kissable_chloe's Blog Entries

19 Jan 2015 10:48

God im so hony... Pussy is wet as an ocian and there is no cock in sight 😡

17 Jan 2015 20:16

god i love this.

20 Dec 2014 10:14

OMG been so long since i have been on here. Whats everyone up to?

22 Jan 2013 19:56

boyfriends condom broke and he came inside me..... really hope im not pregnant

22 Dec 2012 16:08

Feeling extremely horny right now... just sat on santas lap and he obviously had a boner.. it was sticking right into my ass.

29 Nov 2012 09:16

sitting with my girls, sharing a cone and some beers and just chillin... say hi if ya wanna chat.

13 Nov 2012 05:44

i need a cone..... so stressed!!

09 Nov 2012 04:59

haha one in the pink and one in the stink...

07 Nov 2012 03:18

so im finally getting paid! now i can afford some clothes haha

03 Nov 2012 15:25

My boyfriend FINALLY came home last night... YAY. i missed having him inside me.... oh he got so deep WOW.

01 Nov 2012 17:03


31 Oct 2012 15:56

sooo sunburned everything hurts

30 Oct 2012 07:52

just swalowed a nice big load of my boyfriends cum. sometimes I think im way too nice to him hehehe

29 Oct 2012 19:33

So! Inreresting I must say hehe.