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Topic: Where do you wear - your heart?
Posted: 07 Jan 2013 16:45

my heart is the ruling factor in my life, i think with my heart and not with my head. locked away or hidden -guarded i think it would shrivel and die. i find out faster who the lovers are too when i love boldly and unafraid :)i fall in love every day ... i try to fall in love with everyone i meet too, if its hard for me to love them it just teaches me something about myself. love is free and everywhere "a person desperately searching for love is like a fish in the ocean desperately searching for water" i forget who said that, buddah maybe? anyway sometimes its not in the direction i am looking but it is always around me, all around me so im not afraid to let my crushes know how wonderful i think they are <3

Topic: Taste?
Posted: 07 Jan 2013 16:22

mines good

Topic: What do you find sexy on a man?
Posted: 07 Jan 2013 16:19

bare chest-maybe a necklace or two and a sarong, with a guitar, digeridoo or drum strapped to his back mmmmmm

Topic: What's the one thing your partner does 'to' you that gets you hot and horny?! x
Posted: 07 Jan 2013 16:09

the way he stares at me

Topic: Do u get vocal when masturbating alone?
Posted: 06 Jan 2013 12:59

unless i hold my breath i make a lot of noise, moans and crys mostly, i tend to loose the ability to make coherent sentiments when im cumming

Topic: Insomnia....help!
Posted: 06 Jan 2013 12:34

i usually run to melatonin but i cant take it right now cus im pregnant. warm baths help, yoga or a walk too but sometimes that seems to energize me. watching the clock and calculating how much sleep ill get is the worst so i stay away from clocks. reading will sometimes knock me out. hot herbal tea is nice and sometimes helps especially try camomile~ good luck i know it sucks to be stressing over sleep at night and feel exhausted during the day!

Topic: Coconut Oil
Posted: 05 Jan 2013 23:02

i love coconut oil! i use it for hair conditioner, body oil, food :) its great for everything! like dancing doll said its good to add to smoothies i also use it as a substitute for butter because im vegan so i have it on popcorn and anywhere i would usually use butter

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06 Jan 2013 18:26
The juice of the pomegranate, sacred fruit of the goddess, it's symbology carries great portent... as you bite into its luscious sweetness, feel it's vitality running down your chin and breasts, it's ruby red fertility initiating you into the sacred mysteries. Ancient knowledge imminent as you open your mind to its teachings. Whisper a prayer to the great mother as you sink your teeth into its flesh. mmmmmmm..........
06 Jan 2013 11:16
weeee sunshine and free love it thank you!
05 Jan 2013 23:04
05 Jan 2013 23:00
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