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Sorry to be away so long. Partner was hospitalized a couple weeks ago, and her recovery has been very difficult. Sick with worry and frustration over her pain, I really haven't been in the mood for nice sexy fantasies for a while. But finally, my wicked and wild imagination is starting to come back.

She isn't as bad off as this, but feels worse, since she's violently allergic to most anti-pain drugs on the planet:

08 May 2014 23:20

Thinking about the weekend...

25 Apr 2014 01:18

After my workout this last weekend, I realized I needed regular exercise...

22 Apr 2014 01:13

How I really want to spend my saturday night

20 Apr 2014 02:41

There comes a point when you want the teasing to stop and the plug to be firmly seated inside you. But them she keeps playing with it until you're nothing but panting, gushing jello.

12 Apr 2014 01:08

This weekend I'm dreaming about being planted on an orgasm stick

11 Apr 2014 01:42

I'm back, and thinking how much fun this would be ... with a butt plug, plugged in!

09 Apr 2014 00:26

Life will be interfering with my Lush Fantasies for a bit. Hope to be back and share more of my racey, kinky inner self soon. In the meantime, bonus points to those who recognize the image!

25 Mar 2014 01:28

Mmm... weekend is time for fun!

22 Mar 2014 01:59

After all the weekend fun, sometimes a little relaxation is in order.

17 Mar 2014 23:29

Weekends are time to really let loose!

16 Mar 2014 02:06

At least once a month I like a nice, slow walk wearing nothing but a really big plug.

13 Mar 2014 01:06

That G-string mood

11 Mar 2014 01:03

A nice end to a wild weekend

10 Mar 2014 00:12

Getting warmed up for a weekend of fun:

08 Mar 2014 01:26

07 Mar 2014 01:09

06 Mar 2014 00:20

I need a little more exercise, and I love my exercise bike.

05 Mar 2014 00:22

After an afternoon of insane teasing...

Who isn't ready to test her pussy's endurance?

03 Mar 2014 00:57

Time to start a wild weekend - a thorough pleasuring at both ends

01 Mar 2014 00:54

Watching can be a lot of fun, especially when they know you're watching AND enjoying it.

25 Feb 2014 23:12

After a tiring weekend of intense orgasms, Monday is time for some soft and sensual enjoyment.

25 Feb 2014 01:00

My idea of a fun evening with a friend

20 Feb 2014 01:01

Oh, the joys of microminiskirts

15 Feb 2014 23:50

The fun part about these is when a plug or two is added to the crotch strap.
(graphic design by Shiniez on deviantart, who I adore)

08 Feb 2014 00:22

08 Feb 2014 00:20

Sometimes a girl just needs a good pumping

28 Jan 2014 00:36

January is the time for indoor fun and games...

19 Jan 2014 01:07

The Sunstone Christmas Story...
by Shiniez, whose Sunstone epic can be found over at deviantART here:

18 Dec 2013 01:00


My old ones finally wore out...

For those times when dildo panties just aren't enough...

I've always wanted a spreader bar with something more...

And then, the pair of toys that is totally irresistable. Hook me and let the holiday party start!

09 Dec 2013 00:23