fruit scent. He didn't know where she got her special lotion but it was amazing, it made her skin so soft and the smell was intoxicating. He loved to sit and watch her paint her toes- the way she carefully applied the deep red nail polish to her little toes, the way she lifted her feet and spread her toes as far as she could when...Read On

First Time(2)


First Cock

This is my first true story. It is the first time i saw a cock

I had never seen a cock before, I had touched a few, mostly through a guy's pants or shorts, but I had never seen one naked and up close. I actually gasped in surprise as I saw him pull his boxers down. "Wow", I breathed – all wonder and desire. "You like?" he laughed slightly. "It's so beautiful", I breathed. I could see my reaction excited him, that the enamored way I looked at...Read On


Losing My Virginity

this is the true story of how i lost my virginity.

I wanted him so badly. It was amazing to think how much I wanted him despite the fact he was taken. I was seventeen but I had wanted him for so long. I felt he was attracted to me as well- he would joke with me and look at me in a way that left no doubt in my mind that there was something between us. When I heard he had broken up with his girlfriend I knew that that this was my chance and I...Read On

Flash Erotica(1)


A Special Name

You call me by the special name you have for me and it makes me instantly wet. You can always do that to me; light up my body with desire just by the sound of your voice. You know exactly how you affect me as you chuckle and step up behind me, your hand immediately going between my thighs. No need to ask; you know it's yours and you just take it; anytime, anywhere. I moan with desire...Read On

Gay Male(1)



first attempt at this category- hope you like it.

He had to make it happen. Ever since he had seen his house mate Jake masturbating he wanted him. He couldn't understand it, he had never before been attracted to men, he had a girlfriend but ever since that night his dreams were filled with images of his house mate stroking his cock and screaming in ecstasy. Dan could remember that night so well- it was hot and he couldn't sleep, he...Read On

Group Sex(2)


he was not expecting this

This was going to be interesting, it's not like he knows I work with his wife or that I like women. As far as he knows I am just a woman he met online and exchanged a few pics with, masturbating simultaneously, joking about meeting up. He was going to get the surprise of a life time when I came over for the dinner his wife invited me to. I wondered what to wear while at the same time...Read On


my fantasy

this is a fantasy of what could happen

Firstlet me tell you about myself. My name is Lexy and I'm 25. I am average weight, average height with a curvy body- not fat but with something to hold on to. I have size D breasts with very large dark areolas that contrast my pinkish white skin, and a nice perky ass. I have been married for the last two years to Tony. Our sex life is pretty wild- including toys, porn and so on. This...Read On



Fuck A Slut

It's been a long day at work and I'm just in that sort of mood. "Come here slut," I call you loudly from the bedroom. I can hear you scrabbling up the stairs on hands and feet and then you push the door open and crawl in. I know you are looking at me as I'm bent over the dresser drawer, still toweling off from the shower I just took and rummaging through my vast array of toys. You know...Read On



Chinese Balls

Me and my husband Tony were going to a party at a friend's house, to celebrate his wife's birthday, and I decided to be naughty again. I put on a short black dress with a swishy skirt to it, and decided to forgo putting on panties. Instead I decided to put in my recently purchased Chinese balls. For those who don’t know what Chinese balls are- they are two balls, about an inch in diameter,...Read On


loving amy

this is for you

I saw she needed me as soon as I walked into her house. She looked so stressed and frustrated, I knew she had not cum in a while from our talks on the phone, and her hunger and need for release were radiating off her in waves. "Hey baby", I said and kissed her. I felt her clinging to me in a kind of furious desperation, my fingers intertwined into her hair pressing her mouth closer...Read On


My sexy shoot

It had always been a fantasy of mine to have a professional naked photo-shoot. It might sound weird but I wanted to immortalize my body at its peak, so that when I grew old and shriveled I could look at pictures of me as a young, beautiful girl. The problem was to find a photographer I liked and trusted to do the shoot. First I didn’t want it to be a man taking my pictures. Second I didn’t...Read On


my sweet little ami

This is for you, ami.

You jerk awake in a panic. You aren't sure what woke you butyou feel something is wrong. You open your eyes but everything is pitch black around you and you aren't sure you've opened your eyes. You move your hands to touch your face but can't move your hand more than a few inches. You start to really be afraid when you realize you are tied to the bed. All your muscles tense in fear and...Read On

Love Poems(2)


A Piece

I want a piece of you to stay with me forever, I want a piece of you to carry in my soul, I want a piece you because you make me so much better, I want a piece of you because it makes me whole. I hold you tightly so that you will be forever Imprinted on my body and my mind. I hold you tightly so that I will never ever Be able to forget that you were mine. I breathe you deeply...Read On


Is It Wrong

Inspired by some amazing masterpieces read on lush

Is it wrong to love another, Both with jealousy and rage? Is it wrong to want another, Both their future and their past? Is it wrong to want to own them, Both their body and their soul? Want to fill their very center, Be the meaning of their world? Be the first, the last, the only One that makes them feel a thing? Be the one that owns them solely, Is that really such a sin?...Read On

Love Stories(3)



It was their five years anniversary and he had planned a special surprise for her. The room was full of candles and so was they're bathroom, both rooms filled with the sweet scent of roses. The bath filled with hot water and soap and the bed made with new satin sheets. On the bed were laid out a few items he had chosen for her. When she came home he met her at the door and lifted her in...Read On


From Friends To Lovers

She was having a serious case of déjà vu. This was the third time she had been in this situation. “Just wait there and I’ll get you some coffee,” she told Andy as she pushed him to sit on the couch. “I don’ need any coffee, I’m fiiine,” he slurred. “Oh yes you do,” she called back from the kitchen, “you're way too fucking drunk.” “You know me sooo well, Jenny,” he slurred again,...Read On


Love at First Sight

To someone special...

Their eyes met across the bar. She was having a glass of wine after a long day of work at the bank, sitting alone sipping slowly, her long fingers playing with the glass stem. He was there having a beer with his mates — a cheerful company of working guys, all loud and good spirited. After a few drinks all she wanted was some peace and quiet but that wasn't going to happen. Each time...Read On




a special request

This was an evening she dedicated to herself. An evening of pleasure and self indulgence meant solely for her. She walked around her bedroom lighting berry scented candles, soft sensuous music playing in the background. Her big double bed was made with fresh, fragrant satin sheets. Her favorite pink toy lay on the bed next to her pillow. Her naked body felt fresh and relaxed after the...Read On


Star Crossed Neighbors

Champions Girl- the prequel

"Hold the elevator," Anna shouted as she sprinted towards the closing elevator door in the building she lived in. It had been a long, crappy day so far and she had no patience to wait for the old elevator to go up and then come down again. She just wanted to get home and take a much-needed shower. She managed to get to the door and press the call button a moment before it had shut...Read On



Chris takes control

“Oh fuck Mrs. Hanson,” he grunted as he thrust his hips. “So tight… I’m going to cum,” he moaned looking down at her. He thrust his hips forward and shot ropes and ropes of cum… all over his bedroom window. Chris was standing at his full height bedroom window, looking down at his next door neighbor, Mrs. Hanson. She was bending over, weeding her garden. “Grrr…” he growled in...Read On


The neighbor's boy

“What the fuck?” she cursed under her breath as she looked at the clock. The clock showed it was 11:45 pm, and the persistent ringing at her doorbell wouldn’t stop. She got out of bed, threw her silk robe on over her teddy and stomped angrily to the front door of the flat. When she looked through the peep hole of her door she was very surprised to see her neighbors’ 17 year old son,...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


Before The Fight

I'm so excited for this- first time that I'll get to see you fight. I know how much this fight means to you and so my anticipation and the tension I'm feeling is skyrocketing. I walk through the hall, heading to where someone pointed out your locker room to me. I know you'll be there getting ready for the fight. I've dressed up especially for you, wanting to impress you, to let you know that...Read On



Bad Decision

From the moment I saw him he looked like trouble, he had 'bad decision' written across his forehead. Way too handsome by half and very much aware of it. He had this very arrogant walk and stance and his smile reminded me of a cross between a hungry wolf and a sly cat. All the girls in the office went ga-ga over him, even the married ones were flirting with him; I could see he knew it, and...Read On

Straight Sex(7)


a day to remember

for someone special

"Hey babes how are you?" I ask over the phone, "having a nice day?" You groan into the phone, a lusty heartfelt groan. "You holding up?" I chuckle at my own pun. "Please…" you moan. "Oh babes, I love it when you beg". The reason for this conversation is a little something only you and me know about. More precisely- it's the butt plug I put inside your asshole this morning. You...Read On


After a Long Semester

this is for you Mr Devil

“How the hell do you do this to me?” she breathed into hisear as he kissed her throat. A minute ago she was peacefully reading a book, when she heard her doorbell ringing. He didn’t even stop to say hello as she opened the door to him, his mouth immediately covered hers as his body pressed against her. Now she was pushed with her back against the wall as his hands and mouth tried to...Read On


Champion's Girl

“Why am I doing this?” she asked herself as she tried tomake the tiny bikini bra she was wearing cover her ample breasts. She was standing in the small dressing room at the gym, trying her best to cover up as much as possible of her breasts and ass, wondering what in the name of god made a law student parade around a boxing ring in an outfit made to fit a 10 year old. “The money,...Read On


Her Aussie Vacation

"Anna! Anna!" Who the hell was it that was calling her? She didn't know anyone here- this was her getaway trip to the other side of the world, who could it be? "Anna that is you, isn't it?" Well it was obviously a male voice. She slowly opened her eyes and lifted a little off her beach mat, she looked at the gorgeous Australian who had called her and a weird suspicion passed through...Read On



inspired by someone special

She couldn't believe it- it was so utterly wrong of her- but she couldn't help it. She wanted him so much, every time she saw him her thoughts turned dirty and depraved. She knew he was much older and married but it only made her desire for him more wrong, and therefore more exciting. At night she dreamt of his thin strong mouth lapping at her wet pussy, his stubble scratching her...Read On


to a soldier

She was having a long day, a long month even. Nothing was going the right way ever since she walked in on her boyfriend fucking one of her subordinates in her office. Now she was sitting in her office and dying of heat - the bloody air conditioner wasn't working again. She moved in her chair and inched her skirt up a little higher opening another button on her shirt. It was lunch time and...Read On


Valentine's Day Surprise

He was completely and utterly bored. Another Valentine's when the same thing would happen- dinner and drinks at the hotel, then back home for Valentine's sex, which if he was lucky would include the lights being on. He was so fed up with it all- when they first got married, 20 years ago, the sex was amazing- she would always surprise him in some way and drive him wild. Kids and the...Read On




He knew she was going to be at her window, which is exactly what happened every day. His window faced hers and he could see clearly inside the bedroom. He stood in the dark behind his half drawn curtains and looked into her brightly lit bedroom. He didn’t know if she knew he was there but he suspected she did, her routine never varied. She walked into her room. Her white skin glowed in the...Read On